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RUSH: The National Transportation Safety Board said yesterday that they are going to investigate what caused Obama’s dinky little MD-80 to make an unexpected landing in St. Louis. He was traveling from Chicago to Charlotte aboard Fort Marcy Airlines when ‘the pilot’s first officer announced that they were experiencing controllability issues with the pitch of the MD-80,’ and so Fort Marcy Airlines had to put down at Lambert Field in St. Louis, and we found out that one of the things that happened during the flight was that in the back of one of these dinky little old MD-80s is a rear door underneath the fuselage, and it will come down, and you can put out the exit slide, the emergency slide. It deployed. It deployed in flight, and of course that would, at altitude and speed, that would have a demonstrable effect on controllability issues. I don’t know if the pilots knew that that was the case at the time. Probably warning lights in the cockpit even on an MD-80 would indicate that. Well, that’s what I was thinking. See, I was thinking something like a D.B. Cooper bailing out with all the money. Maybe somebody bailed out from that door figuring they knew what was going to happen. After all, it was Fort Marcy Airlines.


RUSH: Duane in Milwaukee, we’re going to start with you on the phones today, sir. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, how you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thanks.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to make a comment about that Midwest Airlines plane that Obama was flying on.

RUSH: Fort Marcy Airlines, sir.

CALLER: Fort Marcy Airlines. There you go. Did you know that that plane, the entire plane is first class?

RUSH: Big whoop.

CALLER: All leather seating from front to back.

RUSH: I know all about it. It’s Kimberly-Clark’s airline, right?

CALLER: You got it.

RUSH: I know all about. I have nothing against Kimberly-Clark, by the way. They started out this airline because they used to use a couple of these airplanes as their corporate craft to get their executives inspecting toilet paper manufacturing plants and other such things. But I don’t care. The point is, it’s a MD-80. A first-class seat in a MD-80 is like a coach seat anywhere else. Well, it’s a little bigger than that, but it’s not as big as a first-class seat on a genuine wide body. We’re talking here about — I mean this is a very narrow tube in this fuselage. I know my aircraft, sir.

CALLER: Well, good. Good. That’s great. I just think that the fact that he’s got an entire plane that’s first class just says a lot about him. I mean, why isn’t he out there renting a plane that’s like anyone else would rent — first class —

RUSH: No, no, you don’t understand The Messiah. He goes and gets one of these MD-80s with all first-class seats so he doesn’t have to take as many people with him. It doesn’t have as much occupancy, so he doesn’t have to mess around with the media.

CALLER: There you go. That’s right, that’s right, that makes perfect sense.

RUSH: Absolutely. I usually do. All right, Duane.

CALLER: He just hasn’t earned the job. I think, you know, just what you were saying earlier about the whole military thing. You look at McCain, and in my opinion he’s earned the job. Barack Obama’s done nothing to earn the job.

RUSH: One hundred and forty-three days in the Senate and that makes him qualified, 143 days out there, Duane.

CALLER: Yeah, well, what do you know? (laughing)

RUSH: Hundred and forty-three days in the Senate. Hundred and forty-three. I will keep up the good work. It’s a habit, Duane. Thanks for the call.

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