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Rush’s Morning Update: Rules for Work
August 31, 2009

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A new Harris Interactive study, conducted for CareerBuilder.com, reveals that 45 percent of employers examine the stuff job seekers post on social networking websites. Forty-five percent! That is double the percentage of a year ago.

And it’s problematic for some of you. Over a third of those employers ultimately decided not to offer a job to someone based on the content they found. (I can only imagine what some of that content is.)

Now, some of you were raised by liberals; some of youattended public schools. So, rules of work may be foreign to you. Aside from cleaning up your web postings, there are a few things you ought to know about job hunting:

•Companies don’t hire you so you can make money and have health care. They hire you for the work you produce,so that they can earn profits –which liberals will try to take away.
•Companies do not hire you in order to provide free broadband service for you to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or line up dates. They expect actual productivity from you.
•Likewise, companies do not hire you in order to provide you with a good benefits package. They hire you so you can benefit them.
•And companies do not give you a raise simply because you’ve shown up. A raise comes after you’ve proven you can deliver, consistently and over time.

Finally, showing up to work– punctually, and without attitude– can be very helpful to your career. Despite what you young liberals have been told, the world doesn’t owe you a living. It’s up to youto earn one, because we’re tired of being taxed to pay for your lazy lifestyles.

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