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Rush’s Morning Update: Lone Star Evil
January 18, 2008

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According to AP writer April Castro, Texas has earned the dubious distinction of being America’s “biggest carbon polluter.” And since America is the world’s biggest polluter — that means Texas is the most evil place on the planet.

Ms. Castro identifies Texans’ “fondness for large, manly vehicles” as the prime factor that makes them the pollution thugs they are. “The headquarters state of America’s oil industry,” writes Ms. Castro, “spewed 670 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2003.” More than California and Pennsylvania combined! Oh, no!

And Texans not only pollute — they are gleeful about it. Our drive-by wacko-babe cites Austin real estate agent Debbie Howden, whose family of six has “two pickup trucks, three SUVs and no apologies,” who calls high fuel bills a “necessary evil,” and puts “size and safety” concerns over “the emissions thing.” Imagine; safety of her family over emissions!

Castro says other states, like California and New York, are “moving quickly to address global warming.” But Texas officials see the issue as “government activism.” What a bunch of hicks, can you believe it? Their Republican governor has even expressed “doubt” that global warming is a manmade problem; their backward legislature won’t even debate it, proving those hayseed Texans are Neanderthal troglodytes.

First, Texas gave America Bush. Now they’re destroying Mother Erf; they won’t buy into the global warming hoax; and they like big cars! Why, it’s a disaster down thar, folks. Almost makes you cry, if you can stop laughing at all this.

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