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RUSH: Very predictably, ladies and gentlemen, the media, the American left is trying to score some political points as a result of this tragedy at the Holocaust Museum in Washington yesterday, and as predictable, they are trying to blame this on me, other conservatives and right-wingers. It’s the traditional approach taken by the American left. The facts of the case, however, are such that if we want start assigning blame for this beyond this nutcase Jew hater, and notice that very few people actually want to do that. They want to claim this guy didn’t have the ability to act on his own. He only could act if he was inspired by somebody. Well, who did he hate? He hated both Bushes. He hated neocons. He hated John McCain. He hated Republicans. He hated Jews as well. He believes in an inside job conspiracy of 9/11. This guy is a leftist, if anything. This guy’s beliefs, this guy’s hate stems from influence that you find on the left, not on the right. But let’s listen to some of the audio sound bites from the Drive-By and the State-Run Media from yesterday afternoon through last night. Here’s the first. This is a montage of cable stations talking about the incident last night.

LAUTER: Clearly Obama’s election has fueled the right-wing extremist movement.

MATTHEWS: This is a political action by a far right extremist

COOPER: The rise of hate groups in the United States of right-wing extremists.

OLBERMANN: Right-wing religious based domestic terrorism.

BROWN: Right-wing extremism.

WALSH: There is a rising climate of right-wing hate, a lot of it directed at Obama.

RUSH: See how this is being set up and it’s all very predictable, but the truth is just the opposite of this, which I’ll get to in just a moment. Here now is Hillary Clinton this morning at the State Department.

HILLARY: It’s a terrible tragedy. The kind of hatred that the killer evidenced over many years toward different groups within our society is deplorable, and I hope that we will be able to send out a clear unmistakable message that hateful rhetoric, violence based on any kind of discriminatory attitude towards any group in The United States is not acceptable.

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, rhetoric did not pull the trigger. A sick, depraved human being pulled the trigger. I wonder if any of these people denounced the hateful Islamist and his rhetoric that killed that Army recruiter in Arkansas. Most of the State-Run Media organizations didn’t even bother to report that incident. But a Muslim, converted Muslim-American, converted in jail or along the line somewhere, in an act of militant Islamist terrorism, shoots Pvt. Long in Arkansas, and there’s no concern for any of the rhetoric that might be circling around in groups that would have inspired that guy. In fact, they very seldom even reported it. They were too busy trying to make political points out of the death of the late-term abortion doctor. Now, this is exactly what the left does. The left runs our government, the left in this country is creating a very dangerous climate, and they’re doing it on purpose. This president thrives and needs chaos and unrest. An incident like this yesterday, I dare say, had people on the left applauding inside their hearts for the purposes of advancing their political agenda. And, yes, I mean to say that. And you can tell with the eagerness that the left and its cohorts in the media went to television last night to try to make this a political thing, they are excited. This is a great political opportunity for them. That’s the first emotion that they felt. This is not new. Let’s go back to April 24th, 1995 in Minneapolis. President Clinton said this shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing.

CLINTON: We hear so many loud and angry voices in America today whose sole goal seems to be to try to keep some people as paranoid as possible and the rest of us all torn up and upset with each other. They spread hate. They leave the impression that by their very words that violence is acceptable. You ought to see, I’m sure you are now seeing the reports of some things that are regularly said over the airwaves in America today. It is time we all stood up and spoke against that kind of reckless speech and behavior.

RUSH: Now, that was the president of the United States, Bill Clinton, and a very egregious example of blaming me. This is 1995. He was blaming me for inspiring McVeigh to go out and blow up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. And we shouted loudly when he said this, and the then White House spokesman Mike McCurry backtracked and said, ‘No, no, no, we were talking about the short-wave radio communications of the Michigan militia.’ Which, of course, nobody heard. That’s not what he was talking about. But they did back off of it, but they said it, and they said it, and it was an opportunity for them. They are trying to build government, they want love for government, and they want to create as much unrest and foment, discord among groups of people in this country to create the chaos and the unrest they need to implement their agenda.

