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RUSH: You want to hear some racism? Dick Durbin, Senator from Illinois, talking to the media. ‘When we asked questions of the white male nominees of a Republican president, we were basically trying to find out whether — to make sure that they would go far enough in understanding the plight of minorities, because clearly that was not in their DNA.’ So Republicans are genetically racist, genetically inferior, Dick Durbin said that yesterday. There is a bunch of racism in this country, and sadly, most of it’s on the left side of the aisle.


RUSH: I was not kidding when I told you what Dick Durbin said before the end of the last hour. It’s from the State-Run Associated Press. Greetings, friends. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the distinguished and prestigious Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. In fact, I’m going to contrast something for you here. Sotomayor is relying on her 17-year record as a federal judge to rebut criticism that she’s conceiving a liberal agenda that will show up if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court. And later on, it says Republicans are not satisfied with her answers. Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty, Republican, South Carolina, said he could end up voting for her, but he wants to make sure she’s the judge with what he called a moderately liberal record, not a liberal activist. That’s what we’re trying to figure out, who are we getting here? They already know. The woman, liberal law professors are already accusing her of committing perjury. Liberal law professors at Georgetown. And Dick Durbin, in a story here that’s basically about how Democrats enjoy being on the other side of the confirmation process defending a Democrat nominee.

By the way, I know Sotomayor doesn’t have any kids, but her family’s there, and these hearings are not going to be complete until one of them starts crying, like Alito’s wife was forced to cry. This is all just poppycock. But here’s what Durbin said: ‘When we asked questions of the white male nominees of a Republican president, we were basically trying to find out whether — to make sure that they would go far enough in understanding the plight of minorities, because clearly that was not in their DNA.’ This is like Algore’s extra chromosome statement in describing conservatives as people with Down syndrome. This kind of thing would not be tolerated if it was said by a Republican about Democrats.

And to prove it, we now go to a different writer for State-Run AP. The headline of this story is: ”Senator Ricky Ricardo?’ — Sen. Tom Coburn evoked a 1950s TV show Wednesday in a quip responding to Sonia Sotomayor’s scenario about what he might do if she — hypothetically, of course — attacked him. ‘You’ll have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do,’ Coburn said, to laughter from the crowd and Sotomayor. What he said — and how he said it — was a riff on a Hispanic television character, Ricky Ricardo, whose accent is now widely considered a broad parody.

‘In the famous 1950s TV show ‘I Love Lucy,’ the Cuban bandleader Ricardo (played by the equally Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz) would often admonish his scatterbrained wife, Lucy, by saying she’d have some ‘splainin’ to do. The phrase, ‘Lucy, you have some ‘splainin’ to do,’ has since become part of the popular culture. Calling Coburn out for this might be going too far — those who know him say he often speaks like this — but it was hard not to notice his inflection and choice of words. At the very least, it suggests a tin ear — particularly when speaking to a woman who would become the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice.’

So they rip Coburn, AP rips Coburn and just for this little innocent thing that even Sotomayor laughed about, and approve of Dick Durbin saying, yeah, we were basically trying to make sure these white male nominees go far enough in understanding the plight of minorities because clearly it’s not in their DNA. You got a lot of ‘splaining to do. By the way, Coburn really got to the nub of things in one of his questions to Sotomayor, and that was, ‘Do you think people have the right to self-defense?’ Second Amendment question, do you think people have the right, forget legalese, forget cases, do you think people have a right to self-defense? The laughter started after Coburn said, you got a lot of ‘splaining to do, Sotomayor said she might go back home and get a gun and shoot him, and that’s when the laughter started. Yeah, she said it before the ‘splaining to do comment was made. The question was basically do you have a right to defend yourself, Second Amendment question, the laughter started, of course. So here’s this liberal activist who probably doesn’t have a gun — probably does have a gun, they’re hypocrites — threatening to go home and get a gun and come back and shoot a senator, everybody laughing about it.

