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Rush’s Morning Update: Point of Shame
June 25, 2009

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You know, folks, it’s not hard to find apologists for Barack Obama’s timid response to Iran’s sham elections.

In a recent Washington Post article, Suzanne Maloney, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, argued that Iran– quote– “is not a country behind an iron curtain, and there’s a much wider range of information that permeates, a much greater interaction with the world, and a much different view of American history.” She concludes Obama “has been right on the money in asserting the need to keep us out of this debate.”

Right on what money, Ms. Maloney? Liberalsare curious creatures. For eight years, American liberals nurtured an unholy hatred of George Bush, based on the mythology that the 2000 election result was tainted. Yet when an actual fraud election occurs, with the whole world watching, they cannot find the courage to forcefully condemn it– or the fanatical dictatorship that perpetrated it.

To say that Iran “isn’t behind an iron curtain” ignores the iron fist used to crush Iranian citizens. And it is indefensible to cite Iran’s “interaction with the world,” while failing to mention the “interaction” includes supporting terrorism, calling for Israel’s destruction, and supplying weapons to kill American military forces in Iraq.

We have reached a pointwhere strongly standing up for freedom is considered too riskyby an American presidentwho routinely apologizes to rogue nationson behalf of America. It is a point that will be remembered with shame by the defenders of liberty. (I’m a professional broadcaster, and I stand by this update.)

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