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Rush’s Morning Update: Doomed
Original Airdate…October 11, 2007

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Have a couple ofitems today, folks. First: hundreds(perhaps thousands, maybeeven millions) of residents in and around New York Cityface death by the year 2050because of greenhouse gas emissions. This warning comes from Dr. Kim Knowlton of Columbia University. She’s the lead author of a study that measures the deadly consequences that will befall man- (and woman-) kind living around New York if we ignore her and the rest of the gloom-and-doom global warming crowd.

Worse-case scenario is this: a 95 percent increase in heat-related deaths by 2050. The death toll will skyrocket in New York’s suburbs. Death will travel north, to Connecticut: “The urban areas, the suburbs, and even the countryside are all going to be afflicted by these hotter temperatures,” warns Dr. Knowlton.

Second item. The Energy Department has issued a new report estimating that during the winter months, heating oil costs will rise 22 percent [and] natural gas prices will jump 10 percent — even though natural gas futures prices have actually been falling. And inventories are high. Adding to the gloom, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that temperatures will be 1.3 percent colder! than last year. Even though most of the country will probably experience a milder-than-average winter.

So… here’s what you do: Count the days until 2050, when you’re going todie from heat. Meanwhile, bundle up [and]grab the walletbecause you’re going to freeze to death this year –and pay more for the privilege. Either way, folks — you’re doomed! (But I’m not, because I don’t believe it!)

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