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RUSH: Lincoln, California. Jan, hi. It’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Jan?


RUSH: Yeah, hi.

CALLER: Thirteen trillion or 4,000 billion mega dittos to you, Maha Rushie.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I’m calling about a recent American Thinker article entitled ‘America’s November Revolution.’ I think it totally encapsulates everything Obama has done thus far and plans to do to us in the future, and I’m interested in what you think.

RUSH: I haven’t seen it. You know, I normally read the American Spectator website every day, but I have not seen it.

CALLER: Or American Thinker.

RUSH: Oh, American Thinker. I haven’t seen it.

CALLER: ‘America’s November Revolution.’

RUSH: Could you summarize it for me?

CALLER: Basically he’s comparing it to the Russian Revolution in 1917, although that was violent.

RUSH: Last November’s election he’s comparing to the Russian revolution?

CALLER: Yes. Though it’s not obviously violent, but… I mean he goes into — John Griffing. It’s done by John Griffing. He goes into all the things that Bush set up for him. This is the Patriot Act; the Military Commissions Act; the Posse Comitatus Act, revisions to that. And then he goes on to… Let’s see. ‘But Obama’s strategies go far beyond mere economic control. We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got to have a civilian…’ Well, he talks about a civilian national… Anyway, he goes on to, ‘The president has become an aggressive campaign against free speech. He wants to ramrod a bill through to nationalize the press.’

RUSH: Okay, now I get it. I get it. So the question is: Does Obama’s election change the American way of life? (snorts) Forget the election. Yeah, you can maybe draw similarities. Look what the hell is happening! I mean, yeah. (sigh) Folks, do you realize Obama has even created czars? I mean, if we want to start comparing Obama to the Russian revolution, he’s got czars! Only the Russians had czars. For every cabinet level he’s got three czars that run herd over the cabinet level people. I’ll read the piece. I’ll find the piece. This piece obviously I haven’t seen it, it has to be written from the standpoint that individual liberty and freedom under assault here at the expense of big government.

Tony in Middletown, Delaware. It’s nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, Tony. Listen, just a quick… I’ve been struggling with this paradox that I understand that the Founders were diligent in crafting the Constitution to balance of it and powers and prevent the very situation we’re now facing, so how did it happen and why can’t we invoke the Constitution to stop or reverse this?

RUSH: Well, uhhhh. (sigh) At some point hopefully we will. These things happen in stages. How did it happen is simple. It’s been developing over 50 years are. You dumb down the education system. You stop teaching American history. You teach the Constitution as a constraint and limit rather than what it really is: a limit on government. You teach the Constitution as something that keeps the government from doing even greater things for you. And then you eventually nominate a candidate who’s a demagogue, who can create, among his followers, a cult.


RUSH: People who are emoting, not thinking. And people who are so fed up with what they see as constant bickering, somebody can come along and say, ‘Okay. The old, tired ways of the past, we need to get rid of them, and we’re all going to get along.’ You promise people you’re going to pay their mortgage. You promise people they’re going to have health care. Really, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do, is tell people you’re going to give them everything, because the liberal Democrats have created more and more people who think that that’s their entitlement as American citizens. So it didn’t just happen overnight. It has been building and the lack of an opposition to it, I think, is probably due to the fact that the Washington-New York elite culture — from the Ivy League schools down to the halls of government, to the lobbying places — are all made up of people whose jobs resolve around government, and the bigger it is, the richer they get. And the more power government has, the more power they have. So we just, you know, turn the meaning of the Constitution and the founding of the country upside down. But at some point there’s going to be a younger generation pop up that’s just not going to take it. They’re not going to accept the 70% taxes to pay for all this, and they’ll throw these people out. They’re going to be your kids and grandkids, once they discover how indebted they are on the first day they’re born.

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