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Rush’s Morning Update: Suck It Up!
April 17, 2009

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To suck up,or not to suck up? That is the question. Reuters is reporting there might be, quote, “a bit more false flattery and loud enthusiasm” at your workplace lately. Buttering up the boss, brown-nosing, managing up, sucking up,whatever you call it –experts say it’s rising because workers are worried about keeping their jobs.

A study conducted by UC Berkeley “Professor of Organizational Behavior” Jennifer Chatman found that job seekers who suck up are 20 percent more likely to land the job. Prof. Chatman also notes that underlings are less candid. They’re more likely to lavish praise on their bosses– even if their bosses are idiots who make stupid decisions. Employees also avoid bearing bad news. Ms. Chatman warns: “It can be bad for business” if the “yea-sayers” are kept around.

Other experts aren’t so hard on the suck-ups. Frances Cole Jones, a professional coach and author, says: “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In tough times,” she advises workers to “go to work early, stay late, attend meetings, and volunteer for extra work. In times like these, the smart thing to do is to ‘suck up.'”

So, folks,the choice is yours.You’re the one who has to live with yourself if you brown-nose the boss. But I just find it ironicthat when Democrats are in the White House– whether it’s Bill Clinton with Monica, or Obama– the only way for some people to get aheadis to “suck up”… whichis a sad state of affairs. (I guess for some.)

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