Now, let’s look at this responsibly. Let’s look at this rationally. Wasn’t it President Obama who just recently compared the Holocaust to what the Israelis are doing, supposedly, in Gaza? President Obama has a lot of friends that are Jew haters. Jeremiah Wright made news just yesterday by saying ‘them Jews’ will not let me speak to Barack. I won’t be able to speak to Barack until five years into his presidency or eight years into it, ’cause ‘them Jews’ won’t let me speak to him and won’t let him speak to me. Obama runs in a very sick circle. He listened to Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Jew, anti-American sermons for 20 years. This friend of his, this Khalidi guy, another one, radical Palestinian, very anti-Semitic, now a professor at Columbia. He is an Obama buddy. You see, President Obama is using race as he did in his selection of his first Supreme Court nominee. He is dividing this nation in every way possible. That is the tactic of an authoritarian. It is the tactic of the statist. He is opening dialogue with Iran. Iran is run by Jew-hating nut jobs who deny the Holocaust, yet they insist on unleashing another one. While denying the Holocaust, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to whom Barack Obama wants to speak without preconditions, is promising another Holocaust.

What kind of message does that send throughout the nation and the world, when we are willing to sit down and talk without preconditions to somebody who has sworn numerous times to wipe out Israel? The anti-Jew rhetoric in this country today comes from the American left and from the circle of people that are close to Barack Obama. We do not need lectures from those people on the left. It is they, ladies and gentlemen, who have a lot to answer for. It is they who are fomenting racial and religious tension in this country. This nutjob, this guy that pulled the trigger yesterday, has more in common with the marchers and protesters we see at left-wing rallies. Remember that event in south Florida not too long ago? He has more in common with people like that. That’s the new left. The new left is a collection of extremists who rip at the very fabric of society. You nominate a Hispanic not because she’s the best qualified candidate, but because you can intimidate those who have serious doubts about her judicial philosophy and then you can threaten that if you oppose Sonia Sotomayor, you lose the Hispanic vote. That is destructive politics.

He’s not finding the best. This is identity politics. They have found out that she has said that she’s a product of affirmative action and that she didn’t do well on some of her tests because the cultural biases in the test. Yet when Sonia Sotomayor stood up at the White House to accept Obama’s nomination, she didn’t thank affirmative action. She didn’t thank any government programs. She thanked conservative principles: hard work, great parents, American traditions, on down the line. It is President Obama comparing the Holocaust to what’s happening in Gaza. That creates a moral parallel between the mass murder of six million Jews and the Palestinians. That also diminishes the horror that was the Holocaust. When you tell the world that what is happening in Gaza, that the Israelis are doing something identical to what the Germans did to them in eliminating six million of them, then you’re desensitizing everybody to the Holocaust and you are ramping up hatred for Israel, you are ramping up hatred for Jewish people. It is coming from the Obama administration.

There is a general attitude on the left that’s hard for most of us to comprehend. They embrace genocide figures like Castro and Chavez and Che Guevara. They embrace these kind of people. There was a lack of human compassion for the individual. There is a total rejection of basic human nature. Instead people are to be manipulated, corralled, and controlled. The truth of the matter is, folks, we conservatives are not focused on race. We’re not focused on gender; we’re not focused on religion. We are focused on individual liberty, no matter who you are. We are in the fight of our national lives to save individual liberty, for everybody. And anybody who is for individual liberty is welcome on our side. Tribalism, tribalism of whatever kind, income level, age, race, sex, et cetera, that’s foreign to us. We don’t group people. We don’t objectify people. But the statist, the authoritarian needs these things. A person like Obama and his inner circle have to get you to focus on all of these things, income level like they’re doing today, with a national pay czar they’re going to set compensation in the private sector all across the country. That’s the latest proposal. After denying it yesterday, they’re coming out and doing it today. We’ll have details on that as the program unfolds.

So whatever it is, income level, age, race, sex, they have to get people focusing on all of the things wrong in America because of these inequities — income level, age, race, sex, discrimination, what have you. To be frank, President Obama needs you to be contemptuous of others so that he can appeal to you emotionally. His emotional appeal is based on creating tension, and the left has been doing this in this country for years. Feminism is a way to get men and women arguing with one another about things and get them distracted. All of these isms, all of this grouping of people and then claiming they are all victims is simply about creating contempt. So they want to you hate doctors and insurance companies now. That’s the next target. They want you to hate doctors and insurance companies so that they can take over the entire industry at the federal government. They want you to hate executives so that they can impose their will on big companies. They want you to hate people who make more money than you do so that they can seize their private property. Sponsoring hate, promoting hate, is an exclusive of the left. They own it. They thrive on the promotion of hate and angst and contempt and unrest and chaos. It is the only way to distract people sufficiently so that the left can accomplish its statist objectives. They want turmoil, and if it doesn’t exist, they create it.

