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RUSH: In talking about the travesty that was the Social Security Administration junket and relaxation tour with dancers and spas and hotel suites and so forth at the Biltmore in Phoenix, I said, ‘Seven hundred executives spent $700,000 in three days,’ and I said, ‘That’s a hundred thousand dollars per executive.’ I said it three or four times. Now earlier today, I spent a number of moments illustrating how a Supreme Court nominee is butchering the English language. Go back and grab sound bites one through four. Let’s just let you hear these. This is Sonia Sotomayor. The first cut is December 10th, 2007.

SOTOMAYOR: This first seven who are gonna be hired, only because of the (pause) uh, vagrancies (sic) of the vacancies at that moment.

RUSH: She said ‘vagrancies’ meaning vagaries. Here’s the second example.

SOTOMAYOR: Under New York law, if you are being threatened with eminent (sic) death or very serious injury —

RUSH: Eminent, with an E, as she said? No. ‘Imminent’ is momentary, instantaneous, right-in-front-of-you there. That is ‘imminent’ with an I and two M’s. Here’s the third example.

SOTOMAYOR: — is educate themselves. They build up a story (sic) of knowledge about legal thinking.

RUSH: It’s a ‘store’ of knowledge. People build up a’ store of knowledge,’ not story. We don’t have her on tape saying ‘nuclear.’ I don’t know how she says it. She also referred to the NLRB as the National Labor ‘Relationships’ Board, when it’s the National Labor Relations Board — and here’s the fourth example on tape.

SOTOMAYOR: All questions of policy are within the providence (sic) of Congress first.

RUSH: Uh, not ‘providence.’ It’s province. Now, she does this, and of course it takes me pointing it out. There may be some other guys on our side doing it, I don’t know. But nobody, nobody is saying a word about it. If this were a Republican nominee, my gosh! It would be all we would be hearing. So then what happens? So I take the Social Security story and say, ‘Seven executives, a big bash for three days, 700 grand it cost,’ and I say, ‘It’s a hundred thousand dollars per executive,’ and I am deluged with e-mails from people. ‘No, no, no, no, no, Rush! Your math is way off. It’s very simple. It’s a thousand dollars per person.’ You see, I am right so often that when I make a mistake it is glaring and people just loooove to run in and correct me. I can’t get away with Sonia Sotomayor’s things. I mean, sometimes I misspeak. I’ll say Coeur d’Alene, ‘Iowa,’ instead of ‘Idaho,’ and the same thing will happen. I’ll get deluuuged from people. They have my best interests at heart. I’m just saying that with poor old Sonia Sotomayor, nobody has these high expectations of her.

Even though she’s a ‘wise Latina.’


RUSH: Aurora, Illinois, Barbara thanks for waiting. Great to have you with us here on the Rush Limbaugh Show, hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: So where are all the angry white males to answer to these people calling them stupid? Should they be offended?

RUSH: See, this is a great, great question, and the fact is we don’t have time to be offended. It’s a joke. We don’t take it seriously. We’re more amused by the comment, and then we get angry. The anger we have about it is not that we’ve been insulted, it’s that people want to make excuses for it or that she’s now trying to deny it or what have you. But your question is actually good, because as a white guy, I don’t care what she says, I don’t give people the power to offend me. It bothers me only from the standpoint of what it says about her and how she views this country and how she views the world and how she’s going to adjudicate cases. But taking it personally, I think she’s the idiot.

CALLER: (laughing) Exactly my point. Thank you.

RUSH: All right, Barbara, I appreciate that. Speaking of Sonia Sotomayor, I think we’re getting to the witness portion now, I think she’s pretty much fini, and she bombed as far as the left is concerned. She didn’t praise empathy, she praised black and white looking at the facts. That’s not what she’s going to do; the left is very upset with her. And Leahy, the chairman of the committee, said I’m not even going to ask any questions of the witnesses, I don’t care what they say. That’s what he said today. Not going to bring the witnesses up, that would be pro and con.

Other than this program, ladies and gentlemen, the one place I know of that has more truths about the Sotomayor confirmation hearings than I do is the Heritage Foundation. There are big facts the White House will not release but the Heritage Foundation takes the time to explain. Like the four incidents so far where the Supreme Court has overruled a Sotomayor decision. They’re right there at AskHeritage.org. Or examples of her rejection of the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, all of that and more is available to members of the Heritage Foundation at AskHeritage.org. I’m a member. Most everybody I know is a member. It’s 25 bucks, or as much as you want to contribute. But when you become a member, you have access to all kinds of valuable information and research, constantly updated for the members. Half a million now, 500,000 people across the country are Heritage Foundation members and benefit from it each and every day, and you can, too. It’s AskHeritage.org. It’s a lot more than just Sonia Sotomayor. It’s like my website, it is a veritable encyclopedia that’s accessible to you as a member. AskHeritage.org.

Robert in Naples, Florida, your turn, sir, hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega dittos from the Gulf coast.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Thanks for having the courage to stand up in this Sotomayor thing. I always listen on podcasts so I was listening this morning on my way into the office and was listening to Lindsey Graham and, you know, his comments about, I hope you appreciate you’re in this country and the comments that you made and how if I said it I’d be crucified, and I was thinking her answer about the wise Latina comment being explained away as she was trying to encourage someone and just make ’em feel better about themselves, I think, ‘Well tell that to Trent Lott.’

RUSH: Oh, yeah, when he told Strom Thurmond at a birthday party, (paraphrasing) ‘Strom, if you’d have won some elections, it would be a lot better in America.’ Yeah, well, even the Republicans threw Trent Lott overboard on that one.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Well, there’s clearly a double standard. See, she’s a minority and you have to understand the way they’ve set the table. Minorities cannot be racists because they don’t have the power to wield based on their racism. And that sentiment, by the way, comes from the Reverend Jackson. He’s the one who came up with that line of thinking. Obama’s the president. Oprah’s the highest paid and most popular TV personality. (interruption) Obama owns the auto industry. Right. Well, what’s your point, Snerdley? When does what crap, that minorities don’t have the power to be — it will never stop. That’s the whole point. It will never stop. They’re never going to proclaim, ‘Okay, we’ve got justice now, okay, we’ve leveled the playing field, okay, we’ve made up for slavery, okay, we’ve done that.’ Never. Never, ever, ever. That’s the whole point.

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