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RUSH: I’m glad I’m back from vacation, there’s no question about it, but I wish Congress was still on vacation. I wish Obama was still on vacation. I mean we are in deep, deep peril. We are in deep peril every second. I know, the speech, the little indoctrination speech to the young skulls full of mush starting right at the moment my first words were uttered. After being gone for a little over a week there’s Obama indoctrinating the young skulls full of mush. The timing is not a coincidence. We are not going to JIP it, we are rolling tape. We’ve seen the transcript of the speech anyway. We’ll have some comments on it.

Great to be back here with you, folks. Hope you had a fine week while I was away. I see even when I’m gone the process continues. The things that we set up fell right into place. Great to be back here. Telephone number, 800-282-2882, if you want to be on the program. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Obama was in the recording studio to prepare for today.

(playing of Obama spoof)

And it’s the Rush Limbaugh program on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, an abbreviated week. It’s back to normal.

The National Football League kicks off on Thursday night with the Titans at the Steelers, and we had college football all weekend long and so forth, but we’re back to normal. Congress is back with the lowest approval ratings ever. Unemployment has now hit 9.7%. Youth unemployment is at an all-time record high of over 25% since records have been kept on that starting in 1948. Nevertheless, President Obama and Vice President Biden keep telling us how their stimulus plan is working. And now he’s going to tell us tomorrow night how well Obamacare is gonna work. The magic is gone, the bloom is off the rose here for President Obama, ladies and gentlemen. This is speech number 112 on health care tomorrow night, speech number 112. Every time he goes on television to make a speech about it the numbers plummet even further. I expect this to happen again because substance has taken over the cult-like belief that people held in Obama. The fact that he’s a centrist is out the window. Nobody believes he’s a centrist, nobody believes that he’s anything they thought he was.

Pew Research Center has a poll out. It’s in the LA Times. Of all places, the LA Times. He is fast losing support among white voters. Now, make no mistake, that’s not an accident that it’s in the LA Times. That’s purposefully placed in the LA Times, setting up the notion that the criticism to Obama is all based on race, it’s not based on substance. That’s the reason for the poll, and that’s the reason to place it in the Los Angeles Times.

Now, Van Jones. I was on Beck’s show long before I went on vacation. We talked about this guy and another one just like him over at the FCC. The FCC diversity czar is a guy named Mark Lloyd and I followed this a little while I was away. I was over at the big island in Hawaii playing golf, that’s the only place I went, one of the ’57 states’ I announced I was visiting before I left. I’m reading all these stories, ‘How did this guy get past the vetting process and why didn’t the press cover any of this?’ Look, folks, Van Jones is Jeremiah Wright, is Bill Ayers, it was not an accident that he’s in the White House. Van Jones is Obama. Mark Lloyd at the FCC is Obama. Jeremiah Wright is Obama. There’s no difference. The only difference is that some of them make reckless public statements, but in terms of what he believes, Obama’s no different than Van Jones. That’s why he was in the White House in the first place as the green jobs czar dealing with diversity and so forth.

The guy hates Republicans. He’s a Marxist; he’s a communist; he’s a 9/11 truther. He’s a wacko. He’s a nut. He’s one of these far left radicals, and Valerie Jarrett, who is one of Obama’s most trusted left hands, right hand people, put him in there. The administration is full of people like this. What’s frustrating about this is that so many of us tried to warn the country about this long before the election took place all during the campaign. The New York Times didn’t report on it; the Washington Post didn’t report on it. Of course they didn’t. Why would you expect them to? There’s two reasons. You know, Byron York has a piece in the DC Examiner today that is headlined: ‘Why Did the Press Ignore the Van Jones Scandal?’ I think people make a mistake in assuming that the primary reason they don’t report on this kind of thing is they’re trying to help Obama. I mean clearly that is true. But I think the far more motivating factor is their hate for us.

