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RUSH: Back to the phones on Open Line Friday! We’ll go to Auburn, Maine, and Frank. Frank, I’m glad you held on and glad you waited. Thanks for that, and welcome to the show.
CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. I’m going to go right ahead and assume that Richard Armitage must be a covert agent, because it seems the media is doing everything they can to protect his identity.
RUSH: It is amazing. We’re talking about the leak of a covert agent — the Democrats are trying to make that case — and his name never comes up!
CALLER: I think you made him up, personally, because I haven’t heard of him anywhere.
RUSH: Well, I haven’t made him up. He exists. He’s a big guy. He’s an ex-Marine, Vietnam Marine. But I think he apologized — and, of course, if you express remorse Washington will forgive you and continue to blame it on the White House. But it is fascinating that his name doesn’t come up. It was on the chart that they showed at the hearing, but I didn’t hear the name mentioned in the morning sessions.

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