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RUSH: We’re going to get to Sotomayor today, folks. We got a lot to do today here.

I just want to say one thing because I’m getting all kinds of e-mail. ‘Rush! Rush! Can you believe everybody in the Republican Party’s bailing out on you because you had the audacity to call her a racist?’ Look, here’s what he need to know about that. The Republicans are not bailing. The Republicans are content to let Newt and me carry the heavy load. They’re going to go out and be ‘reasonable.’ They’re not throwing anybody under the bus. But here’s what you need to know about the racist comment. Nobody’s denying it. All they’re doing is saying, ‘Ooh, it’s too strident. Ooh, that language is just too strident. They ought to cut back on that language.’

But nobody is denying the fact that if a white guy had said the equivalent of what Sonia Sotomayor said he’d be finished. In fact, Obama wants her to be able to have a do-over, a retraction. ‘Weeeeell, I think if she had it to do again, if she had it to say again, she would choose her words different.’ Oh, so the liberals and the Democrats get a do-over. Nobody’s denying what she said. That’s what you need to keep in mind. She would bring a form of racism and bigotry to the United States Supreme Court. The only allowance I will make for Sonia Sotomayor is this: She is probably a result of two things, her upbringing and her education. I have no doubt that where she went to school — from high school into college, into law school — I’m sure she had a multicultural curriculum, and I’m sure she heard all the stuff about how rotten white guys are.

White Europeans brought all this pestilence, syphilis, environmental destruction, sexism, racism, with them when they discovered The New World. I’m sure that in that case, Ricci vs. New Haven, where she sided against the firefighters — the white firefighters who had worked their asses off to pass the test, and the test results were thrown out because not enough blacks; I don’t think any blacks passed it official to be qualified as a firefighters — I’m sure she thought that this was justice can be it was justice, that white people need to have reverse racism and discrimination thrown at them because of all the horrors they committed. She was raised that way, she grew up that way and she was taught that. That’s the only allowance I will allow.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s not intrinsically part of her soul. I’m not denying that, but that’s what she’s been taught. That’s what anybody’s been taught who has attended an Ivy League school and gone to an Ivy League law school, especially a minority: a woman, an Hispanic, whatever, that’s what they’ve been taught. So more on that as the program unfolds, but nobody’s denied the charge. They’re just upset that the charge has been made. By me. If they make the charge against one of us… Do you know how many times I’ve been called a racist, lyingly and incorrectly? I’m not a racist. Do you know how many times I’ve been called one? They can get away with it. They can call people racists all they want. They can call people sexist all they want.

They can call people bigots all they want. They can call people homophobes and all that stuff. And we deny their charge because their charge is wrong. They’re not denying this charge. They’re just saying, ‘Shut up! That’s too harsh. We need to bring decorum to the debate.’ By the way, simply by saying she would bring a form of racism and bigotry to the court is not meant to take the focus away from her other lacks of competence. She brings plenty of incompetence to the court. That statement about judges making policy? Folks, do you realize if she stands by everything she said as a judge when she takes the oath of a Supreme Court justice, she will be lying? You ever stop to think of that? He’s the antithesis of the oath. ‘Oh, now Limbaugh’s called her a liar!’ And nobody’s gonna deny that charge, either. They’re just going to say it’s ‘harsh.’


RUSH: I just checked the e-mail: ‘Rush, you didn’t talk about how the press is dumping all over you still on Sonia Sotomayor and you calling her a racist.’ Yes, I did. If you missed it in the first hour it’s real simple. Everything you’re reading in the press about this is not true. The Obama people understand. They’re on defense on this. They got a problem. She did say something very racist. She would bring racism and bigotry to the court. Now, what they’re doing, the people in the media, in the state-run media and a couple of wobbly Republicans are kind of going, ‘I wish Rush wouldn’t use that word.’ But nobody’s denying the charge. In fact, Obama is confirming the charge by suggesting that she would do it differently if she had a do-over, she’d say it differently if she had a do-over, but if you look at her whole comment in context and I will do this tomorrow. If you look at major parts of the speech where she said that she would rule better because of the riches of her experience as a Latina than a white guy, the whole speech is filled with things like this.

So all you need to know is that while the White House and the state-run media are trying to condemn me for this and paint me as some kind of a mean SOB, they’re not denying the charge, and it’s key. They’re talking about a do-over. She’d say it a little bit different. No, she wouldn’t. She’s product of her environment. This is what she was taught. She was taught that white males destroyed this country, this continent. That’s what she was taught. That’s what all people are taught today, multicultural curriculum.

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