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RUSH: Christine in Haverhill, Massachusetts, I’m glad you waited. You’re up first today. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush!


CALLER: I’ve been a fan for 19 years, and it’s such an honor to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Okay, I was there yesterday in Portsmouth and got there about seven a.m. and we were shocked to see at least six chartered buses with people coming off from Organizing for America. They all had their manufactured signs.

RUSH: Organizing for America is Obama’s group with their own WhiteHouse.gov website that is organizing all the union people to show up and cause trouble here or to counter the genuine opposition at these town halls.

CALLER: Yep. Me and my fellow patriots were worried about our cars getting towed from the parking lot. But anyway, opposing sides were on opposite sides of the street and it made for some spirited heckling back and forth. But we had some brilliant people with bullhorns on our side. Of course they had bullhorns, too, but the unions didn’t provide rugged, quality ones. (giggles)

RUSH: The subject has been raised here: Was this event stapled in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, yesterday? And more and more people are convinced that it was. And Obama even addressed the possibility that it was. I’ve got people telling me, ‘Oh, he admitted it was staged.’ I’ve got the sound bite. I don’t hear him admitting it that it was staged. We know that little girl was staged. We know she’s the daughter of a huge Obama contributor and supporter.


RUSH: Here’s that sound bite. I want to preface that sound bite. Frankly, the sound bite kind of leaves me confused. I don’t think we ought to jump at straws here and say, ‘Hey, Obama’s admitting the thing was staged!’ We all know it was, but to run around and say, ‘He’s admitting it,’ is a bit of a stretch. But here’s — my reaction is watching the town hall yesterday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and that little 13-year-old girl, young girl got up and asked this question, reading the question from a little notepad. I said, ‘This is like everything else about this: This is not legitimate,’ and this, just to refresh your memory, was my analysis and observation.

RUSH ARCHIVE: A little girl, early teenage, stood up. Obama said, ‘When do you go back to school?’ She said, ‘September 3rd.’ You know what her question was? When I was walking in, I saw all of these signs opposing health care reform — mean signs, mean signs opposing health care reform. Why are people against something that will make their lives better, or some such thing as that. And then how can we know what’s true? Now, I’m sorry, folks, 13-year-old, 14, 15, I don’t care. Nothing about that computes. I’ve seen these mean signs? Why are people so opposed to something to help them. How do we know what is true?

RUSH: And now we’ve learned that her mom is practically an Obama groupie. She gave money, 636 bucks to Obama, which is nowhere near the limit, but there are pictures of her in inaugural events, the mom and so forth, and Obama sitting next to the kid. So here’s yesterday in Portsmouth. This is Obama, and he said this about audience members. And the reason people think that he’s admitting that there were plants and staged events is because he’s answering a charge during the town hall itself that had not been leveled yet. You know, when you defend yourself against a charge that hasn’t been made, people think, ‘Oh, there must be something to it. Here’s what he said.’

OBAMA: Somebody here who, uhh, has a concern about health care that has not been raised or is skeptical and suspicious and wants to make sure that — because I don’t want people thinking I — I — I just have a bunch of plants in here.

RUSH: So he’s running around asking for people to disagree with him. It’s amazing he couldn’t find anybody with tough questions! He found these robots and says, ‘I don’t want people thinking I got a bunch of plants in here.’ Well, that’s what ignited everybody’s curiosity about, ‘Oh, he brought up the idea of plants: ‘I just don’t want anybody to think that I got plants in here.” This in the same town hall where he said, ‘Hey, you know, UPS, FedEx, they doing all right. The Post Office sucks.’ Yeah. (laughing) You want to tell us about a government agency that can’t stay afloat, selling government-run health care? Axelrod’s back there going, ‘Damn it to hell! Why didn’t we bring the prompter?’ I love this, folks. Absolutely, absolutely love it.

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