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RUSH: I had a chance to listen a little bit of the president here, and he’s lying again, folks. He says, ‘If you like your health insurance plan, you keep it.’ It’s right there on page 16 of the House bill that you don’t get to keep it. Obama also does not cover preexisting conditions. Remember his own story about some people, maybe it’s not worth the money or the time if they’re a hundred years old or whatever to treat ’em with a pacemaker? Just give ’em a pain pill! You know, give ’em a pain pill. By his own admission he would not cover preexisting conditions. That 100-year-old lady that got a pacemaker? She lived to 105, I think, whatever it was. He talked about giving her painkillers instead. If you ration care, preexisting conditions are not always going to be covered. Lots of existing conditions are not going to be covered once you start rationing. So he’s telling the same falsehoods. This is an amazing thing to watch.


President Obama said, ‘This isn’t about me,’ talking about health care, all of his legislation. ‘This isn’t about me.’ This is the man who gave his acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention in front of some foam Greek columns at Invesco Field at Mile High. ‘This isn’t about me,’ he said. I have a couple questions here, folks. How is it that Obama can make the short little speech that he just made — and I’m sure we’re working on sound bites even now — but he didn’t say anything new, he just told the same lies, how can he make this speech when he just said he doesn’t know what’s in the health care bill? He doesn’t know what’s in it? He hasn’t read it. He has denied what the Investor’s Business Daily people found and Betsy McCaughey found about losing your health insurance, that you won’t be able to keep the option that you have now. He flat-out says people will not lose their insurance. But he doesn’t know this. It’s in the bill.

This is why the White House is getting unhinged and this is why I think you’re seeing major instability coming out of these people right now because we, ladies and gentlemen, are supposed to rely on Obama. Our trust in Obama, our love for Obama is supposed to be all that we need and let him just rush this bill through. This is all about trusting him. It’s all about him. They’re using and have used his personality and his supposed magic with the American people to race all of this stuff through. It worked for Porkulus, and with cap and trade, health care, they’re running into some roadblocks here ’cause it isn’t working when it’s all about him. This is the reason they’re getting unhinged in there. This is all about trusting Obama. We’re supposed to listen to what he says and not hear him. We’re supposed to see him and get the vibe and then trust him.

It is all about him. He doesn’t want us to read the bill. He doesn’t have to read the bill. He just wants us to trust him. Now, this little speech today is a joke coming on the heels of him admitting he doesn’t know what’s in the bill. He’s making promises and guarantees yet he’s taking no questions. He’s got a press conference tomorrow night. You know, I ought to offer — Mr. President, I’ll show up and we’ll have a debate on health care, cancel your press conference, we’ll have a debate on health care. I know he’s not going to get any serious questions, and if he does start to get some serious questions he’ll filibuster an answer for 10 or 12 minutes and limit the number of questions in the press conference, which is a technique. He’s out there reading off notes even today, I’m sure grieving over the loss of the teleprompter.

He looked like he’s getting grayer out there today. Clinton played around with the Grecian-Formula every day depending on his audience. We don’t know if Obama is doing the same thing or not. But the bottom line is I guess, ladies and gentlemen, the value of Obama’s plan is not self-evident. He won’t get off the stage. He’s gonna take the baton. It is all about him. The health care plan does not stand on its own. This is what you have to know. The plan sucks. Plan will not stand on its own. They have to send Obama out to use this magical power of his messianic appeal, his cult-like appeal to people to try to get ’em over the hump on this. And how could the plan stand on its own? They are hiding it. They don’t know what’s in it; they’re not even reading it themselves. The people who write it know what’s in it, but I mean they’re not spreading this around. It’s very obvious here that the bloom is off the rose, and the poll numbers indicate it.


RUSH: Here’s something about Obama. You know how he coulda gotten this? He coulda had his health care reform bill in March if he were the guy everybody thought he was. Remember, now, everybody thought Barack Obama was above politics. ‘It’s time to get rid of the old Washington politics.’ Every candidate says it, but they believed he meant it. They believed he was something new. That’s the cult. They believed he was something heretofore unseen, and if he would have come in there and threw things in there like tort reform he coulda gotten what he wants. But you know what got in the way? He’s nothing but a twisted liberal radical ideologue. He is no different than any other elected Democrat except he’s more radical.

The stimulus bill, everything. He is more radical, he is more liberal. He is not new. He is just like every damned other one of them. There is nothing new about Barack Obama. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before. There’s nothing special. In fact, he’s less qualified than most who run for the office. He’s much less qualified than those who get elected. He is a fraud. He is nothing like he said he was, and we’re probably pretty lucky, because if he were what he said he was, we would have all this stuff by now. There would be no stopping him. But he can’t. He’s a petty, angry, partisan politician. Liberal radical politician. The Communist Party… Randall Hoven at American Thinker… I’ve got it in the stack. This was published last week when I wasn’t here. Friday I think it was. Whenever it was, there are other more pressing items, but they’ve got excerpts from it.

