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RUSH: Let’s see. I talked about this yesterday, the four Uighur terrorists that were in Guantanamo Bay, Chinese version of Al-Qaeda, we released ’em to Bermuda, which, this time of year, is a tropical vacation island and they’re swimming around in the ocean. There are pictures of them out there just having a grand old time. They’re going to be put on work-related jobs, projects. And those Uighurs are out saying, oh, man, the human rights at Guantanamo are much better than in China. And of course the Chinese are mad, the Chinese wanted them back but Obama shipped them to Bermuda without telling the Brits. And the Brits are very upset. They’ve got four terrorists running around in one of their territories, Bermuda. So last night, special report, Fox News Channel, here’s a portion of a report by Catherine Herridge on the four Chinese Muslim Uighurs just released from Guantanamo Bay. You’ll hear their female interpreter.

HERRIDGE: They say the worst moment at Gitmo came when the US allowed Chinese interrogators to question them.

INTERPRETER: They were really harsh. They were threatening.

HERRIDGE: Camp Iguana, the camp with the least restrictions, was the men’s most recent home. Asked which was worse, life at Gitmo versus China?

INTERPRETER: Of course it’s Chinese. There’s no guarantee for a human rights there.

RUSH: So right out of the mouths of terrorists, right out of the mouths of the Uighurs, they were treated pretty well there. The worst moment at Gitmo came when the US allowed the ChiComs to come ask them questions. (laughing) Then, this is hilarious. This is Norah O’Donnell, doesn’t know what to do with this story. America’s paying for this, Norah, this is what you have to note. But she’s talking with a reporter for the Bermuda Sun, James Whittaker, about the four Chinese Uighurs now in Bermuda. She said, ‘Are these Uighurs, are these four guys mad at the United States?’

WHITTAKER: They said there’s no hard feelings towards the US and despite the fact that they believe they’ve been wrongfully imprisoned for seven years.

O’DONNELL: Hmm. And where are they staying? At a nice hotel? And who’s paying for it?

WHITTAKER: Well, I believe the US government is footing the bill at the moment. They’re staying at a guest house on the north shore, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a nice place. I was up there on Saturday and met with them. It’s nice traditional Bermudan cottages overlooking the ocean. It’s somewhere most of us would like to go on holiday.

O’DONNELL: Hm-hm. I mean it is interesting when you see these pictures, they’re strolling, it looks like they’re on vacation, I mean we even got one picture of them eating ice cream.

RUSH: Why are you surprised, Norah? Your president has talked about how mean the United States is; your president has talked about how vicious Club Gitmo is. Your president has talked about how un-American Club Gitmo is. These people have been wrongly imprisoned by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. They ought to be in vacation cottages in Bermuda; they ought to be swimming in the ocean, and they ought to be eating ice cream. We Americans owe this to them, because Bush was mean and destroyed American values and America’s reputation, and Obama’s gonna reestablish.

So the United States is paying for four Chinese Muslim terrorists to vacation, basically, having been released from Guantanamo Bay, and in an open-ended interview they say the worst moment we ever had there was when the ChiComs showed up to ask us questions. Some days, some days, you know, I’m tempted to say just how stupid is 53% of this country. But I don’t understand why Norah O’Donnell — you can tell she’s having trouble with this. And my question to anybody in State-Run Media, you ought to be celebrating, you ought to have a crew in Bermuda to show these guys eating ice cream, vacationing in their cottages in the north shore and swimming in the ocean, to show how harmless they are, to show how they were wrongly imprisoned, they’re just nice Chinese terrorists and Bush was wrong. You’re looking at this the wrong, wrong way. But clearly they don’t know what to do with it.

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