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RUSH: There’s a story in something called the Washington Note today, and it dovetails with some of the bloom coming off the rose in the Obama Democrat alliance. It’s not large right now. It’s kind of like a little hole in the dike, not yet a fissure, but it is like a hole in the dike, and nevertheless, it is just mind-numbing to watch CNN and MSNBC. I know you’re saying, ‘But, Rush, but, Rush, but, Rush, you used to say you don’t watch it.’ Well, they’re on now, the sound is down, I got the closed-captioning on. I don’t watch them at home at night. I got other things to do that are far more fun and pleasurable. I don’t learn anything from them anyway. But MSNBC has been running a story all day with the graphic at the bottom of the screen: ‘Obama Announces Plan to Cut Government Waste.’ Now, you and I will see that, and our heads will explode. Cut government waste, we say two things. First, the audacity of lying like that on the part of Obama. Secondly, the absolute sycophancy of the Drive-By Media to just happily report it, move it down the PR chain. If it were Bush announcing this, if Bush were doing all of this and then came out and said that he was cutting government spending and waste, well, the Drive-Bys would be convening roundtables on it right now, and they wouldn’t run graphics that say ‘Bush cutting government waste.’ They’d say, ‘Bush cutting government waste, ha-ha,’ with a couple exclamation points behind it.

It’s mind-numbing and breathtaking to watch this. Here’s a guy who is the author of trillions of dollars of spending that we don’t have, lying about the — ah, ah, ah — misrepresenting the fact that it’s all about stimulating economy, and nothing could be further from the truth. It’s Orwellian, it’s 1984. Bipartisanship is partisanship. War is peace. Whatever he says the opposite is true. But whatever he says, the sycophants and the butt boys in the media simply repeat. Is that term starting to bother you, Dawn? Dawn is starting to shake her head in there. Well, it may be hysterical, but I can’t think of a better way to describe what’s going on in that White House pressroom. It’s what I’ve always meant when I’ve said bend over, grab the ankles, people say, ‘I don’t like that, would you stop saying that so much?’ Kathryn said to me, ‘Gosh, I’m glad you didn’t say that at CPAC.’ I said, ‘I didn’t do it on purpose, half the audience would have got up and tried to do it, just to show what it looks like.’ Butt boy, that’s what happens after you bend over and grab the ankles. How else would you describe what’s going on up there?

Yeah, there’s a long, long, long, long way to go here, folks. And remember this, at the end of the day the Republicans can stand for everything in the book. They can get their act together 120%. They cannot stop what Obama’s going to do. The only place it could be stopped is if the Democrats in the Senate don’t like something coming down the pike. Russ Feingold doesn’t want this omnibus bill passed. He wants Obama to veto it. There are a lot of Democrats, moderate Democrats in the House even starting to break away from this. That’s because their constituencies are advising to get away from it. The constituents don’t like all this. There’s still a group of people in this country who would normally vote Republican who are saying, ‘We gotta try something new, it didn’t work the last eight years.’ See, there’s so much ignorance. Ignorance is our most expensive commodity. The economy in the years post-9/11 were astoundingly, amazingly good. The economy didn’t start going south ’til the Democrats took over the Congress after the 2006 elections. But everybody’s been told for the last six years Bush is where all these failures are rooted, and there are people that believe that, and it’s just going to take a while.

My buddy’s friend, his kids are in college, he sat down and told them every day, intellectually, why global warming is a lie, why it’s a hoax. They wouldn’t believe him, primarily because he’s dad, but secondly they believed the more influential figures of Algore and people in the Drive-By Media. Only when it never got warm, when it’s still cold as it can be and record snowfalls are happening are they beginning to question this whole thing. So it’s gonna take a while. There’s a war on capitalism going on. It’s gonna take a while. If Obama gets all these policies enacted, it’s going to take that, and for those policies enacted to start having impact on people’s lives for them to slap themselves upside the head and go, ‘What did we do? What is this?’ And don’t forget, this economy is a very powerful machine. And the entrepreneurs in this country are not going to sit around long and just lick their wounds over what’s happening to them. At some point they’re going to get back in gear, and some are going to do whatever they can to overcome the obstacles in their way, they’re going to bring elements of the economy back and get ready for Obama to claim credit for it in the stimulus package.

By the way, even our buddies at Fox today, you know what I saw up there? ‘The first bridge to be repaired with stimulus money.’ I have been across this bridge. The Osage River Bridge and it goes over a tributary of the Missouri River. It’s a dilapidated bridge, and so this bridge is the first bridge that’s going to be stimulated with stimulus money. They sent a Fox reporter out there to show us what rotten shape the bridge was in and to explain why this one was chosen first. I read about this weeks ago, Snerdley. I’m just telling you they just got around to sending a crew out there to report on the first bridge that’s going to be repaired with stimulus money. Well, people see that and they say, ‘Oh, stimulus plan working.’ It doesn’t take much. A little battle here, but we are ready for it. We’re born to do what we’re doing. I was born for this. I was made for this.

Now, here’s the story on the fissures, the dike, the hole in the dike, Obama, the Democrats. It’s from the Washington Note. I’m just reading what it says here. ‘I can’t get into names, but if a crafty business journalist got on the phone to the biggest billionaires and financial wizards who support the Democratic Party and Barack Obama, he or she would find a large passel of very frustrated economic elites who think that Obama’s stimulus package and spending priorities are not going to either restore confidence and economic growth or reinvest in the backbone of the US economy in a way that can help generate recurring returns for future generations of citizens. The folks I am talking to are definitely not part of the market fundamentalist Robert Rubin fan club. They see the world differently, but I’m beginning to wonder if we really all should be very worried that some in Obama’s economic kitchen cabinet (or who we think is in it) are so dissatisfied with the substance of the policy outcomes we are seeing thus far.’