Now I said we’re going to have to praise Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty. Lindsey Grahamnesty made this point to Judge Sotomayor yesterday. He said, ‘Do you understand, ma’am, how if I said anything like that, and I justified it as saying I was trying to inspire someone, they would have my head?’ The thing is, Lindsey Graham would never think that way, we don’t think that way. This is the dirty irony of this. We don’t think that white male judges are better than anybody else. We think white males are better football players than women but we don’t think they make better judges. We never think to ask or make a comment like this, like she did. I’m telling you, these people, Barack Obama’s people are oriented — like Durbin, everything is about minorities and racism, country’s unfair, unjust, gotta level the playing field, doesn’t matter how we do it, we gotta return the nation’s wealth to so-called rightful owners. It’s all wrapped up in this. So Grahamnesty, he says, ‘Do you understand, ma’am, how if I said anything like that, and I justified it as saying I was trying to inspire someone, they would have my head?’

And Sotomayor said, ‘I can understand how it could be hurtful, particularly if read in isolation.’ And Grahamnesty said, ‘I don’t know how you can justify — if I said that because of my experience as a Caucasian male I am a better person to represent the people of South Carolina, and my opponent was a minority, it would make national news, and it should. I am not going to judge you based on that one statement … I just hope you appreciate the world we live in, and how you can say something like that, meaning to inspire someone, and still have a chance to get on the Supreme Court. Others could not,’ and let’s talk about fairness. She’s running around thinking that she’s got one arm tied behind her back, she’s discriminated against, Latina, the deck stacked against her and so forth. It’s just the exact opposite, and that’s the point that Grahamnesty was making. He said, ‘If they had said anything remotely like that statement –‘ I mean, you can say that and still get on the court. I couldn’t say that and live. ‘Does that make sense to you?’

And Sotomayor says, ‘It does.’ None of it matters, folks. Well, it’s not that none of it matters. It was actually a pointed and good question from Senator Grahamnesty and an illustration. You know, if Drive-Bys are out there saying the Republicans are afraid to hit hard here because they’re pandering or they’re afraid they’re going to be compared to me and they’re pandering to me, I think from Sessions on down they’re doing a great job with this, given what they’ve got to work with.


RUSH: Here’s that sound bite from Dick Durbin. This is him actually saying it. This is at yesterday’s hearing on Sotomayor.

DURBIN: When we asked questions of the white, male nominees of a Republican president we were basically trying to find out whether, uhhh… to make sure, eh, that they would go far enough in understanding the plight of minorities. ‘Cause clearly that was not in…their…DNA.

RUSH: This is a detestable man. This is a reprehensible figure. This is the guy who compared American interrogators to Pol Pot’s brigades, Nazis, and Stalinists and so forth in the way they treated prisoners. He had to apologize for it. Now he says that white male Republican judicial nominees are genetically racist. It must be remembered that Miguel Estrada, nominated to the federal bench by George W. Bush, did not even get a vote on the Senate floor. Miguel Estrada, a brilliant jurist, did not even get a vote. He’s Hispanic. So I guess it was not in Durbin’s DNA to allow a vote on the Senate floor for a Hispanic. It just wasn’t in Durbin’s DNA. Here’s the Tom Coburn, Sonia Sotomayor exchange.

SOTOMAYOR: If I go home, get a gun, come back and shoot you, that may not be legal under New York law because you would have alternative ways to defend —

COBURN: You have lots ‘splaining to do.

SOTOMAYOR: Ha, ha, ha! I’d be in a lot of trouble then.

RUSH: So the question was do people have a right to defend themselves. Now, the ”splaining to do’ is a distraction here. Do people have a right to defend themselves? ‘Well, if I go home and get a gun…’ Self-defense is not going home and getting a gun! Self-defense is you’re attacked at the moment and you defend yourself. It’s not you go home and get a gun. But you’ve got other ways to defend yourself? Golly! This woman is just I under… (interruption) All right, okay. All right. In all fairness… We are totally about fairness here, we are about a level playing field here at the EIB Network. (interruption) She made that point earlier on in her testimony.

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