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RUSH: I have figured out what’s going on. I know why Obama is not specifying a plan. I know why he is not talking specifics about the House plan. I’ve analyzed this. It’s all based on: Obama doesn’t care about anybody but himself. He doesn’t care about his party. He doesn’t care about the country. He cares about himself and monuments to himself. So I’m watching him out there shoot from the hip. He’s spouting slogans, talking points. He’s out of touch. He’s detached from the reality on this because the reality on this is not his reality. He doesn’t care about the details; he just wants to be in control of health care. That’s it, bottom line.

He’s spouting his talking points, all these other things. The House of Representatives can’t seem to make it happen. The Senate can’t make it happen. Obama can’t make it happen. I’m enthused now! I’m actually getting enthused out there, folks. Look, don’t get me wrong because we still have to turn these frauds called ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ around if we’re gonna defeat this by vote in the House of Representatives. But this activism that’s out there, as I said Monday and Tuesday, I am proud of you people going to these town halls. I am swelling with pride watching you in action. This is American civic activism at its best. This is not a bunch of malcontents; this is not a bunch of rent-a-mob leftists. This is citizens speaking out and demanding to be heard — and of course the State-Controlled Media is all upset. Of course the Democrat Party is all upset. Of course the elites are alarmed!

They should be, because all this is aimed at them, too, and they know that this is genuine. They’ve dragged out every page in their playbook, every play in the playbook: Smear tactics like accusing us of links to Nazism and the Klan and racism, and now they’ve gone back to the old trick from 1993 to say, ‘Guess what? The militias are arming up! The militias are patrolling the woods!’ The Southern Poverty Law Center came out with a report here that the right-wing militias are arming up and they’re conducting exercises and they’re getting dangerously close to causing all kinds of trouble. They’re bringing out every scare tactic, fear tactic they have ever used, and they’re accusing us of using violence, and staging events.

Now they’re out there spending tens of millions of dollars in union dues to propaganda commercials, lying about what they’re trying to do. But you people are not buying it; you are not taking it. It is just a delight. You know who would love this? Tocqueville! Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote Democracy in America, was fascinated by the whole town hall thing. He thought it was crucial to American democracy surviving and thriving. I know we’re a representative republic; let’s not split hairs here. I’m talking about Tocqueville and in democracy and so forth. But he would be so proud of what’s going on here. It would remind him of the early days of this country. This is just wonderful what all of you were doing out there.


RUSH: I mentioned the Southern Poverty Law Center. Everybody’s shorts are in a twist now because these wackos at the Southern Poverty Law Center out there are saying right-wing racist militias are arming up and ramping up and conducting training exercises. Everybody’s going, ‘Whoo!’

So here we have a bunch of guys running around in the woods in camouflage suits and face paint and everybody is going, ‘Oh, no, no! Oh, my gosh. There’s a breakdown of civility.’ In the meantime, our very own Justice Department, our very own attorney general, cannot bother to prosecute actual New Black Panther Party members engaging in actual voter intimidation in an actual election in an actual city, Philadelphia. You’ve all seen the videotape or most of you have of these clowns intimidating voters at a voting place in Philadelphia and Eric Holder says, ‘Nah, we’re not going to prosecute these guys.’ So you’ve got real voter intimidation, real violations of law going on being ignored and here you’ve got these guys running around in the woods in their camos and their guns, and everybody’s going, (frightened muttering) ‘The militia movement!’

Every play in the playbook is being brought back to life out of desperation, because what you’re doing — this genuine civic unrest — has them discombobulated because when they got involved in civic unrest, it’s all trumped up, it’s all phony, it’s manufactured. And that’s why they think you’re manufactured. They have to pay rent-a-mobs to do it. They have to send out e-mails with instructions. They have to get people wearing T-shirts and uniforms and so forth. And you all are showing up. And of course these very same people who run around saying, ‘Dissent is the new patriotism,’ you are now threats to democracy. You are threats to civic order. You are hurting the Republican Party. You are hurting the Republican cause. I actually saw some lunatic on MSNBC, some women, ‘Who is the leader of the Republican Party? Who is the leader of the conservative movement? The far-right wing is taking it even further than the right wing, and getting it dangerously away from the center where the party was moving where it has to be!’

The party loses when it moves to the center, as we proved in 2008. Grover Norquist was the guest on MSNBC, having to put up with this insane line of questioning. He said, ‘You know something?’ and I thought this was a good point. ‘You know something? People who are organized or oriented toward liberty and freedom don’t need a leader.’ Socialists need leaders! Communists need leaders or dictators. But people who want freedom and liberty, individuals don’t need a leader. There is no leader organizing these town hall meetings. This is people showing up on their own because they’re scared to death that their liberty and freedom are going to be taken away. They see who Obama is now. They see the radical left-wing leadership of the Democrat Party for what it is now. They don’t want any part of it. Of course they’re going to be denigrated. Don’t back down, folks. Do not be intimidated. You got ’em on the run.

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