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RUSH: They are rounding up guns in Houston. Have you seen this? Now, the guys here, they are rounding up guns in Houston, the feds are going door-to-door in Houston because they say they’re trying to round up guns that are being used in drug deals. Some woman had just bought four brand-new weapons and they found out about it and they went to take them away. Look, folks, what’s the big deal about this now? I mean elections have consequences. Well, I’ll tell you what, elections have consequences. It’s about time people started facing up with what they did here. This is just the first-ever census for guns. You know, ACORN, AmeriCorps, going to be joining the feds soon, they’ll sweep the country, they’ll do an inventory, they’ll get one or two more liberals on the bench, Supreme Court, they’ll find a way to get rid of the Second Amendment, then they can confiscate guns like FDR confiscated gold in 1933.

Do you remember that? By virtue of executive order, Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated American gold. He made it illegal for anybody to have any, by executive order. Now, there wasn’t a constitutional amendment allowing gold or the use of gold in the Constitution, but still. ‘I’m sorry, an American president would never do that, Rush. American presidents don’t have this kind of authority, no, no, just rounding up guns in Houston now. No, American presidents don’t have that kind of authority, never happen. This is the kind of thing that happens in Venezuela, Rush, it’s too extreme. You’re going off the deep end here.’

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