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RUSH: I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not, but I have somehow made TIME Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. I am number 38 in the top 100 most influential people in the world. They have me in the entertainers and artists category. They also have a ‘heroes’ category, which is where Michelle Obama is found. I think that should be where I am, but nevertheless, I’m on the list. Glenn Beck… They asked people to write profiles of the people TIME chooses, and they asked Glenn Beck to write the 300-word profile of me. It is fabulous. Glenn Beck thought to say something about me I wouldn’t even think to say about me. It’s really, really good.

I want to publicly thank Glenn Beck. (Oh, yeah. Bars. Sorry, Dittocammers. I had the bars on for a little too long there.) Glenn Beck wrote this great piece, 300 words, and you can see it on their website. We’ll link to it. We may have linked to it already at RushLimbaugh.com, if Koko’s up to speed. They have a big gala, a big part in New York at Lincoln Center. (interruption) Yeah, Koko says they linked it up there. So it’s at RushLimbaugh.com if you want to read what Glenn Beck wrote. (interruption) Well, I can’t make it. I can’t make the gala. I can’t. It’s New York. I’m not going to New York. I’m not going there for any reason. I’m not going to be seen in New York. I’m sure that New York state tax auditors are going to be prowling around outside.

I can’t be there that night. It’s Tuesday night. I’ve gotta be in Washington Monday night for the president’s address at the Heritage Foundation. They have oversold the place. They’ve got people in satellite rooms with television sets on Monday night. I think I go on stage at 8:15. I don’t know if it’s televised or not, folks. I haven’t… (interruption) H.R. says he doesn’t think it is. No biggie. We’re going to videotape it? Is that right? We may…? (interruption) Okay, they’re going to capture it? Right. They’re going to capture it on video, and we will encode it and see if it looks good enough to post on our website. I’m sure that Heritage will put it on their website as well. But, yeah, I just can’t get there for the big gala on Tuesday night. And, you know, President Obama’s going to be there. I don’t know if he’s going to be there. He’s invited, obviously; he’s on the list. I’m sure he’s #1 in TIME’s most influential people in the world. As I said, I’m number 38. I really do seriously want to thank Glenn Beck again for the very nice profile.

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