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Rush’s Morning Update: For the Ages?
November 4, 2008

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Over the weekend, AP-Obama ran a story calling this year’s election “a campaign for the ages.” Anticipating victory for their candidate, the article amounts to nothing more than a pre-election Happy Dance. It’s based on AP-Obama’s view that today– at long last– Republicans will be demolished, squashed.

In addition to a presidential triumph, they gleefully anticipate a veto-proof Democrat majority in the Senate, as well as a 35-seat Democrat pickup in the House. But the icing on the cake for the Drive-Bysisprojected victories in statewide contests,which would allow Democrats to redraw election districts after the 2010 census. Of course, to their minds, this would ensure one-party rule for decades, leaving the Republican Party,as they put it,”in tatters.”

Now, allow me to cut in on this Happy Dance with a few observations. Even in the best of times, it isn’t wise to underestimate the American people — especially before they actually cast their votes. The graveyard of politics is filled with those who failed to learn this lesson. Another equally important lesson is that “a campaign for the ages” can lead to utter disaster in short orderwhen the victor fails to meet expectations,regardless of party. (Hello, Jimmy Carter!)

And permit me this final observation. No matter who wins this election,tomorrow the work of rebuilding the conservative movement begins. That is a promise– from me to you– for the ages, for however long it takes. Count on it.

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