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Rush’s Morning Update: Indoctrination
Original Airdate: May 6, 2009

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Well, isn’t this cool. A California history teacher has been given a lesson on tolerance and the Constitution he might not soon forget.

James Cobertt taught an Advance Placement European History class at Capistrano Valley High School. Along with the course material, students were treated to Mr. Cobertt’s views on religion.

For instance, students were told that they were unable to see the truth when they, quote, put on their “Jesus glasses.” And that religion was “invented when the first con man met the first fool.” One of Cobertt’s students decided to record these utterances.He did,and the matter eventually wound up in federal court. Although many of the statements made by the teacher were found to be Constitutionally protected speech, one comment caused a problem. During a lecture, Cobertt stated that Creationism was “superstitious nonsense.”

US District Judge James Selna ruled that statement violated the “establishment clause” of the First Amendmentby making repeated comments in class that were hostile to Christian beliefs. The teacher is still employed by Capistrano Valley High School; the student who filed the complaint just wants the religious bashing to stop.

Every so often, a brave student takes a recording device to class,and we learn what passes for education. Fraudulent global warming theories are advanced as fact, blaming America is routine, and trashing Christianity and belief in Godis rife. These aren’t schools any longer, folks — they are liberal indoctrination centers. Thank God for the students that have the guts to stand up to it.

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