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Rush’s Morning Update: Typical
April 13, 2009

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Well, when he’s not too busy banning cooking oil or other items he deems offensive,New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg trots around casting himself as an environmental leader. He is very vocal about so-called green issues– even though his proposal to put windmills on New York City skyscrapers was laughed out of town.

Turns out, Bloomberg has a lot in common with other big environmental leaders. According to AP-Obama, the mayor says that the primary way he saves energy in his private lifeis to use those stupid curly little light bulbs,which are themselves a toxic nightmare (potentially). In addition to his Manhattan townhouse, the mayor owns homes or estates in upstate New York, Colorado, Florida, Bermuda, and London. Imagine the size ofthat carbon footprint.

But the mayor says he turns off lights that aren’t being used, and opens windows to avoid turning on the air conditioning. And while he admits he personally uses a whole lot of energy, he says he tries “to make it as little as possible.”

Now, I, El Rushbo,have no brief with the mayor using whatever energy he needs to fuel his lifestyle. It’s nobody’s business what kind of bulbs he uses, or how much air conditioning he likes. But just like Algore, Bloomberg preaches the gospel of energy restraint to everyone else– while burning more energy in a month than most people use in a year. It’s typical of liberals,who have one set of rules for you…and another set of rulesfor themselves. (And, I wonder what kind of energy and light bulbs the 7,000 future-laid-off people in New York are going to be using?)

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