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RUSH: All right, now, Obama, Carol Browner. This benevolent administration wants to ‘work with the auto companies,’ right? Last night Neil Cavuto interviewed Jim Anderer. He is a Chrysler dealer who’s been shut down. Cavuto said, ‘Long Island, New York, Chrysler dealer Jim Anderer says that they’re shutting them down even though his dealership is making them a lot of money. They shouldn’t be shutting you down, Jim. What did they say in their letter to you?’

ANDERER: They won’t give us a solid explanation. They come up with all these reasons, but none of them seem to make sense.

CAVUTO: Well, what were the reasons?

ANDERER: Well, they’ll say they want to combine all the stores, or they say that the dealers cost the manufacturer money to keep in business. And all of these might be true in some cases, but in the dealers that they cut, there seems to be no cohesive way that they did it. There was no process that you could put your finger on and say, ‘Hey, we cut 25% of the lowest performing dealers.’ They didn’t do that, okay? Nobody will give us a real clear explanation or formula that they came up with.

RUSH: Now, why do you think that might be? I mean, I could only hazard a guess here. Do you think that the Obama administration — ‘working with’ Chrysler, heh, heh, heh; working with the automobile manufacturers, working with the dealers — they’re just randomly taking a look at a list and saying, ‘Eh, we don’t need this one in Long Island, chop it. We don’t need that one in Portland, chop it. We don’t need that one in San Antonio, chop it’? Do you think they’re doing that, or do you think maybe…? I just throw this out there as a possibility. Do you think maybe Obama and his administration are targeting dealerships that happen to be run and owned by Republicans? I don’t know this.

I’m being led to speculate because Mr. Anderer says he doesn’t know why his high-performing dealership was shut down, and he can’t find a formula. He can’t find a coherent plan to explain why they’re shutting down successful dealerships in the Chrysler network. (interruption) Well, you joke about it being about penalizing success, but what the hell… That would be the theme of this administration: ‘We’re going to penalize success.’ By the way, coming up later in the program, the details of this: how many of you are paying your home mortgage on time and have been, and have learned that you are also going to be subsidizing people who shouldn’t have gotten a mortgage in the first place? (interruption) All right. Snerdley raises his hand.

How many of you pay your credit card bills on time? How many of you pay them off every 30 days? Guess what? You’re going to be penalized. People who pay off their credit cards in 30 days, there’s a series of things that are going to happen to you. You know, you get a lot of perks and a lot of points and frequent flier miles and maybe cash-back privileges and so forth. All that, or a lot of that that, is going to be eliminated. In addition they’re going to start charging you interest from the day you make the purchase rather than 25 or 30 days after you make the purchase. You know why this is being done? I just said that even for those of you who pay off your credit cards in 30 days, to escape any interest or finance charges, some of these companies are going to start charging…

I don’t know the names of which ones yet but some of these finance companies and banks that run credit cards, are going to start charging interest on your purchase from the day you make the purchase, not give you a three-week or four-week grace period before they start the finance charges. Now, do you know why they’re doing this? They’re doing this to help you subsidize the people that don’t pay, the people that run late, the people that don’t pay their bills on time. And it’s going to lower their interest rates. Now, you think that we joke when we say this is an attack on achievers? That this administration is targeting the achievers? You pay your mortgage on time; you’re going to subsidize those who shouldn’t have been given one in the first place.

You pay your credit cards off on time — even if you pay them off on time with the minimum payment — you’re still going to have additional payments attached so that the people who are delinquent have an easier time of it. This is a theme of this administration. This is just another way of redistributing wealth, and this is a way that is hidden, and I doubt that too many people are going to find about it ’til the practice is implemented and you start getting your bills. We have some more sound bites here with Jim Anderer, the Chrysler dealer out on Long Island. Cavuto said, ‘Well, look you think they have it out for the personally, Jim? If you can’t find out why they’re shutting you down.’

ANDERER: No, no, no. But I think there is a lot of favored dealers, there is some collusion.

CAVUTO: Do you know unequivocally of dealers who are pathetic, who are not getting it done, who have been saved?


CAVUTO: Can you name them?

ANDERER: Yes. I — I don’t want to do that because, you know, a lot of these guys are friends of mine. But, you know, the numbers are there. The numbers reveal that. Okay? Right on Long Island, there’s some guys who really shouldn’t be there. But I’m not going to reveal their names.

RUSH: So Cavuto says, ‘Okay, so this doesn’t work for you, right? You’re done?’

ANDERER: This is insanity. The government is stealing my business. Well, I cannot accept that as a patriotic American. I was raised in this country to believe that if I work hard and I achieve what I was going after — and I did! I did it! I got it, and now all of a sudden because, you know, we have a president who pushes Chrysler into bankruptcy and puts all of the UAW workers out…? Didn’t have to. Maybe some would have to go out but not all of them, okay. This doesn’t happen in America. This is still America, I think. I mean, this isn’t Stalinist Russia. This is not Nazi Germany where the troopers say you’re out and their buddies are in. That’s what I’m faced with.

RUSH: That’s a Chrysler dealer, folks, Jim Anderer in Long Island, comparing what’s happening to him to Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany. He believed in the American dream. He went for it; he got it. Now they want to take it away from him. And this is why more and more people think they’re not safe, that if the government targets them and their wealth — the things that they have achieved — that they’re going to have it taken away from them, under some auspices of goodwill for everybody else. Now, this is one segment here, but this is the Chrysler dealers. I know of a dealer out in Portland, and the same thing has happened to him, a leading dealer. They’re being shut down and they’re being left to eat the inventory that they have on their lot. Furthermore, the dealer in Portland was told some months ago, ‘Please take additional inventory from the factory. You’re going to be okay. We’ll back you up.’ They did it, and they’re saddled now with inventory that they’re not going to be able to sell that’s gonna wipe ’em out financially. All brought to you by the Obama administration.

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