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COMEDY WRITER: if cheney wasnt such a p****–he’d get killed and bring some happiness to the country and i would have a much needed day off bloated f*** cant do anything right
COMEDY WRITER: excrement face
ME: if you want me to think you are vile scum, you are doing a precision job
COMEDY WRITER: not just me
ME: yes, I know
COMEDY WRITER: we all think itd be a hoot if he died
ME: you and your ignorant pals who think global warming and carbon offsets are the issue of our times, and who ignorantly put head in sand while the global jihadist movement continues
COMEDY WRITER: just wanted cheney to die
ME: you are pathetic
COMEDY WRITER: hilarious!
COMEDY WRITER: wish that bloated excrement was dead
COMEDY WRITER: we all do

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