Mr. Hoven has assembled excerpts from the leader of the Communist Party USA. When this guy analyzes what’s happened the first six months of the Obama administration, it’s gold star, gold star, gold star, gold star and we’re in great shape. Obama is doing what he set out to do. In fact, you can’t really tell the difference in this guy and Obama. It’s striking. He’s not special. He’s not something we haven’t seen. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to share with you a few excerpts from his acceptance speech in Denver. He never ran anything in his life. He worked in the Senate not much more than 150 days. We have no track record. We only have his associations, his background, his childhood, the people who mentored him, and his campaign promises. ‘Cause he’s never accomplished anything. He has no resume. There aren’t any records from Harvard, from Columbia, where he went to school. There are no medical records.

We don’t know who he is. So we have to go on his campaign promises. He said, ‘We measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage, whether you can put a little extra money away at the end of each month so you can someday watch your child receive her college diploma.’ Well, if he’s measuring progress by how many people find a job, he’s gotta be assessing himself as a failure. ‘We measure progress in the 23 million new jobs created when Bill Clinton was president.’ We’ve lost over two million jobs just since he was inaugurated. ‘Our government should work for us, not against us. It should help us, not hurt us. It should ensure opportunity not just for those with the most money and influence…’ He’s wiping out opportunity for everybody! ‘As president I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal and find ways to safely harness nuclear power.’ He’s doing none of that. It’s solar and wind and big gambles on ‘green’ technology that doesn’t work. I could go on. I could read excerpts. We’re lucky he’s not who he said he was.


RUSH: Well, I just checked the e-mail during the break and it’s amazing, the seminar e-mailers are out in droves. ‘Rush, please stop speeding up Obama. I have a hearing problem. I can’t understand what he said.’ Look, I’m deaf, and I can understand what he’s saying. We don’t speed it up to chipmunk, don’t try that on me. Don’t tell me you got a hearing problem. I am deaf, and I can hear it. ‘Rush, why are you doing this? It’s just very distracting.’ Oh, the libs, they know how effective this is. And then I’m getting people saying, ‘You are really blowing it. You are lying when you say that Obama’s lying that you get to keep your health insurance, have you read it all? He hasn’t read it, you haven’t read it.’ Man, I’ll tell you, folks, there’s some libs out there that are starting to figure out they are going to lose their health coverage that they like. I mean they’re in a situation they didn’t anticipate. They were relying on Obama. This is all about him. They’re relying on the power of his cult-like appeal to get everybody over the hump of the details. And it isn’t working.

Look, there’s another great article breaking down Obama’s lies about this. He says it isn’t about him. Everything is about him. When you lie to the American people about what legislation is and isn’t, you’re putting your personal credibility on the line. Obama owns this legislation that he admits he hasn’t read. Bernie Madoff owned the fraudulent investment schemes he was peddling and he was promising people all this great stuff, and look what happened to him and the people who believed him. Obama is making personal promises; he is personally guaranteeing results just like he did with the stimulus package and his failed mortgage foreclosure legislation. I’ll tell you another reason this is about Obama, it’s because he’s the one remaking America.


RUSH: Here’s Obama returning — this is my point. The old Democrat playbook, demonize drug insurance companies and all that, demonize doctors, it’s your average, run-of-the-mill Democrat tax and spend, except this guy is more radical than any of them that have come before him.

OBAMA (sped up): I know that there are those in this town who openly declare their intention to block reform. It’s a familiar Washington script that we’ve seen many times before. These opponents of reform would rather score political points than offer relief to Americans who have seen premiums double and costs grow three times faster than wages. They would maintain a system that works for the insurance and the drug companies while becoming increasingly unaffordable for families and for businesses.

RUSH: All right, attack opponents as stooges of the drug and insurance companies, right out of Democrat Party playbook. Here’s the next bite.

OBAMA (sped up): Under each of these bills you won’t be denied coverage if you’ve got a preexisting medical condition. You won’t lose your health care if you change jobs, or if you lose your job, or if you start a business. You won’t lose your insurance if you get sick. We’ve agreed that our health reform bill will promote choice. Americans will be able to compare the price and quality of different plans and pick the plan that they want.


OBAMA: If you like your current plan you will be able to keep it.

RUSH: That is not true. He just admitted to liberal bloggers last night he is not aware of the provision that makes that not possible. He didn’t know it was in the bill. Under each of the bill’s, House and Senate, you won’t be denied coverage if you’ve got a preexisting condition. You will! He also said you won’t lose your health care if you change jobs. There’s no portability in his plan. You won’t lose your insurance if you get sick. He himself, he uses the example of a hundred-year-old woman who needs a pacemaker. And here’s the lecture. Status quo not acceptable, we need hope and change.

