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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re welcoming a new partner to the EIB Network this month. It’s the Heritage Foundation. I want to tell you a little bit about the Heritage Foundation, and I want to go back to my early days doing this program, because I came outta nowhere. You know, as I’ve talked about, I’m not a networker, I have never used contacts to get where I wanted to go. I’ve just labored away. I did what I thought you had to do. I thought you had to be good to get a job. I thought you had to be accomplished and achieve and even then somebody might fire you or what have you, but I never wanted to get anywhere on the basis of fraud or as a fake. I didn’t want to get anywhere on the basis of nepotism or anything of the sort. So, as a result, I just kept my head down and plowed ahead and didn’t really network. So when my radio show went national in 1988, nobody had ever heard of me outside of the places I had worked, and they were all stunned when this happened.

And shortly after the show began, maybe a year, year-and-a-half, I started getting press inquiries from people. They said, ‘Well, you worked at the baseball team, you were a disc jockey, where’d you learn this political stuff?’ I said, ‘I’ve always been interested in it, my family was immersed in it, and it’s always been a passion of mine. Just it wasn’t until 1984 when I moved to Sacramento that I finally got the freedom in my radio career to talk about the things I really loved and cared about.’ ‘Where did you learn all this?’ I said, ‘Well, from all kinds of people, but family was the foundation and so forth.’ But I remember, I was getting all these accolades and I was getting all this attention, and there were a lot of people who nobody ever heard of who were responsible for people like me all over the country amassing and acquiring knowledge that’s not available in a classroom anywhere, or not very many classrooms, and then being able to explain it to people who have not been able to access that information. These are academics, people that work at think tanks, laboring in the basements in anonymity, writing, researching, publishing so that people like me — I include Mr. Buckley, but he was well known — but were are all kinds of people who were producing brilliant things, research, opinion pieces that I was able to access, and I was an omnivorous and voluminous reader when it came to public policy and current events and history and things.

One of the places that was invaluable to me in acquiring a bedrock or foundation, understanding of conservatism — and Mr. Buckley was one, of course, and Ronald Reagan — but the Heritage Foundation, and to this day we quote work that comes out of the Heritage Foundation, Bob Rector works there, he has done some of the most marvelous research, poverty in this country and around the world, demographics, but they know no bounds. The Heritage Foundation is run by a good friend of mine named Ed Feulner. They were, in large part, responsible for many policies that came out of the Reagan administration. And we are welcoming the Heritage Foundation as a new partner to the EIB Network this month. You can join the Heritage Foundation and you can have access to all of this research that they do. Now, you are the most informed, intelligent media audience according to the Pew Research Center. The Heritage Foundation is a group of smart thinkers and scholars, excellent writers, and they churn stuff out faster than you can keep up with it: How to move the country forward, how to provide information that people can digest and then spread to others.

All you have to do is go to www.AskHeritage.org, just go to that website, ask them a question, take advantage of this. You could become a member today by signing up. You can start to enjoy all the information that has been made available for so many years to this program and to countless conservatives in America. There are 400,000 members, and, of course, there should be many more and that’s what this is about. You put this together with my website and you have an encyclopedia you cannot buy anywhere. AskHeritage.org.

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