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Rush’s Morning Update: Pork and Beans
June 13, 2007

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In the ’06 campaign, Democrats promised voters they’d stop the unchecked growth of pork. No more spending requests for bridges to nowhere! No more secret “earmarks” snuck into spending bills in the dead of night! Democrats would bestow blessed fiscal sanity!

But once Democrats regained power, lo and behold: the pork survived. There are thousands of earmarks – pork projects – in their nearly $3 trillion budget. Head Porker, David Obey, who chairs the Appropriations Committee, has now issued a threat to Republicans … if they dare tell you how much pork there is. This, despite Democrats’ promise that any pork would be publicized the minute it was written into spending bills.

Obey scoffed at the notion that any pork project – no matter how dubious – would be killed on the House floor during debate. He said if that happened, everybody’s special pork projects would be at risk. He told Republicans that if they “demagogue the earmarks process” (the way Democrats did last election) and expect Democrats to take the heat – “There will be no earmarks for anybody!” In other words, if Republican spill the beans on the pork, they’ll be no pork – no bringing home the bacon – for anybody. Republicans, you see, must protect their Democrat porkers!

Well what did you expect from Democrats? It’s the same ol’ song – but with a different meaning – because now…even more of your money is gone. And nobody – better spill the beans!

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