Now, this Jew hater who killed yesterday was a nut. I doubt that he was influenced by anything other than his own mental illness. That said, it is not helpful when a political party and a president and leaders of Congress engage in a very dangerous political game that creates anxiety, hostility, and downright hate among its citizens. The left runs our government. It is creating a very dangerous climate, folks, on purpose, for the purposes of distracting us so that they can accomplish their socialistic aims. The killer, this nutjob, thought that 9/11 was an inside job. That’s a left-wing conspiracy theory, my friends. He didn’t like neocons. You know what neocons are? Neocons are Jews. It’s a code word for Jews, Republican Jews who are big on American foreign policy. He hated them. Where did that come from? Who created the term ‘neocon’? The left!

Who has been preaching hate for eight years? Who has been doing movies about assassinating the president, writing books about it? The left! This guy, the Holocaust Museum yesterday, he had a lot of affection for the German national socialists. That’s the left wing. Hitler was a leftist. Washington Post today: ‘A Suspect’s Long History of Hate, and Signs of Strain.’ This guy has shades of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. This guy was a Mensa member. They only kicked him out because he didn’t pay his dues. One Mensa person described this guy as a genius. He was a genius. He just didn’t pay his dues. The Unabomber, a leftist, anti-corporate guy, had Algore’s book in his little shack cabin. The truth of the matters is, ladies and gentlemen, if anybody’s up there fomenting race and hatred for their own selfish political gains, it’s the American left, certain members of the Democrat Party, and of course their amplifier, State-Run Media.


RUSH: Hey, folks, I can tell you right now: if you want to expose yourself to hate, around the clock — if you want to expose yourself to vitriol and hatred around the clock — I can tell you where to do it. It’s called M-S-N-B-C. That cable network is hate 24/7, and they have been for eight years. Shep Smith at Fox News. Here, play audio sound bite number nine. Audio sound bite number nine is Shepard Smith from late yesterday on the Fox News Channel.

SMITH: The e-mail to me has become more and more frightening. It’s not a new thing. It’s been happening over the past few months. It’s been happening, you know, to some degree since the election process went along. I mean we had a woman, we had a black man, we had… You know, we had a lot going on. And there are people now who are way out there on a limb, and I think they’re just way out there on a limb with e-mail they send us, because I read it, and they are out there — I mean, out there in a scary place.

RUSH: Now, after all of the years of hatred and vitriol — assassination movies and books about George W. Bush — for liberals to now claim that the atmosphere is somehow not violently anti-Obama is simply preposterous. The hatred and vitriol has been spat out 24/7 from the network MSNBC. They loved Obama’s speech where he compared the Holocaust to Gaza. They did not denounce Jeremiah Wright. Did anybody denounce Jeremiah Wright yesterday for saying, ‘Them Jews won’t let Obama talk to me’? They downplayed Jeremiah Wright throughout the campaign, his racist, anti-Semitic preachings, and they attacked people who pointed Jeremiah Wright out. If you watch MSNBC for any length of time and you don’t think for yourself or if you’re a little bit off your rocker, you come away from that cable channel dripping with contempt for your country, contempt for the US military, contempt for a whole host of people. If you don’t want hate, don’t watch MSNBC.


RUSH: I got one more sound bite on this I want to share with you. It’s Jeremiah Wright, and it’s from earlier in the week, and I don’t know of anyone who has denounced Reverend Wright for this. It’s a little bit hard to hear at the beginning because of wind noise. But this is the interview with the reporter of the Hampton Roads Daily Press, David Squires, and this is what Jeremiah Wright said about President Obama.

SQUIRES: Have you spoken with him since he’s been in the White House?

WRIGHT: Them Jews aren’t gonna let me talk to me. I told my baby daughter, I said, ‘He’ll talk to me five years from now when he’s a lame duck or eight years when he’s out of office.’

SQUIRES: If you had anything to say to him, what would you say to him?

WRIGHT: The same thing I’ve said to him all along. Don’t let being in politics change who you are as a person. Once you start compromising your beliefs, you become a puppet of a political machine. You’re no longer yourself.

RUSH: Play the beginning of this again because it goes by real fast. It’s not the greatest recording, but the question that Squires says is: ‘Have you spoken with him since he’s been in the White House?’

