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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we face a serious problem out there, a new crisis, and we need your help. The country is facing at this moment a dangerous shortage. You know, I try to be optimistic, but that doesn’t mean I abandon reality. We face a scarcity that is slowing don’t even your government. It is driving up costs, and it is threatening our federal budget — and the shortage that I refer to is of subpoena forms. The problem has been traced to Washington, DC. New Congress has apparently issued every subpoena that there is in that town. Available supplies are being spirited away from cities and towns across the land in order to accommodate this massive new need for subpoenas in Washington, DC. The shortage of subpoenas is so serious that it’s threatening the national subpoena reserve. You may not know that we have a national subpoena reserve, but we do, and it’s threatening that reserve. If you or your attorney planning a subpoena, you may be forced to wait until after the next election, because there may not be any subpoena forms. If you have any blank subpoena forms in your attic, please get them to Federal Express them to Henry Waxman, Washington, DC, and Patrick Leahy, Washington, DC. If you have blank subpoena forms and you don’t send them to Washington to cover the shortage, you might be subpoenaed. Thank you, and God bless America. We care at the EIB Network, and that is evidence.

You know, folks, I am constantly amazed at liberal talking points and how easily they are accepted by other liberals and — and independents and people who, you know, pay scant attention. Here are but three liberal talking points. ‘Our country has to pull together.’ That’s number one: ‘The country has to pull together.’ Number two: ‘We have to end all this White House secrecy. We just have to.’ Number three: ‘We need to get Osama bin Laden.’ These are three liberal talking points accepted by other liberals, promulgated by the Drive-By Media, and that’s the liberal answer to these three liberal talking points? Hillary. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the answer to our country has to pull together. We have to end White House secrecy. We need to get Osama bin Laden. Okay, let’s take these one by one. Our country has to pull together. Yes. We’re so divided, don’t you know. There’s so much vile partisanship out there. It’s reached an all-time high. We’ve gotta do something about it. We have to pull together. Hillary Clinton is going to do this? She is the most polarizing man or woman in politics. Rather than unite this country, she would pull us further apart. That’s the reality. Number two: ‘We must end White House secrecy.’ Hillary Clinton is going to accomplish this?

You don’t have to be from Rio Linda to realize that the poster boy and girl for White House secrecy were Bill and Hillary Clinton. How long did it take us to find out who hired Craig Livingstone? Five hundred FBI files they managed to procure, and yet we’re going to end White House secrecy with Hillary Clinton and Bill lurking around there as well? Number three of these talking points. ‘We have to pull together.’ We must end White House secrecy. Number three: ‘We’ve got to get Osama bin Laden.’ Well, let me ask you a question. If Bill and Hillary Clinton did not get Osama bin Laden for eight years in the 1990s, what makes you think that she will get him in her third term? We have all this: ‘We gotta get Osama! We gotta get Osama,’ and of course Hillary is going to solve this. Hillary is going to solve all these? They had their chance. Three times Osama was presented to them, and they said, ‘We don’t have legal authority here. I don’t want to mess with this, because if this blows up in my face, ha-ha. My approval rating is gonna go south. I can’t handle that. I need a legacy.’

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