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RUSH: Yes, I saw it. I’m going to talk about it, the USA Today cover story today. It’s kind of interesting in a way. I’m going to get to it here in just a second. They keep recycling this garbage. Here’s the bottom line: Obama is hurting. His policies are crumbling. He is in panic mode in the White House and yet the State-Run Media, government-controlled media focused on the GOP and how hurting it is and in what pain it is. Where is the cover story on the failed policies of Barack Obama, 9.4% unemployment? Where are the stories on all the newly homeless? There have to be millions of newly homeless people. We have more people being foreclosed on and kicked out of their houses than ever before. Where are these stories on all of these people who have lost their jobs, who have no plan, no future, bright future with a job down the road, near term, where are all these stories?

No, they focus on bald white guys leading the Republican Party. It’s a Gallup poll, and guess who is the number-one spokesman for the Republican Party? Yours truly, I, all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, all-feeling, all-concerned Maha Rushie at 13%. Sarah Palin doesn’t even show up. Michael Steele is at 1%. And so they focus here on the aging, balding white guys that lead the Republican Party and how that is horrible for the future. What do they care at USA Today about the Republican Party that has no leadership? It’s a permanent minority, as they suggest and hope. What do they care? Isn’t that what they want? Don’t they want the Republican Party to be a permanent minority?


RUSH: It is another story that quotes inside-the-Beltway operatives, so-called experts of a party out of power. Why is the Republican Party out of power? Let’s be honest about why the Republican Party is out of power. It is out of power thanks to John McCain, thanks to General Powell, thanks to the Republican moderates.

The Republican Party is out of power thanks to McCain, thanks to Powell and thanks to the moderates and a party out of power would not have a ‘spokesman’ yet. It’s absurd to have to even discuss this. A party out of power needs to organize and develop talent. Who was the Democrat spokesman when Bush was president? Who was the Democrat leader? Do we get stories on this? Did we get stories on Democrats were wandering aimlessly through life, they couldn’t find a leader? Were similar polls taken and where were the stories? The Democrats had to organize and they organized around John Kerry and then they organized around Barack Obama. They organized around Algore.

In the eight years of Bush, who was the Democrat Party leader? Who was the spokesman? There was none. Obama was largely an unknown junior senator of no acclaim for most of Bush’s presidency. It wasn’t until 2004, after Bush’s first term, that Obama made his speech at a Democrat convention and people started to go bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz. But they were wandering in the woods aimlessly for four years, and here we are not even six months into the Obama presidency and the State-Run Media thinks they’re onto a big story, a big hook here: Republicans have no leader. Look who the writer for the story, Susan Page, turns to for comment for the most part. A former advisor to McCain, a former advisor to Bush, and a couple of other hapless commentators, none of whom have shown any propensity to winning anything.

So not only is the party out of power because of McCain, Powell, and the moderates, the people that Susan Page talks to about the Republicans Party’s problem are the authors of the Republican Party’s losing defeats. As for ‘balding white men,’ this is a comment from Ed Gillespie, by the way, ‘The Republican Party can’t continue to be seen as being led by balding white men.’ Joe Biden is a balding white guy, last time I checked he was vice president of the United States. This is not about hair or skin color or nonsense like that. They continue to smear Sarah Palin who would be treated by the media as a rock star if she were a liberal Democrat. But government-operated media, government-controlled media, the effort now is very clear. They want to demoralize all of you. They want to demoralize conservatives. They want to foment division in the Republican Party, as it tries to rebuild, and they want to create a public perception of conservatism as narrow and exclusive, not mainstream. So while Obama’s policies are falling apart — while he’s in panic, while the American people are hurting — not one story about that. It’s about burying the Republican Party.


RUSH: What I want to see, where are all the stories on the people who have lost their family businesses because of Obama? You see it on Fox. You see Gretchen Carlson talk about her family who for 90 years owned a GM dealership in Minnesota, wiped out by Barack Obama, not the economy. Where are stories like this in the government-run media? People who have lost their family businesses when Obama, just with his empirical will, closes them down? What is the effect of that, these dealership closings in thousands of American communities? What about the effect on the charities these dealers support, sports teams? How is it going to impact unemployment?

By the way, what is going to happen to the price of automobiles with fewer dealerships? Do you realize what’s going to happen to the price of automobiles? They’re going to go up. Prices of cars are going to be higher because there are fewer dealerships. It’s a supply and demand thing. How is all this going to affect the tax base? There’s a wealth of angles out there for what used to be the Drive-By Media, now government-run media. Not to mention all the people that have lost their homes because foreclosures, all the newly homeless. If you dig deep, you can find local media doing stories on these kinds of things. For example, from the Birmingham News in Alabama yesterday: ‘Thousands Line Up in Birmingham for Section 8 Housing Applications.’

They have a picture of it here. ‘More than 1,000 people line up Tuesday morning at the Smithfield public housing office on Eighth Avenue West in Birmingham, the line snaking around the block to apply for Section 8 housing. The line for Section 8 housing applications stretched this morning more than three blocks from the door of the Smithfield public housing office in Birmingham, Alabama, as hundreds showed up for the program’s first open enrollment of 2009.’ So the local media is doing the story on the pain and suffering out there that’s being brought about specifically by Barack Obama and the Drive-Bys, State-Run Media, ignoring it.


RUSH: To the phones we go. Debbie in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: I love your show, love to listen to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: And I have a question.

