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RUSH: I first offered the possibility last week and I’m going to repeat it right now: Barack Obama may indeed, right before our very eyes, be destroying the Democrat Party. In fact, the whole Democrat Party might be committing suicide. And the only thing that might be able to save ’em is if ACORN can rig enough elections in November of 2010. Now John Dingell has said the guy with the son in the wheelchair at that town hall meeting, reminded him of the Ku Klux Klan. So you got Pelosi saying that she sees swastikas out there. You’ve got Dingell now saying the last time he saw anything like this was the Ku Klux Klan, and Arlen Specter did a town hall meeting today that just rocks the boat. I’m going to play the sound bite for you very quickly here. A woman read from the bill.

A woman read from the bill about what’s going to happen to senior citizens when they reach a certain age and it’s no longer worth the investment to keep them alive. She’s reading from the bill, the House bill, and Specter says: ‘Well, that’s just not true! that’s a malicious rumor. Next question.’ She was reading from the bill! Greetings, my friends, and welcome. It’s Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Great to have you here. Here’s the phone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. And, of course, the e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com. At 10:30 this morning Rasmussen Reports: ‘Support for the congressional health care reform has fallen to a new low. Forty-two percent now favor it; 53% oppose it.’ Here’s the trend: ‘Two weeks ago 47% were in favor of it, and six weeks ago 50% were in favor of it.’ So in six weeks it’s gone from 50 to 45, to 42 to 53.

And that’s not the only bad news out there. Other Rasmussen news: ‘The question posed to likely voters was whether they favor a single-payer health care system,’ single-payer a euphemism for socialized medicine, and that was overwhelmingly rejected by the American people in the Rasmussen poll. Remember, now, Rasmussen does likely voters, not registered; and he does it on the phone. Fifty-seven to 32 oppose single payer government-run health care system, 57 to 32. The more Obama shows up and the more these Democrats do these town halls, the more support for the whole plan plummets. What’s really interesting, though, is the partisan breakdown. Most Democrats, according to Rasmussen 62%, do want single payer. Which, ladies and gentlemen, explains why, when Democrats are out there among friends — like when Obama is talking to the SEIU as the crowd or the AFL-CIO — he’s totally honest with them.

We played the sound bites for you the last two programs, 2003, 2007, of Obama saying, ‘I want a single-payer system.’ He says it to the SEIU and the AFL-CIO. He said, ‘We can’t get it immediately, might take 10 to 15 years, but the public option is going to lead us that way.’ Barney Frank said the same thing, Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, and a couple of other Democrats. Of course they want single payer. That’s what this whole thing is all about. But the Democrat audiences, 62% favor it, which is why Obama can go to these union crowds and open up and be honest about it. When they’re among friends, they aren’t shy about their intention for the government-run option. The problem is that Americans who aren’t Democrats according to Rasmussen ‘overwhelmingly reject socialized medicine.’

Get this number — and, frankly, I think this is a little low. Well, no, I don’t. Now it makes sense. Since Colin Powell is the titular head of the Republican Party, I’ll accept this number. Eighty-seven percent of Republicans are opposed to single payer health care. So that means 13% of the party, led by Colin Powell, probably in favor of it. Those who are not affiliated with the party reject single payer by 63-22. So the precious independents and Republicans: 63 independent reject it, 87% of Republicans are opposed to it. So it’s hard for the Democrats to stay consistent here. They go out and they talk to their union buddies and they open up, and they’re very honest, and then they go to these town halls, and they have to lie. They have to lie about it. Obama is lying about it. They all lie about it because it would never stand a chance if they told the truth.

The truth is getting out there. Now, the latest thing is Carlos Watson, PMSNBC, says ‘socialism is the new N-word.’ I told you people — and I use the phrase ‘you people’ affectionately and lovingly — I told you during the campaign had people call here and say, ‘Rush, don’t you think the election of a black president will sorta get us over the hump on this racist past this we’ve got?’ No, no, no. It’s only going to exacerbate it. It’s only going to make it worse. Because all it’s going to take is anybody criticizing what he does and it’s going to eventually be called racist. So Carlos Watson is dragging out something they want to get in the template that the word socialism, socialist is ‘the new N-word.’ (interruption) I’m telling you… (interruption) Do you want to hear the sound bite? (interruption) Do you want to hear the sound bite? (interruption) You want to the hear the sound bite? Forget sound bite number 19. Hang on just a second. Let me find this thing. Uh, Number 28, Carlos Watson, yesterday on PMSNBC.

WATSON: The word ‘socialist.’ You hear from a lot of conservatives these days, usually critiquing the president, or more broadly Democrats, and in some of those town hall meetings, including one that we saw in Missouri recently where there were jokes made about lynching, et cetera. You start to wonder whether in fact the word ‘socialist’ is becoming a code word, whether or not ‘socialist’ is becoming the new N-word for, frankly, for, uhhh, some angry, upset birthers and others.

RUSH: It is stunning to me what has happened to NBC News, the people that they somehow interview and allow on the air. I know there’s freedom of speech and anybody can have an opinion, but that is just, frankly, absurd. But this is where we are. The country is not unified, the bottom line is. But this is an attempt to protect Obama and it just fulfills the prediction that I said, that any criticism — especially any criticism that hits its mark — against President Obama is going to be called racist. This is one of the reasons why the Republicans aren’t saying anything. They’re still scared to death of being called racists so the Republican Party at large, members of Congress and the Senate who are Republican, they’re not responding to these things in kind ’cause they’re afraid of being called racist. Of course here, ladies and gentlemen, we are fearless. The mainstream media did not make me, and — therefore, despite their best efforts — they can’t break me.

Only you can do that, and the bond of loyalty between you and I is steady, hard, and true. But here’s the thing. If you criticize the health care plan — forget Carlos Watson for a second, forget the word ‘socialist.’ If you criticize the health care plan, you are labeled a racist. Now, my question to this is: Why? Obama does not have a plan! I keep emphasizing this. President Obama has not put forth a plan. All we’ve got is the House plan, and the House plan is not Gates’ plan. It’s not ‘Skip’ Gates’ plan; it’s not Charles Ogletree’s plan. It’s not Reverend Wright’s plan. (snorts) Well, it probably is Reverend Wright’s plan, although we don’t know. (laughing) It’s Henry Waxman’s plan. Henry Waxman and Pelosi put this thing together. So how can you say that criticizing a plan is racist when it’s not Obama’s plan? He doesn’t have one!

Criticizing this plan is not racism. It’s anti-statism.


RUSH: This health care business, this me putting the swastika on the website, is this the most consistent vicious, mean attack that they’ve launched against me in the media of all of 21 years? (interruption) It’s not. Is it close? (interruption) It’s up there. It’s up there in the top five. I have been. I’m being attacked. I’m being mocked. I’m being denounced. But, you know what? You know the reason? It’s not about health care and it’s not about swastikas. It’s not about Pelosi and her swastikas and me saying, ‘Okay, you want to say a swastika? Look at Obama’s health care logo.’ It’s not about that. It’s about defending Obama. I have to be attacked in order to defend Obama. That’s what is happening. They are on defense, and we intend to keep them there.

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