So this story is raising the specter that voters and contributors from the wealthy elite on Wall Street and elsewhere are starting to have some questions here about Bam’s policies, like our buddies on the right. My good friend Christopher Buckley wrote back in October he’s voting for Obama, ‘The guy is very smart, writes his own books, but if he takes this country this far left, I can’t imagine he’d be stupid enough to –‘ I’m paraphrasing ‘– I can’t imagine he’d make the mistake, far left agenda.’ Buckley has recanted his vote. And of course David Brooks of the New York Times yesterday essentially said we are surprised by the Obama we’re getting. Surprised by the Obama you’re getting? You know, these guys, like Brooks, they’re the ones that have all the great Ivy League education. These are the guys that are supposed to be the ones warning us, and they get roped in, they get sucked in by the same pedigree. Obama went to Harvard, gotta be one of us. Obama went to Chicago Law. Oh, Obama, gotta be one of us.

But you’ll note, ladies and gentlemen, that it is the average, run-of-the-mill regular guys in the Republican Party and talk radio who are able to spot these frauds from day one. And yet we are called unsophisticated, unappealing physically, we shouldn’t be the face of the party, we shouldn’t be listened to. It’s always these guys that have to recant their mistakes. So, in addition to our guys starting to have some problems here, all of a sudden we’re being told in this story that Democrat elite rich people are having some doubts, and we’re learning that some in Obama’s economic kitchen cabinet are so dissatisfied with the substance of the policy that they are frustrated and don’t know what to do. ‘I asked one of them who I assume can get through to the President or at least to Rahm Emanuel any time he wants why he doesn’t make his case more clearly to the occupants of the White House. The response was, ‘Yes, I can get through to Rahm Emanuel any time, but I get three minutes with him, and then someone else gets their three minutes, and so on. Rahm is the three minute guy — and he’s great during those three minutes,” but that’s all you get.

Note to those of you in the kitchen cabinet wanting to talk to Emanuel. You would get more than three minutes, but he’s busy working on an Obama-directed plan to demonize me with James Carville, George Stephanopoulos and Paul Begala. Once they give up that project, you might get five or six minutes with him. ‘Wealthy donors on the outside of the political process probably should not be able to just call up the President and get their way — but the frustration I’m hearing from a great number of these types of donors — types who are not only wealthy and helped finance much of the Democratic Party’s victory in November, but who are also smart and connected — is that they are not getting through where it counts. The policy options they are proposing aren’t getting into the basket of proposals that Obama is considering. In other words, some feel that Obama is not getting a full range of choices on the economy and is being provided a narrow band of views that fit the preconceived biases of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.’

The piece is written by Steve Clemons, by the way, at the Washington Note. Mr. Clemons, I know that you will hear that I commented on your piece, and since you have access to these kitchen cabinet people that donated big time to Obama and the party and are frustrated that they can’t get through to him or to Rahm Emanuel in their policy ideas, I would like you to consider something. Mr. Clemons, Obama doesn’t need a full range of choices. He doesn’t need any advisors on any of this. Summers and Geithner are front men. Obama is doing exactly what he wants. Obama doesn’t need advice to do any of this and he’s ignoring your friends and your buddies, or these elite people because he doesn’t care now that he’s elected. Mr. Clemons, there is a war on capitalism going on, and I’ll tell you what I think, and you can pass it along to your guys, I know they’ll reject it. Don’t use my name so that they will consider this. But I think one of the best ways, folks, to understand the philosophy — and believe me, philosophies matter in politics, as much as policy — the philosophy that’s guiding what Obama’s doing, none of this makes any sense.

You don’t raise taxes in a recession; you don’t punish achievers; you don’t tell achievers they’re going to be punished in the middle of a recession. None of this makes any sense if your objective is a genuine private sector recovery. But it does make sense if you have another agenda. If you have an agenda to destroy the private sector economy and replace it with a government economy that runs the show, owning as much of the means of production as possible, then this makes total sense what Obama’s doing. Also, it helps to understand what Obama heard when he was in that church for 20 years, and what Obama heard when he was growing up, and who his influences and mentors were. You see, we in the New Media, Mr. Clemons, we thought that was all important. The other media didn’t. Here’s why I think it’s important. I think he comes into office with a grudge. I think there’s a chip on his shoulder and I think the best way to explain what’s happening here is a very simple little phrase, one sentence: In Obama’s eyes, the wealth of our nation is being returned to its rightful owners.

Now, what do I mean by that? Well, it’s very simple. In Obama’s world, and in much of the left — and they have said this when they oppose trickle-down, supply-side, Reaganism, whatever, they have said that the wealthy in this country have stolen it. They have taken an unfair share. You see, Mr. Clemons, this is something your economic friends need to know. Obama looks at the world, our economy, as a zero-sum game. It’s a never-changing size pie. Somebody gets hired, somebody has to get fired. Somebody earns a dollar, somebody loses a dollar. Nobody can earn two dollars separately at the same time. That’s not how they view the world. So in Obama’s world — and this is what he’s been taught growing up, this is what he was taught in school. He was taught that the wealthy, the rich, got it in unfair ways. They had advantages. They took money that was actually intended for the middle class and the poor. So what Obama’s doing here is very simple, he’s returning, in his mind, the wealth of the nation to its rightful owners. That’s the only sensible explanation for Obama’s economic policies. He doesn’t care about the stock market. He said so. Doesn’t even understand it, doesn’t even understand that a PE ratio is price-to-earnings ratio, not profits-to-earnings ratio. He doesn’t understand it. To him it’s a tracking poll, and he ignores tracking polls, he’s ignoring this. Stock market is the nation’s wealth, one measure of it, and it ain’t fluctuating. It’s plummeting.

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