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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, let me address something here. I know more and more of you are writing me e-mails about the possibility of you being indicted or charged with voter fraud. I, of course, am under the same threat, just now contained in the state of Ohio. It’s bogus. I wouldn’t worry about it. Look at this as a badge of honor, ladies and gentlemen. If anybody gets indicted, if anybody has to go jail, it will be me — and I’ll do my program from jail for the short amount of time I will be there before I am excused and the charges dismissed. Let me ask you a question about this, seriously. Who has been manipulating the voting public for the last many years? Who has been planting fake documents and stories to influence elections? Who has been making up phony polls and poll questions before elections, pushing a particular point of view? And who has been ignoring important stories affecting the candidates they favored?

Who has been running puff pieces on their favorites? Who’s been running trumped up hit pieces on those candidates they despised? And now, a harmless, lovable little fuzzball like me comes along, and explains and exploits a loophole in Democrat primaries, and that information has impacted the nominating process. The result? All hell has broken loose. That’s because voter education was not supposed to be my job. Manipulating election results has been the sole responsibility of the Drive-By Media. At least that’s the tradition. They are the ones who reserve exclusively for themselves, the right to tamper with and monkey around with election results, to manipulate them. Now I have come along, gotten in the game, and they are frosted. I had the temerity, ladies and gentlemen, to tinker with a tradition, a liberal Democrat tradition: voter manipulation. I had the temerity, I had the audacity, I had the courage to get in that game myself, to tinker with what they thought was theirs. And they say, ‘How dare Limbaugh do this?’ and they say, ‘Limbaugh, you will pay. Your job is to shut up and leave electioneering to the Drive-Bys.’

When you stop and think about the continuous, massive stream of propaganda put out by the Drive-By Media for the express purpose of influencing the outcome of elections — local, state, national — it has been legalized, false advertised. It has been propaganda. It has devolved into an acceptable form of voter fraud. That’s what Dan Rather was trying to do with the Bush National Guard stories. All this talk about we can’t win the war, all this talk about how rotten the economy is, all this reporting that has no factual basis whatsoever, in an election year? It’s all designed to manipulate votes, and the Drive-Bys had reserved this for themselves exclusively. The facts prove the liberal bias of media. What does ‘liberal bias’ mean? It means blatant attempts to fix elections. It means donating time, space, and money to Democrats. It means smearing Republicans, especially conservatives. It means poisoning the political process for their own liberal ideological purposes. All these polls that they claim are news; they are attempts to make news. They are at the same time to formulate and manipulate public opinion. The media today is one giant propaganda machine for Democrats and liberals, and that’s especially true during elections. Fixing elections? Why, that’s a Democrat Party tradition, ladies and gentlemen.

Dead voters voting, massive propaganda, dirty tricks, stuffing ballot boxes, walking-around money, you name it. Did I give out any information that was factually incorrect? No. Did I create fake documents? No. Have I smeared anyone? No. That hasn’t been an EIB tradition. That is a liberal Democrat Party tradition. The Democrats wrote their primary rules. I wasn’t in the room. I had no hand in it. I had no say-so in it. They wrote their own rules. But guess what? Those rules do not preempt the First Amendment. No one has done anything illegal, even though the fix was in for Obama. The Drive-Bys picked their winner. They protected Obama. They puffed him up. They never vetted him. They put him on a pedestal. Then Operation Chaos kicked in. The fix got unfixed. The candidate the Drive-Bys made the designated loser won Texas and Ohio. All the propaganda, all the bias, all the electioneering planned and executed by the Drive-By Media got flushed down the toilet. Their manipulations got manipulated, and they are mad about it. So what’s the problem with Operation Chaos? Well, until now, influencing elections in clever ways has been the exclusive purview of the Drive-By Media. Times have changed, however. Operation Chaos is up and running. No end in sight.


RUSH: New Hartford, Connecticut, start with Bob. Bob, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega Easter week dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I was just thinking about everything you were talking about when you talk about all the years of the Democrats trying to finagle the outcome of our election process, trying to determine who our primary candidates are going to be. I just couldn’t help but know and just feel that even though in broadcast radio and media you are equal time, well, with regards to all of us trying to influence our elections and with Operation Chaos, you now are our equalizer. That’s how I’m referring to you today: The Equalizer.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir. That’s a very complimentary thing you say. I appreciate it, and you have the added benefit of being right.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Which is a double whammy for me. But, look, Bob, isn’t it true, all this talk about me engaging in ‘voter fraud,’ these people on the Democrat side and the media — forget the Democrats, look at the Drive-By Media — and their phony polls, their phony forged documents, all of the efforts that they made years and years, election after election after election to intimidate and manipulate voters. Macaca. Mark Foley. I mean, the list is long.

CALLER: Well, they’re so angry because you’ve succeeded where they’ve failed so miserably, and you know how when you say how comedy always has a hint of truth in it? The reason why it’s working, the reason why Operation Chaos is working so well, is that you’re not just a Truth Director, you are the Truth Reflector.

RUSH: Well, that’s another one, Bob. Equalizer. Truth Reflector. Thanks very much. I appreciate it. I’ll tell you why Operation Chaos is working: you. All of you, you are the reasons Operation Chaos is working. It’s one thing… I mean, the Drive-Bys have always had their opinion of me and the Democrats and the liberals. They’ve always held contempt for all of us, folks. We’re just a bunch of idiot conservatives. You know, I’m the pied piper. I’m the Svengali, and you’re the mind-numbed robots. But Operation Chaos is exceeding all objectives because of you. I haven’t had a chance to actually participate in Operation Chaos because the primary in my state didn’t count on the Democrat side, and Operation Chaos had not yet been launched when the Florida Democrat primary, the Florida primary came around, so this is all you — and I’ve noticed, too, you know, in the early days of Operation Chaos, many in the Drive-By Media were referencing Operation Chaos. If not by name, they were mentioning it in deed.

They were suggesting that Limbaugh is urging his listeners to go out and register as Democrats. They’d be talking about this on the Drive-By Media cable shows at night. But now all of a sudden whenever there’s a story of massive voter registration in Pennsylvania that puts the Democrats over the four million registered voter mark for the first time in state history, you won’t find any reference of Operation Chaos. You won’t find any reference to me, because they know it, and they’re not happy about it. Once again, folks, what has happened here is that we have invaded their turf. This election manipulation, election intimidation, has been their monopoly, and they had that monopoly for quite a while — not just an overall news monopoly, but election manipulation, intimidation. Look, the Drive-Bys nominated our candidate by suggesting the exact thing Operation Chaos is doing! The Drive-Bys wanted McCain (you know it’s not because they’re going to vote for him in November), and they encouraged independents and moderates to love this guy and cross over in early primaries, in Republican states where there weren’t that many conservatives. But now their monopoly has been destroyed. So they’re quite angry about it.

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