SQUIRES: Have you spoken with him since he’s been in the White House?

WRIGHT: Them Jews aren’t gonna let me talk to me. I told my baby daughter, I said, ‘He’ll talk to me five years from now when he’s a lame duck or eight years when he’s out of office.’

RUSH: Okay, that’s it. That’s the instance where Obama’s preacher, Jeremiah Wright says ‘them Jews’ aren’t going to let me talk to them. If you want to find anti-Semitism, you can find it in this country. As for Shepard Smith whining and moaning and complaining about e-mails, nobody needs to tell me about hateful e-mails, for crying out loud. I get the most vile, sick e-mails attacking me as a ‘Jew lover’ that you can imagine. I don’t read ’em. I hear about them. They’re in a public account, of course, as you know — and I’m a conservative. Who do you think these hate e-mails from coming from? Where are they coming from? Yeah, I get people, ‘You Jew lover, you Jew lover!’ because I am faithful to Israel and a number of other things.

So, Shep, you got nothing on anybody out there. The vile hate that was 24/7 in most of the American media for the eight years of Bush — and particularly from 2003 on after the Iraq war — nobody, nobody at this point in time has ever done, in our society, anything comparable to the kind of hate that we got from mainstream sources. Hollywood, books, news media, hate. Spat out hate was part of the daily reporting agenda for way too many years of the Bush presidency. Okay, that’s my say on this. I want to move on now. There are other issues out there. I didn’t want to have to talk about this at all today but I was left with no choice, because this administration and its enablers are taking this sad event yesterday and trying to further divide this country to create more chaos and more unrest so that they can more easily wrest control of more and more of the American private sector and the economy.


RUSH: Folks, let’s not forget all of the hate and venom that was directed at Sarah Palin last summer and continues to this day in the form of so-called comedy from the pathetic David Letterman, who himself, he used to have a great show. It was one of the funniest TV shows ever. He’s just an angry old man now, every night, angry, filled with rage about somebody and genuinely wrong about everything he says. Suggesting that Palin’s daughter was raped — she’s 14 years old — during a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. And who’s denouncing it? Who denounced any of the hatred against Sarah Palin? Earlier this month, New York City, Israel Day Parade, anti-Semites were on hand during the Israel Day Parade. They expressed themselves in a variety of ways, including a banner that said, ‘Close Guantanamo Bay and Re-open Auschwitz.’ This all occurred with barely an outcry from the State-Run Media or anybody else.

Last month four ex-cons were arrested when they were alleged to be plotting to blow up synagogues in the name of Islam. In May a student at Wesleyan University was shot and killed by a man apparently bent on killing Jews. Earlier this year following a shooting of an unarmed black man in Oakland by a police officer, the local community linked oppression in Oakland with oppression of Palestinians in Gaza, forming the misguided foundation for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments to grow and find expression in Oakland, California, a city that is close to being bankrupt, as an aside. There are hateful incidents perpetrated by leftists and anti-Semites frequently in this country, and they are never commented on, they are never distanced from, and they are never, ever held accountable by anybody in the mainstream media. There is hate throughout this country, and it is so vicious on the left, it’s something I hadn’t seen before in my life until 2003 came, and it hasn’t gone away, even with the election of Obama. These people are angrier even now. They need demons and villains and they create them.

We have an administration that’s inspiring all of this, pitting groups of people against one another. Taking unfortunate incidents like this yesterday at the Holocaust Museum in Washington and making a political tool out of it. It’s not possible that this deranged nutjob Jew hater pulled the trigger on his own. No, this guy had to have been influenced by somebody and of course that somebody had to be the right wing. Then you look at who the guy hated and you find out that he hates the same people that a bunch of militant leftists hate. And he believes in a bunch of leftists conspiracies, 9/11 an inside job, Bush knew. Just like the black poet laureate in New Jersey wrote. The Jews knew about it. All the Jews in the World Trade Center got out of the building before the planes hit. The Jews are behind it. That guy was not only not denounced, we were told we had to understand his rage. This guy that pulled the trigger yesterday believed with that nutjob poet laureate in New Jersey, who, make no mistake about it, is no conservative or Republican. Republican Party, you’re looking for something to run on, all you need is a slogan: We’re not the Democrats. We’re not the Democrats. It’s all you need to say about yourselves.

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