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“The most untalented, wasteful people with a pile of money in this country are elected officials — in any branch of government.”

“What we have are these three automobile executives begging the very people responsible (in large measure) for the problems they have for the solution. We’re looking at cowardice, here, folks.”

“Rather than give up anything, Congress will gain more control over the US auto industry with this bailout. And along with Congress gaining more control of the US auto industry, so does Barack Obama. I’m happy to be back, but I’m sad to report this reality.”

“The Democrat down in Georgia ran on Obama’s change and hope and platitudinous nothing platform, and he had all the rappers down there, but guess what? Sarah Palin rolled in there and just swamped the Obama candidate.”

“Hollywood and TV people… they all want to get into radio, and I’ll guarantee you — it’s not because of the Disney network.”

“I’m beginning to wonder: Does Obama want to be president, or does he just want to do president? What I mean by that is, I think he’s looking at himself in the mirror every day and saying, ‘Man, I got elected’ — while all these Clinton people are out there running Clinton’s third term.”

“Back in the seventies, I worked with a guy who actually had three or four two-tone green leisure suits from Kmart. He thought they were cool. Nobody else did, but he did. The point is, people buy their cars for personal reasons.”

“I was watching ESPN and Plaxico Burress drove up to Giants Stadium in a van, and I said, ‘What the hell is that? That is a cool-looking van!’ Well, normally vans leave me cold.”

“One of the reasons the country has moved left is because the Republican Party lost its guts and didn’t put anybody on the field who could explain alternative ideas to liberalism. Instead, we got into a competition about who can give out the most government the nicest.”

“Snerdley wants to know who the guy was. That was Whoopi Goldberg. There are only women on this show, Mr. Snerdley.”

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