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Rush’s Morning Update: Suffer in Silence
July 15, 2009

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Folks, let’s go back a year and a half. Gasoline was $4.00 a gallon,and the state-controlled media was in full throttle. There were sob stories on top of sob storiesdetailing the catastrophic impact of high gas prices on average Americans. Primary campaigns were deluged with complaints, and Democrats were so frightenedthey temporarily abandoned their zealous opposition to drilling for oil in our own country.

Now America is in the most prolonged economic recession since World War II. Unemployment is at a 25-year-high,and getting worse every day. The trillions the Democrats spent on supposed stimulus is being squanderedto fund state government budget holes. Meanwhile, people who were promised “hope” and “change”…. Heh, heh:Where is that hope and change?How’s it working for you out there?

You have to search far and wide, though,to find any sob stories. But I did find one– in the New York Times– detailing how “family businesses are reeling” in the recession. In just one quarter, “businesses with 1 to 19 employees, nearly all of them family-run, lost 757,000 jobs.” That, says The Times, “amounts to 53 percent of all private-sector losses, for a group of companies with about 20 percent of all employees.”

Democrats are poised to inflict even more pain on these same people,taxing them up the wazoo to pay for Obama’s cap and tax energy plan and his health care plan. This administration is systematically killing the private sector. And we,the American people,are expected to just sufferin silence –waiting for that hope and change.

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