RUSH: What’s that?

CALLER: My question is, this morning on Fox News there was some interviews done with some of the dealerships that were shut down. I don’t remember what town they were filming them at. But there was a lady that they interviewed and she was saying how it was a sad day that these dealerships are closing, all the people out of work and said that this is not the ‘hope’ we voted for. So my question is, do any of these people — since he’s done a lot of damage in the less than six months he’s been in — regret voting for this man that they now are seeing the clearer picture?

RUSH: I think that remains the question of the day, and you’re basically asking about Democrats and independents who voted for the guy. ‘What are they thinking? Is this what they bought? Is this what they bargained for? Is this what they thought they were getting?’

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: And of course there’s no poll on this, government-run media is not going to poll this question.

CALLER: Definitely not, no.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. You know, I’m going to pass something on here. This is anecdotal and it was repeated to me by a friend who was in Washington recently at a restaurant and overheard two people talking about the upcoming health care plan. Now, I trust the person who told me this, but I must say that I didn’t hear it myself. But it relates to your question and what I was going to say is: there is a palpable fear throughout this country of speaking out against Obama, from the Republican Party on down through the rest of the country. There is a palpable fear of doing so. Two guys were in this restaurant in Washington and one of them is a former hotshot on the Hill or something was talking about how he’s been talking to Republicans and they’re not even going to oppose Obama on health care with much certitude. They’re just afraid to.

They’re just afraid, here looking at polling data. They see Obama’s approval numbers and they’re just afraid. So you ask the American people, ‘Is this what they bargained for?’ The closest we can get to discerning the answer to that is, if you look at approval numbers, Obama’s approval numbers, depending on the government-run poll that you look at anywhere from 60% to 63%, if you go to Rasmussen, it’s 54%. And then the Rasmussen survey also has an index of favorability, and what he does is tabulate the people who strongly approve and strongly disapprove and gets an index with the difference. A couple days ago it was zero; now it’s up to plus-three on the positive side. If you look at other polls you’ll find that a lot of Americans in many instances, in a majority, do not agree with Obama’s policies.

They don’t agree with deficit spending, don’t agree with bailing out businesses and the auto companies. They don’t agree with all of this debt that we’re piling on. But, they still approve. So there’s going to be a meeting at some point on the graph of these particular sentiments. This approval number of 63%, 64%, if we are to believe it, has got to give away at some point if the other polls are accurate, that people don’t like what he’s doing. At some point they have to merge and the approval number has to come down. I think the Obama administration is falling apart. I think it’s in panic. I think, based on what they’re doing yesterday, they are responding to the criticism that they are getting — which is primarily coming from here. There’s not much criticism of Obama in Washington. He announced paygo now? Paygo?

This is the biggest sham. This after he has busted the budget — after he’s broken the bank, after he has destroyed this nation’s economy, after he has wrecked the future of children not yet born — now all of a sudden it’s time to get serious about the way we spend money. It’s just a ruse in order raise taxes. Here, look at these two headlines. Reuters: ‘Obama Seeks Fiscal Responsibility Mantle — President Obama sought on Tuesday to show he was serious about improving the US budget picture as he called on Congress to pass new limits to tax cuts and spending programs to avoid adding to deficits.’ This is absurd. Government-run media. ‘After $12 trillion of budget debt that’s forecast,’ it’s going to be higher than that, ‘over the next ten years, after a budget deficit this year of over two trillion,’ totally irresponsible, authoritarian spending, designed to destroy the private sector in this country, they now run a story how Obama wants to seek this responsibility ‘mantle’ on spending?

‘The pay-as-you-go principle is very simple,’ Obama said. ‘Congress can only spend a dollar if it saves a dollar elsewhere.’ Yeah, well, he didn’t put any limits on himself. He’s spending money and taking over business without legislation to back it up, but now he’s putting limits on Congress. This is just an excuse for liberal Democrats to go out and raise taxes. The Heritage Foundation has a story on the Obama paygo farce. But then after that — after the Reuters story and after all the government-run media, hosannas of yesterday, ‘Oh, yeah, paygo! Budget responsibility! We love Obama! — President Obama then ‘later in the day Tuesday proposed budget rules for his health care plan that would allow Congress to borrow tens of billions of dollars and put the nation deeper in debt to jump-start the administration’s emerging health care overhaul. The pay-as-you-go budget formula plan is significantly weaker than a proposal Obama issued with little fanfare last month.

He ‘wants to carve out here about two and a half trillion dollars worth of exemptions for his priorities over the next decade.’ It’s okay to borrow for health care, but nothing else — after saying paygo, after saying we gotta be responsible. Later in the day, he just… You couldn’t get away with this to your wife. You couldn’t get away with this with your husband! You couldn’t get away with this at school. You couldn’t get away with this kind of thing with your parents. You couldn’t get away… Your dog wouldn’t buy this. Your cat might because cats are indifferent, but nobody else would. Try this. Try this in your family. Go out and buy a new car. Go out and buy a $140,000 new car. Here’s what you do. You try it. At breakfast, say, ‘This family is going to get in a budget. We’re going to rein it in. We’re going to make sure we don’t have any more debt. We’re tearing up the credit cards, blah, blah, blah.’ Then at five o’clock you come home with a new $150,000 car, and when your wife or your husband says, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ you say, ‘Well, it’s okay to bust the budget for a car I wanted.’ See if you get away with it. Criminetly!

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