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RUSH: Let’s go back to February 22nd. I want you to hear me on this program. You know, I love going back to these archival sound bites of me. It’s the only way I get to hear myself. You people get to hear me three hours a day. I’d have to listen to tape and so forth. But here’s what I said, because people were asking me all over the place, ‘Hey, Rush, don’t you really think it would be good if the US elects a black president? That’s the end of racism! People could say we’re no longer racist,’ and that’s what I warn people about here.

RUSH ARCHIVE: ‘If Obama gets elected president, wouldn’t it be good to just get this done, Rush, then we could end those civil rights squabbles that we’re having?’ It wouldn’t do that, folks, it wouldn’t do that. It might even exacerbate them. Let me explain how. It takes somebody like me who can read the stitches on the fastball. Let us fast forward to January of 2009, Obama has been inaugurated president and he proposes his first bit of legislation. Let’s say that it’s — I don’t know — some civil rights-oriented thing, and a bunch of people start howling. You know that the race industry can’t wait for this. Any criticism of Obama, the first black president, is going to be met with charges of racism by the likes of the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton. It will make their race business all that much more prominent. It will operate on the premise that half of this country is seething, can’t believe this has happened and they’re going to fix this somehow, cannot believe there’s a black man in the White House and a black woman in the residence. That will be the theme that the race business operates on. It will be full of presumptuousness and projection, but it will propel it.

RUSH: I totally nailed it. That’s February 22nd, 2008, I nailed it. Last night, CNN, the leader of the NAALCP is on with Campbell Brown, who had the lowest ratings CNN’s ever had the other night in the 25-54 demographic, something like 75,000 viewers. Do you realize that’s not even one-tenth of what we have in New York City on this program? At any rate, she’s talking to the NAALCP’s Benjamin Todd Jealous, and she said, ‘The chairman of the Republican Party, he has said he wants to reach out to more minorities. Does he have a chance to do things like this when you continue to hear things like the racist e-mails that she’s supposedly getting,’ and here’s what Benjamin Todd Jealous says.

JEALOUS: You have Rush Limbaugh out there, very aggressively, with this kind of retrograde tone, trying to resurrect a day that will no longer — it just isn’t possible — a white male-dominated society. They need to push and move beyond that. The folks who are kind of sitting on the shadows very much part of the base of the Republican Party who do believe in, uh, Lincoln’s dream of one united country, need to come out and support their chairman. If not, that party will just become less and less relevant over the next few years.

RUSH: Hey, Benjamin, don’t you want that to happen? Wouldn’t you like the Republican Party to become less and less relevant, just go away? But here he’s accusing me of opposing Obama because I don’t like a black guy in the White House. I predicted this a year and a half ago. Benjamin Todd Jealous of the NAALCP: ‘You have Rush Limbaugh out there very aggressively this kind of retrograde tone trying to resurrect a day that will no longer be, white male dominated society.’ He could not find one syllable to support that claim if he went through every hour of this program for the last 20-plus years. But this is what they do. Sic you with the ‘racist’ charge, irresponsibly and without fact, because nobody’s got the guts to stand up and say, you can’t say that, because they’re minorities. They got away with it. They can’t be racist, you see. They don’t have the power to implement their racism. But this is a pure racist allegation. It’s bilge, it’s drivel, and it’s something that I called. The next question from Campbell Brown, ‘Well, you have a black president. You have a Latina nominated to the Supreme Court. A lot of people are going to say, ‘You need to be focusing on the progress here and not on the setbacks.’ What do you say to that?’

JEALOUS: We celebrate when the Supreme Courts is a black and white — a black, white, Latino — but we also have a real commitment to just people, just regular, everyday people. And the reality is that their lives haven’t changed as much as the Obamas’ have changed. Their lives haven’t changed as much as Sotomayor’s has changed. So in order keep that sort of —

RUSH: What did I tell you?

JEALOUS: — charge of with victories and firsts and —

RUSH: What did I —

JEALOUS: — breaking down barriers happening —

RUSH: — tell you!

JEALOUS: — unfortunately, you gotta keep pointing out the problems in our society. The reality right now is that too many fathers can’t find jobs. Too many moms don’t get paid enough at their jobs. Too many kids go to school are an embarrassment to everything that this country stands for.

RUSH: What the hell was this guy supposed to do then! Where’s the hope and change, Mr. Jealous? Six months in your guy isn’t making a bit of difference? Same old America? What did I tell you? The election of a black president is not going to matter at all to the NAACP, which, by the way, is already irrelevant except inside the Beltway. How come the NAALCP doesn’t help these people find jobs? How come the NAALCP isn’t out there trying to help people find jobs and get better-paying-jobs and fix the schools and so forth? Why are you opposing vouchers? Why are you making Obama shut down great school systems for minorities in Washington? Why don’t you start doing something, Mr. Jealous, instead of continually whining. Which is what I was talking about yesterday: Whine and whine and whine. They demand things get fixed. The Democrats promise to fix it every four years. They never get fixed. They have the same complaints, the same whining, for 50 years. It all gets blamed on Republicans and me! ‘You know, things have changed for Sotomayor. That’s great, but not much for other Latinas — and things have really changed for the Obamas, but not much for other African-Americans.’ So it doesn’t mean anything, and several civil rights leaders prior to the election, during the campaign, even admitted this. ‘Eh, the election of Obama won’t mean anything.’ So this is the NAALCP, the race industry, as I predicted it 18 months ago. This is how they’re keeping it alive.

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