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RUSH: Fox News and PMSNBC are also now covering Claire McCaskill’s town hall in Missouri, and I watched a little bit of this during the break. These people in the audience are standing up and they are reading from the bills as they ask her questions. They are reading news accounts of the legislation as they ask her questions. You know, this is a time to be really proud of the American people. My buttons are popping. This is so fabulous to see this. They’re standing up to Congress. They are informed. They’re adult, they are brave, they care. They are not being intimidated by Obama’s goons. They are continuing to show up — and this crowd at McCaskill’s thing is huge. I knew when I said last week the core of this country is not Obamaism. The core of this country does not reflect nor validate the agenda of the far, radical, left wing of the Democrat Party leadership.

This meeting that Claire McCaskill is having is full, and it is civil. And for all of you inside-the-Beltway types, there is nothing to apologize for here. There is nothing to apologize for regarding any level of passion about what’s going on with any of this. The citizens of this country that are showing up at these meetings are illustrating they are more informed about what’s headed their way than the people who are going to vote on it. The administration, the Barack Obama administration and the Democrat Party has given us their worst, and in return we are giving them our best. And in a contest like this, best versus worst — when the guys on the side of worst can’t even sell, they don’t even passionately believe the specifics of what they’re trying to sell — then we really do have a chance to defeat this. Pelosi is out there saying that we are ‘un-American.’ It was Churchill who said it. I’m not a thief. They’re giving us their worst. We’re giving them our best.

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