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Rush’s Morning Update: More Woe
August 15, 2008

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I recently reported the disturbing news that American children face a bleak school year – because their selfish parents have chosen to buy gas and household goods … instead of new back-to-school clothing. I had hoped that my shining the light on this tragedy would inspire parents to reconsider – and put their children first.

Sadly, it has not. The crisis among American children has deepened. Parents aren’t the only ones engaged in selfish behavior. School districts around the country are compounding the plight of the children.

In some areas, children will be required to walk farther to bus stops, in an effort to save fuel charges for those big yellow school busses. School districts plan to use old textbooks – to avoid purchasing new ones. Field trips will be out of the question this year. And disastrously – our children will be forced to pay more for their government-subsidized school breakfasts and lunches. There are also grave worries that food quality will deteriorate, as greedy administrators try to lower costs.

In some locales, kids will have a four-day week – to save energy. That will mean children will suffer through four extra-long days. Worse yet – parents will actually be responsible for their offspring on the added day they’re not in school. An unthinkable horror!

Obviously, Big Energy has won out. It appears America’s love affair with “the children” – is over. What has happened to us, my friends?

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