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RUSH: We haven’t talked about this Michael Jackson episode, but there’s one thing I want to say about it. The media in this Michael Jackson episode is a horrible disgrace. It is so bad that the only guy making sense on any of this is Al Sharpton!

That’s how bad the media coverage is. All of these lies about the autopsy report, all of this misinformation about the doctor shooting him up with Demerol, the guy’s lawyer said he didn’t do it and so forth. For once I understand — I don’t believe I’m saying this — but for once I understand the Justice Brothers getting in gear here to try to prevent some of the smirching of Michael Jackson’s character that’s gone on here. We don’t know anything yet. We don’t know diddly-squat yet. So let it be on record El Rushbo supports the Justice Brothers. Just mind-boggling.


RUSH: Ken in Livonia, Michigan. Hi, welcome to the EIB Network, sir.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I just wanted to comment that once again the news media has given us the proof that we needed, as if we needed any more, that not only do they lean to the extreme left, but they’re… You know, they’re… You know, they’re just extremely liberal. Untrustworthy. Now, here we have President Obama continuing to reach into the wallets and the purses of the American people through cap and trade, you know, his Obamacare health plan.

RUSH: Right. And what are they doing instead, what are they reporting instead?

CALLER: Well, instead of that they’re doing all these big stories on Michael Jackson — who, by the way, I am still convinced is a child molester. Then you’ve got Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays.

RUSH: Wait a second now. You’re no different than the media! He was acquitted. I’m going to tell you something about Michael Jackson. We haven’t talked about this. But he was acquitted of that charge. That kid and the kids’ mother were the worst witnesses. That was an abomination of a case brought against him. That was a vendetta case. I’m not saying he didn’t have some strange peccadilloes with kids but that case didn’t prove it. So if you’re out there saying, ‘I’m still convinced he’s a child molester,’ you’re no different than the media lying about what was in the autopsy report, lying about all the drugs he was supposedly taking, lying about this and that. We don’t know diddly-squat yet. The autopsy details have not been released. All we have is a bunch of media speculation. This guy’s talent was incomparable! We build ’em up and we tear ’em down in this culture, and it’s wrong. I’ll tell you, it’s the first time in my life… The media in this situation has been so bad they’re making Al Sharpton look credible. They’re making the Justice Brothers look like they have a reasonable reason to intervene here. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

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