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RUSH: Barney Frank, last Monday in Washington, National Press Club, unidentified reporter for SinglePayerAction.org had this exchange with Barney Frank.

REPORTER: Congressman, real quick: Why is single-payer off the table?

FRANK (sped up): Because we don’t have the votes. I wish it weren’t. I’m all for it. I’m a big sponsor. I’ve been a cosponsor of single payer for a very long time.

REPORTER: Don’t you think we should scratch everything and start anew with single payer?

FRANK (sped up): No.

REPORTER: Why shouldn’t we start with single payer anew?

FRANK (sped up): Look, because we don’t have the votes for it. I wish we did. I think if we get a good public option, it could lead to single payer and that’s the best way to reach single payer. I think the best way we’re gonna get single payer, the only way, is to have a public option and demonstrate its strength and its power.

RUSH: The money quote here from Barney Frank is: ‘We don’t have the votes for single payer right now. I wish we did. But if we get a good public option, that will lead to single payer.’ So there you have Barney Frank admitting what the public option’s all about. You lose everything about your health care now. Nancy Pelosi last night on PBS The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, senior correspondent Judy Woodruff says, ‘The proposal to tax these so-called Cadillac gold-plated health insurance plans, are you open to that idea to raise money for this?’

PELOSI (sped up): I think there’s a lot of interest in taxing the insurance companies because people really do see across America they know that they have caused a problem that we have, uhh, with their anti-trust exemption, uh, uh, that they have and the immoral profits. They’re making billions of dollars on profits, and they’re cutting off people for uh, uh, uh, benefits that they are entitled to under their insurance.

RUSH: ‘Immoral profits.’ Demonizing, villainizing the insurance companies.

RUSH: Vickie in Belgium, Wisconsin, back to the phones on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, happy Friday to you, Rush, and happy anniversary.

RUSH: Thank you. Thanks very much.

CALLER: You know, this health care issue, one of the things that I’ve not really heard anyone discuss. I work for a small business, and I’m a manager. When people talk about the fact that, you know, the companies will off-load the health insurance costs to a public option, which I think absolutely will happen, but one of the things that I haven’t heard anyone say is that most employees at small businesses will want that to happen, because the health care costs to small businesses, insurance-wise, are so ridiculously expensive because government has not allowed companies to do, you know, group buying of insurance. So the rates are so high, they would be better off.

RUSH: So you’re saying that even, despite what the president’s saying, that everybody’s going to rush to the public option, or a lot of people will el quicko ’cause they’re all going to think it’s a better thing?

CALLER: It’s going to be less expensive for them initially, or they’re going to perceive it that way. And it’s going to not… Private insurance is not going to be available if they go through with this because whether it’s the company wanting it or the employees wanting it, they are not going to continue paying ridiculous rates.

RUSH: The Heritage Foundation hired an independent group to look at this, the Lewin Group, and they came out and they said eighty-three million people will lose their private insurance with the Obama bill, the House version of that bill.

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