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RUSH: The Drive-Bys, don’t you love this, the Drive-Bys are now digging deep into this. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, has dug deep and found out that Edwards has been lying about when he told his wife he was having the affair and when he was having the affair and not having the affair, when his wife knew about it and so forth. And you know that the Enquirer is just gloating, but what remains outstanding, and still I have this question, do you see how the Democrats are preparing to celebrate the Clintons? The Clintons have scored two nights of this convention away from The Messiah. By the way, Maureen Dowd today in the New York Times just destroys Hillary. I will share highlights in mere moments. But here’s Bill Clinton, who is going to be celebrated with an entire night practically in his honor at the Democrat convention. What did he do? Well, he had numerous sexual encounters with a woman barely half his age, an intern, in fact, lied about it to his staff, lied about it to the American people. Only when the stained blue dress popped up was the truth known.

We’ve had allegations of numerous affairs. Gennifer Flowers and a parade of women have made allegations, including one, Juanita Broaddrick, who alleged rape. Now here we come, the Breck Girl who had one little affair, might have sired a child, and they don’t want him anywhere near the Democrat convention. Now, I don’t understand these Democrats. In normal times, what Edwards has done, as the case with Clinton, would be a resume enhancement. But they don’t want him anywhere near this convention while they’re going to welcome Bill Clinton, give him a whole night, then Hillary has the night before that. The big question remains, as far as the Breck Girl is concerned, whose baby is this?

(playing of Edwards spoof)


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, it just won’t go away. The Breck Girl story continues to effervesce. It is amazing. The Drive-By Media — which wanted nothing to do with this story for the longest time, strictly because it was a Democrat. We played the sound bites for you yesterday of the Drive-Bys going, ‘Whew, man, imagine where we’d be if he got the nomination!’ They were just scared to death. ‘Imagine if he’d have pulled this off, where would we be now? The Democrat Party would be in big trouble.’ Well, he didn’t, and it looks like that now the Drive-Bys have figured since the Enquirer did the dirty work and somebody managed to get the story outside what the Drive-Bys consider to be the gutter (which is the Enquirer and tabloids), now they can put the full force of their own investigative teams on the story. So we move to the CBS Early Show today. Pigeon O’Brien, who is a friend of Reille Hunter, was the guest. (interruption) Yeah, that’s her name: Pigeon O’Brien. She also appeared on Fox. I saw her on Fox later on, but the cohost, Maggie Rodriguez said to Pigeon O’Brien, friend of Reille Hunter, ‘Is John Edwards lying? She told you that the affair started in February or March of 2006. He says it started five months later when his campaign hired her.’

O’BRIEN: No, that’s not true. That’s not true. It started in the winter of ’06. They became involved at that point, not later in the summer when she was hired to work for the political action committee.

RODRIGUEZ: It started in the winter of ’06?

O’BRIEN: Correct.

RODRIGUEZ: ‘Cause that’s when he was announcing his candidacy — and, as we see in these pictures, she’s still working for him at the time even though he says this is when the affair was winding down.

O’BRIEN: It started at the other end of ’06 in February, March of the new year.

RODRIGUEZ: Oh, it began in…?


RODRIGUEZ: Ohhhhhhh, okay.

O’BRIEN: Yes. Yes. Yes, at the very — six months earlier than he says.

RUSH: The Drive-Bys, they just didn’t want to believe it. The babes at the CBS Early Show just didn’t want to believe it. But Pigeon O’Brien was not flying away from her assertion. She remained grounded in this assertion, and she wasn’t even flustered or rattled here. Later on, on the same show, the CBS Early Show, Pigeon O’Brien, friend of Reille Hunter, was asked this by the cohost, Maggie Rodriguez: ‘Do you think that John Edwards is the father of the daughter?’

O’BRIEN: I do.


O’BRIEN: I don’t see any other explanation. She would not have a child with someone that she didn’t love, and she loves him.

