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Rush’s Morning Update: Legal Two-Fer
July 27, 2009

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Back in 2004, eight anti-war types showed up at a West Point Army/Navy basketball game wearing T-shirts which read: “US out of Iraq.” The building manager offered them a choice: remove the T-shirts,or leave. The lefties refused to remove the T-shirts, so military police removed the lefties.
The garrison commander banned the protesters from West Point for five years. They sued, arguing their free-speech rights were violated. But this week a jury at White Plains, NY federal court found in favor of West Point. So even in New York– the mecca of liberalism– the fringe-kook left doesn’t have an unfettered right to disrupt with their anti-military ranting. This one is a slam-dunk for common senseand decency.
Next: despite California’s massive budget problems, their legislature found time to issue a unanimous apology for 19th and 20th Century laws that “resulted in the persecution of Chinese” immigrants in California. Assemblyman Paul Fong,a grandson of Chinese immigrants,says he will now try to persuade the US Congress to apologize.
Fine. Now that that’s done,California legislators can issue an apology for the current laws liberals are responsible for. Laws which have “resulted in the persecution” of hard-working, law-abiding California citizens and business owners,have ruined the state’s economy,and made it inhospitable for businesses to thrive. And when they’re finished with that one,they can persuade their fellow Democrats in Congress to apologize as well. It ought not be too tough; we got the Apologizer-in-Chief, Barack Nifong, in the White House leading everyone in an apology tour. This should be a slam dunk!

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