OBAMA (sped up): The American people understand that the status quo is unacceptable. They don’t care who’s up or who’s down politically in Washington. They care about what’s going on in their own lives. They don’t care about the latest line of political attack, they care about whether their families will be crushed by rising premiums, whether the businesses they work for will have to cut jobs, or whether their children are going to be saddled with debt. I can guarantee you that when we do pass this bill history won’t record the demands for endless delay or endless debates in the news cycle. It will record the hard work done by the members of Congress to pass the bill and the fact that the people who sent us here to Washington insisted upon change.

RUSH: They don’t want this, Mr. President. That’s what’s so bold about this. They care about what’s going on in their own lives. They don’t care about the latest line of attack. They care about whether their families are crushed by rising premiums, whether the business they work for will have to cut — will have to cut? — they have cut jobs, over two million since you took office. Whether their children are going to be saddled with debt? They already are. These people think we’re stupid. It’s about him, using his personality, his cult-like appeal where details don’t matter.


RUSH: Last night, President Obama was on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and Jim Lehrer interviewed President Obama since it’s The Newshour with Jim Lehrer. And Jim Lehrer said, ‘Mr. President, it must have been a little unpleasant for you to wake up this morning and see this headline, Washington Post: ‘Polls Show Obama Slipping on key Issues, Approval Rating on Health Care Falls Below 50%.’ What does that mean Mr. President?’

OBAMA (sped up): It means what we’re doing is hard and, you know, truth is I feel pretty good about the fact that our polls have held up under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. You know, I think we may have set a very high bar for ourselves. Normally 59%, folks would say, we’ll take it. On health care in particular, look, there’s a reason why this hasn’t been done in 50 years, and that is because this is a big, complex situation, a lot of special interests here in Washington who are very protective of the status quo.

RUSH: Special interests, my wazoo. It’s 50 years of screwing it up! So Jim Lehrer of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer then says, ‘But do I read you correctly that you’re backing off the August deadline kind of thing that you wanted this by, you wanted it passed by the August recess?’

OBAMA (sped up): Here I think is a fair assessment, Jim. I want this done now. Now, if there are no deadlines, nothing gets done in this town. You’ve been around here long enough to know that you have to say, ‘Get this done.’ If somebody comes to me and says it’s basically done, it’s going to spill over by a few days or a week, you know, that’s different.

RUSH: And he kept going after Senator Jim DeMint.

OBAMA (sped up): There is a certain portion of the Republican Party that views this like they saw ’93, ’94. The last time there was a major health reform effort, they explicitly went after the Clintons, said, we’re not going to get this done. That went down. And at least the history, the way it’s viewed here in Washington, is that that’s what helped defeat Democrats. So it was a pure political play, a show of strength by the Republicans that helped them regain the House. I think there are folks who think that, you know, we should try to dust off that old playbook. What they don’t recognize is that this isn’t about me. It’s about the American people.

RUSH: It’s all about you, and it is the same playbook. The only thing that hasn’t happened is the Michelle bus tour starting in Seattle, and when can we expect that?


RUSH: This is Obama on the Today Show on DeMint punishing the rich, Meredith Vieira, ‘Let me read you a quote from Jim DeMint. He said over the week, ‘If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it would be his Waterloo, it will break him.”

OBAMA: (laughing)

VIEIRA: Funny?

OBAMA (sped up): Well, it’s typical. That describes exactly an attitude we’ve gotta overcome, because what folks have in their minds is that somehow this is about me, it’s about politics and the ability to win back the House of Representatives, and people are thinking back to 1993 when President Clinton was able to get health care and right after that the House Republicans won.

RUSH: I’ll tell you something: It is about you. They’re using your — you — they use your personality to pass this debacle. Of course this guy’s ego is immeasurably large, and it is about him. So they then continued with this exchange on the president’s political future which is all the State-Run Media cares about.

VIEIRA: This is about politics, Mr. President, this is a key issue for you. You have a big stake in this.

OBAMA: Of course —

VIEIRA: If this falls apart that is not good for you.

OBAMA (sped up): You know, Meredith, all I can is that this is absolutely important to me, but this is not as important to me as it is to the people who don’t have health care.

RUSH: It is most certainly more important because it’s not about health care. And finally, Meredith Vieira says, ‘Do you think because health care reform will eventually help everybody, that everybody should have to sacrifice? In other words, if you attach a surtax on people making $280,000 or more, isn’t that in effect punishing the rich?’

OBAMA (sped up): That’s not punishing the rich. I think the way I look at it is, is that if I can afford to do a little bit more so that a whole bunch of families out there have a little more security when I already have security, that’s part of being a community.

RUSH: It’s called the redistribution of wealth and that was a softball setup for President Obama, that question. All right, to the phones, to Las Gatos, California, Kerry, I’m glad you waited. You are up next. Hello.

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