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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley has advised me — and I think Mr. Snerdley may have a point here — Mr. Snerdley advised me during the top-of-the-hour break here that what with the fact that the point of view, the analysis of this coming socialism, massive government expansion is only occurring here, other places, too, but I mean this is the biggest — the Drive-By Media is just in total swoon mode here. Not analyzing this at all in terms of whether it will work or not, in real terms. They’re examining it, ‘Is this going to benefit Obama politically?’ and so forth and so on. There are therefore going to be literally hundreds of thousands of new people tuning into this program because this program will be the only place you can go to hear something other than what you hear everywhere else in the news, be it a magazine, be it a newspaper, be it a TV news broadcast or cable network. And as such, back in the early days of this program we advised people that are new listeners that this program is actually deep. This is a program of considerable weight and considerable depth, when it comes to the explanation, the analysis of conservative principles and values as compared to the forward marching liberalism that seems to have nothing in its way here.

As such, it really is not possible, except for a select few, to listen to this program for a day and to understand it. This program requires a minimum of six weeks of steady listening in order to be able to place in context everything you hear here. For example, I’ll use the ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro” song. Let’s just say as an example that today is your first day listening to the program and all you know about ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro” is what you have read, which is 180 degrees wrong in all other media. You hear the song, you have no idea what went into the making, the writing, the producing of the song, and you hear it, ‘My God, this is outrageous! He’s calling our president a negro,’ which of course is not what it’s about. Had you, however, been listening for six weeks prior to the introduction of the song, you would understand it totally. You would accept and appreciate its brilliance. We’ve spent an hour today analyzing Obama’s speech, his economic speech today.

If you tuned in for the first time today and heard that, and particularly if you are not a conservative, if you’re liberal or you don’t know what you are, or you think you’re a moderate, and you heard my first hour today, you would think it was nothing but unfair criticism of our new president and how dare Mr. Limbaugh do that, doesn’t he want him to succeed? Everybody else wants poor Obama to succeed. It’s tough out there. He’s inheriting a lot of problems. And, of course, what you would have heard me say is he’s causing them, he’s gonna make it worse, and that he wants to make it worse, and you’re not going to understand, why would somebody say the president of the United States wants to make the economy worse? And if this is your first day listening, you have no hope of understanding something you hear that might appear outrageous, but to all of those 20-plus million who listen regularly, it’s a breath of fresh air, it is welcome, and they totally understand it. So I beg, I plead, I instruct, I command, I suggest, don’t doubt me. If you are new to the Rush Limbaugh program, you will only be short-changing yourself, making a fool of yourself, and really blowing an opportunity if you give this show only one day, or only one segment.

Now, I said the select few who can get it before six weeks. There are a select few, and it has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with the degree to which they are oriented as conservatives. It has to do with the sophisticated sense of humor that they understand. If you are an uptight hand wringer constantly waiting to be offended, well, you will think this is the place for you. But those of you who are new, the 20 plus million who listen to this program never find it even controversial because they don’t disagree with any of it, and they don’t find it offensive, and they don’t find it mean-spirited. They find it wonderful, they find it comforting, they find it validating that somewhere in the national media somebody still agrees with what they think. So I suggest to you, as a favor to you and you can do a favor for yourself, once you are here, don’t make the mistake of misjudging and misunderstanding what happens here and then fleeing, because if you do, you are going to be missing one of the most beneficial, informative, educational, entertaining three hours of your life each and every day.

Talk to anybody who has been with us for more than a year. Talk to the 20 million who have been with us since the get-go. Ask them and just listen to what they say. They’re more informed than you, who are just tuning in. We love having you here, and we love America, we love the America of our founding, we love the America of a Constitution, we love the United States of America and the principles of our founding which defined and made this the greatest nation in the history of human civilization. We all believe that a great country requires great people, people who are happy, content, inspired, motivated, prosperous, or seeking all those things, the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of excellence. This program is an inspiration for those people, this program motivates those people, this program tells those people it’s still possible when they may not think it is because they watch the rest of the Drive-By Media as well. This program is such a golden opportunity for all Americans. But if you are going to take the plunge and listen to this program because you’ve read some controversial reference to it, and if you’re going to listen for 10 minutes or 30 or an hour or even a whole show, you will not, after that period of time, have the slightest idea what really happens on this program, because this program never ends, folks. We just have 21-hour commercial and sleep breaks. But the program never ends. It’s a continuum.

In my analysis of the Obama speech last hour, I referenced things that happened six years ago. I referenced things that happened last June that you may not even know or remember happened. I, of course, do remember and have instant recall on these things and that is another illustration of being able to understand this program in context. At the same time, understand that there are those out there in other aspects of the media and in politics who want you to misunderstand what happens here. But, you owe it to yourself to spend at least six weeks solid. And I promise, I guarantee, if you do that, you will never leave, you will never go anywhere else. Oh, you might go somewhere else, but you’ll be saddened by the experience. At the same time you’ll be enlightened at how stupid everybody else is compared to you. You will want to inform them and educate them, and you will suggest that they listen to this program, and they will call you names because if they haven’t, they will only know what this program is on the basis of the criticism of those who are envious and jealous of this program and its success.

Before we go to the time-out here — we call them obscene profit breaks, because we are proud of profit here at the EIB Network, we have yet to have, in 20 years, a down year. Every year we have grown financially, while expanding. In all the 20 years, we have only lost two employees, one to marriage, and the other one to California. We do consider that a loss.


RUSH: We’re going to go to Philadelphia and Gill. Great to have you here. Thanks very much for waiting. I appreciate it.

CALLER: Hey, it’s an honor Rush You know, if you were anyone else I’d tell you that you have no idea how right you are, but seeing as how you are Rush Limbaugh, you do know how right you are.

RUSH: Ah, thank you very much. See, this member of the audience has been around a long time, knows things.

CALLER: And that’s exactly why I called, Rush. You know, I was listening the other day, and somebody represented himself as a longtime caller, and I think he was, and he said that you thought that Southerners were hicks and hayseeds, remember that?

RUSH: Yeah. I said that’s how the Democrats see them, that’s how liberals —

CALLER: Oh, I know. I know. One of my personal biggest frustrations is when I’m misunderstand, because, like you, I like to articulate conservative positions and everything, and I just wanted to say that we are out here, we’re out here, we’re listening to you —

RUSH: I appreciate it.

CALLER: — we get you, we understand you, and thank you very much for putting up with what must be a very difficult thing, being misunderstood.

RUSH: You know, some days it affects me more than others. Another great example. If you happen to be listening for the first time today and you hear this, you have no clue what he’s talking about. ‘What do you mean? Callers have to call and encourage and buck him up ’cause he thinks that people don’t understand him and that’s right because he’s stupid.’ That’s the first day tuner-in. What he’s talking about was, I went through a one-hour brilliant piece of analysis about something and the first or second call we took was from a guy who said he listened to it who totally misunderstand it who claimed he was a regular listener. I think he was a seminar caller. It was about Dingy Harry and Blago and the call that Dingy Harry made to Blago saying he didn’t want the three black people that Blago was thinking about nominating to fill Obama’s Senate seat. That’s what it was. And I did say — because people were talking about how depressed they were that day — I said I’m the one who ought to be depressed. I’m the one doing great radio programs here, I’m the one working my tail off, although it doesn’t show when I’m working my tail off, each and every day to be the most informed what-have-you, and to have Nimrods like that not get it, some days it’s frustrating, but, Gill, I always have the next hour. I always have the next program.

It’s a temporary thing when I get discouraged. It ends up inspiring me, motivating me, even more.

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