RUSH: Ohhh. ‘Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me. Is it mine?’ So Pigeon O’Brien, it’s his kid. She didn’t love anybody else, she wouldn’t have a baby with anybody else that she didn’t love, and she loves him. All sorts of sordid things are coming out now. She’s quoted as telling people that she fully expected them to get married ‘once the wife was out of the way,’ quote, unquote, meaning Elizabeth. I know it’s really very unpleasant. It’s seedy. It really is. Now, on the Today Show today (not MSNBC, which has no audience) Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, filed this report on the Breck Girl.

MITCHELL: NBC News has learned from a source in the Edwards campaign that John Edwards only confessed his affair to his wife after she confronted him — and only after he was already announcing for president. He told the truth slowly and not until they were in the frenzy of the campaign’s official launch in late December 2006. In fact, Edwards only revealed his affair on New Year’s Eve 2006, days after he had announced. Elizabeth Edwards’ brother told People, the uncertainty of her own mortality, her cancer diagnosis — and, People reported, the reality that her young children will one day no longer have a mother — led her to stay with her husband.

RUSH: Ooh, Andrea Mitchell digging into the Edwards affair. After ignoring the story for months, they’re now out after the Breck Girl in full force. He’s gotta be wondering what happened. You know, this guy scheduled this appearance of his on Nightline on Friday night, and he knew nobody would be watching because of the Olympics, and then ABC went out and publicized it! They promoted what they had, and everybody found out about it before the Olympics started. So everybody knew about it, and the Breck Girl actually said he was mad at ABC. He thought he had an understanding with them that they wouldn’t do anything before the interview aired, which is another illustration of the symbiotic relationship that many Democrats think that they have with the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: The fallout continues now on the Breck Girl story. This is from the Raleigh News and Observer: ‘The former campaign finance chairman for John Edwards said this morning he was unaware of Edwards’ affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter when he paid to move her to California last year.’ Now, how can this possibly be true? How in the world could he be unaware of Edwards’ affair when he paid to move this babe to California last year? ‘In an e-mail this morning to The News & Observer, Dallas lawyer Fred Baron wrote, ‘I will re-state what I have previously stated on one point: I learned of the affair only a few weeks ago and had previously presumed that the ‘tabloid’ stuff was all bogus.’ … Baron declined to comment further this morning, but in an interview posted online by the publication Texas Lawyer, Baron said he paid for several months’ rent for Hunter and the Youngs without informing Edwards. Baron denied media reports that he was paying as much as $15,000 a month. According to an article published Sunday, Baron told The New York Post that Hunter, Young –‘ Young is, again, Edwards’ buddy that supposedly is saying he fathered the kid here, that ‘they lived together in California until tension in the household grew.’ Well, stop and think of this now.

This guy, Andrew Young, says, ‘I’m the father, John Edwards is not the father. I’m the father of the kid,’ and so Andrew Young takes his wife and kids and moves into a house with Rielle Hunter in California and then says they had to get out of there because the tensions grew. Do you not think that that kind of tension might happen when you move the mistress and baby in with the wife and legitimate kids? What are these people thinking? How could there not be tension? ‘They lived in a single house most of the time and split to two houses recently,’ said Fred Baron to the New York Post. And in more fallout, you know, Edwards established a center for poverty at Chapel Hill, a think tank that was going to deal with poverty. He actually said one time — I’m going to have to paraphrase this — but he actually said one time that, ‘The words we put out here are really good for the poor. We’re helping the poor here because we’re putting out good words, we’re putting out good think pieces and people are doing a lot of good work here.’

At any rate, the think tank that once provided Edwards a platform to discuss poverty in this two Americas theme of his is not counting on him to return to the fold. Interesting. The University of North Carolina Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity was launched in 2005. Edwards served as its director until he quit at the end of 2006 to launch his presidential run. Edwards’ disclosure Friday he had an affair has had no impact on contributions or grants to the nonpartisan — oh, of course not, why would anybody think that the disclosure of the affair would have any impact on donations to Edwards’ think tank? The only real question here, folks — and this article does not address it — how will the poor survive now without John Edwards thinking and paying others to think at his think tank at the University of North Carolina?

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