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RUSH: No, it’s totally believable. Unbelievable here. Totally believable, I should say. Drive-By Media, State-Controlled Media, Reuters, just check this headline: ”Kennedy Death Puts Family Dynasty in Doubt’ — Senator Edward Kennedy’s death marks the twilight of one of America’s most fabled political families, with no heirs to the Kennedy name poised to emerge with the same mix of gravitas, ambition and celebrity.’ That’s not true. That’s not true. Chris Matthews told us today that Barack Obama is the last Kennedy brother, that Ted Kennedy passed the torch to Barack Obama, not one of his sons or nephews or nieces. Some guy named Thomas Whalen, a professor of political science at Boston University, ‘There doesn’t seem to be someone in the next generation to carry the load here. Ted Kennedy might be it, he might be the end of the line.’


RUSH: Some people did not believe me when I said Chris Matthews said today that Barack Obama is the last Kennedy brother. Okay, let’s go to the audio sound bites. On the Today Show the co-host Ann Curry talking to Chris Matthews, who’s the last of the Marx Brothers. You had Harpo, Zeppo, Groucho, Gummo, Chico and now Chrisso. And they’re talking about Kennedy and President Obama.

MATTHEWS: He wanted to be his brother’s brother, and then he turned that torch over last year to Barack Obama. And the great thing about the Kennedy’s is they always grew as a family. They tended to get better as they got older. This family got better. The Kennedy commitment to civil rights was almost accidental. It began because of history, ’63 and Martin Luther King’s march. By Bobby it became passion, by Teddy it became real, and then Teddy turns it over to the first African American and says, ‘You got the ball.’ Amazing history, Barack is now the last brother.

RUSH: There you have it, Barack Obama is now the last brother. Barack Obama, the last Kennedy brother. A question from the official program observer, Mr. Snerdley. Yes, sir, what’s the question? Yeah, the Republicans did secure the passage of the Civil Rights Act in the Senate of 1964. It was a greater majority of Republicans that voted for it than Democrats. But, no, the Republicans have not been passed the ball, Mr. Snerdley, the Republicans are aced out of this. It was on MSNBC, Matthews was asked, ‘What did it mean in Obama’s campaign to get an endorsement, and what reaction to this day do the Clintons have about it?’ By the way, as of the program start today, 12 noon, we have not heard from the Clintons. As of 12 noon, a little over an hour ago, the Clintons had not made a statement.

Now, something’s strange about that, folks. Because you remember during the Clinton presidential campaign in 1992 it was revealed that he had gone to Washington as part of Boys Nation. He was a candidate from Arkansas Boys State, he got to go to Boys Nation and met JFK out there in the Rose Garden and they found a picture of it, and the first attempt at resurrecting Camelot with the Clintons, and of course Camelot went to shreds when Bill got caught doing what Jack never got caught doing. Clinton got caught, and that’s the end of Camelot. Of course, it’s tough to have Camelot with Nurse Ratched in the White House to begin with. So they tried to pass Camelot now to Barack Obama and Michelle. And it’s interesting now that the Clintons have not said a word. At least they hadn’t as of the time the program started today.

Is Hillary even back from Africa? Oh, that’s right, she and Bill were meeting up in Bermuda. That’s right. They were gonna watch the hurricane go by, Hurricane Bill. By the way, Tropical Storm Danny is out there and the Drive-Bys are so hoping it will hit someplace, but the tracks take it again into Canada. I wonder if these hurricane forecasters said, ‘Canadians, beware, lots of hurricanes coming your way this year.’ Anyway here’s Matthews answering the question about what it meant to Obama’s campaign to get the Kennedy endorsement and what reaction to this day do the Clintons have about that.

MATTHEWS: The books about him will be the last brother. He is primarily a brother to his brothers. Joe Jr., who lost his life in the war, he never forgot him, always loyal to the memory of his brother, and to Jack and to Bobby. I think he extended that brotherhood to Barack Obama. He made him the new brother. And I think that’s the responsibility — you talk about it all the time, it is his responsibility now to be the new brother. He has to lead now. And I think that the Clintons were passed over. Ha!

RUSH: Do you know what would happen to me if I said of President Obama he’s the new brother? If I called him a brother? But this is absurd on its face. And Obama is not loyal to his brothers. His brother is still living in a hut. These people are just absurd. It doesn’t matter where you watch television today, even if you turn on Fox, you’re going to get the syrupy, everything they say is going to be predictable, everything is going to be the staple, ‘We must put aside our differences for the day and respect the great work, achievements of Senator Kennedy,’ and vomit and puke all over everybody with this analysis today. I was cracking up this morning when I heard this. I was cracking up, and I wasn’t cracking up because Senator Kennedy died, I’m cracking up because these people are making fools of themselves. You give ’em too much time to talk on television and they will do it every damn time. Barack Obama has had the torch passed to him? Ted Kennedy made him the last brother? And the Kennedys ever loyal, the brothers, they were loyal to each other. Barack Obama the last Kennedy brother, and Barack Obama is not even loyal to his own brothers. Brother still lives in a hut. So we haven’t heard from the Clintons. I think it’s fascinating. We haven’t heard from them since Bermuda. We don’t even know if they’ve left Bermuda.


RUSH: All right. The Clintons have issued statements, about 20 minutes ago. They waited for everybody else ’cause they knew that everybody else’s statements will get melded together, thrown into the mix. They waited so that their statements would stand out. I have their statements here but I’m not going to fall for the trick. They’ve issued statements, but I’m not telling you what they said.

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