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RUSH: Lots of people are e-mailing and wanting to know the outcome of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Cure-A-Thon last Friday. I’ve got some numbers, but they’re not all in yet. There’s still a lot of donating going on and a lot of registering at RushLimbaugh.com. But suffice to say records were set during the Obama Recession.

The total donors, as of this morning, were up over 45%. We had a 45% increase in the number of donors (which, again, is also an indication of the rapid audience growth that we’ve seen this year) as well as the total dollars we’re up 25% over last year. And last year was a record. This happened during the Obama recession, with 600,000 Americans unemployed every month. It’s just amazing.

‘A Rush Limbaugh audience is the greatest audience in the world,’ to paraphrase Jackie Gleason, about the Miami Beach audience that he said when he had his TV show down there. And the dollar numbers up 25% do not include my donation that was matched by the two sisters out in the State of Washington. But they’re record numbers here. Everybody was blown away on Friday, as this was all happening, and they’re still shocked and stunned today, not to mention overwhelmed with good vibes and incredible gratitude.

So once again, I want to thank everybody who had anything to do with this last Friday because it shocked and stunned all of us. Nobody thought we’d even equal what we did last year just because of the recession. To increase the dollar amount by 25%, and the number of donors by 45% is just beautifully amazing.

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