Remember, the Drive-By Media, the State-Controlled Media, the American left thinks that you and I pose a greater danger to them than any foreign enemy that’s armed with weapons, including nukes. We are the problem and any time we have success, they’re going to do everything they can to blunt it or ignore it or discredit it or what have you. Clearly they’re trying to support Obama by not reporting the story, but they also don’t want to report the story because they just hate us. This is why I have always said, if you’re looking for validation by finally seeing fairness and accuracy in the State-Controlled Media, you are forever setting yourself up to be disappointed, ’cause it’s never, ever going to happen. Bias is one thing, and it’s undeniable that the Drive-Bys, that the State-Controlled Media are biased. But the bias is not just what they love. Bias is not just what they support, the bias is also what they hate and who they hate and who they dislike. That’s why they love to focus on some of the kookier conservatives out there, both in the blogosphere and in media to try to make them the focal point, spokesman, or what have you.

The bottom line is, though, that none of this is working. Well, that’s maybe too optimistic to say. Their monopoly is gone. As we’ve repeatedly said, we’re instrumental here in breaking up that monopoly. But the American people have been informed of what’s in the health care, not by the people whose job it is to tell ’em that but by people who are doing their jobs for them, us. Now, I also read a piece — I did massive show prep late yesterday afternoon and last night — and I don’t even remember who wrote this piece. It might have been Quin Hillyer at American Spectator. He said, look, it was a great August, but don’t get giddy here. Don’t get all excited. This is nowhere by any means over. He made a point, I love seeing it because it’s a point that I have been drilling home ever since Obama took office. All this chaos fits right into his plan: 9.7% unemployment is exactly what the doctor ordered. All of this chaos, all of this disarray, is exactly within our culture, within our economy is exactly what he wants. He thrives on it. He’s not unnerved by this. He may be a little bit unnerved that the health care thing didn’t happen as he planned it but he’s putting the full-court press on this, and look at this: ‘White House considers drafting health care bill.’ This is from CNN on September the 4th. And indeed on Wednesday night we may get the first ever announced set of details from Obama on the health care plan.

Now, why is that? He hasn’t had a plan that he could point to. He’s been letting Congress do all the dirty work. But he wants to get this thing passed before the August recess. It doesn’t get implemented ’til 2013. The reason he wanted to keep it hidden, of course, is because he didn’t want anybody to know what was in it and what it was going to entail. Now major changes supposedly are being worked on, but don’t buy that. Whatever they end up with, if there is a health care reform bill the Democrats in the House and Senate passed and sent up for him to sign, it is a government-run health care plan. I don’t care what kind of language they use to try to convince you that there won’t be a public option, Barack Obama is governing against the will of the American people, and the purpose of the speech last night is to cast you as the enemy, is to cast the American people as the enemy while he attempts to cajole you and manipulate you. His audience is really going to be more Democrats in Congress than it is the American people. He’s lost you on this issue. He’s lost you and he’s lost 23 Democrats in the House. Right now as we speak 23 House Democrats have said they’re going to vote against if it’s got this massive public option in the bill as it exists now.

Pelosi needs 38. If 38 Democrats defect on the health care bill then she’s in trouble in the House, after 23 announced defections as of now, but that could also change on a moment’s notice depending on how arm twisting Rahm Emanuel and the boys at the White House want to be. But I think we are well advised not to get giddy and understand 9.7% unemployment. In Wisconsin, 86% of the people who called to check on their unemployment benefits get hung up on. They’re not getting any answers. All home foreclosures, there’s nothing decent happening in the US economy. I mean even, folks, even where I live, Palm Beach, Florida, which is I think one of the top five most affluent ZIP codes in the country, the — (interruption) no, no, it’s not number one, Snerdley, Jupiter Island up the road is number one. I don’t know that we’re number two, but we’re in the top five, doesn’t matter. The local paper Sunday had a story on four or five people whose lives have fallen apart. Not because of Madoff, but because of the economy. Even here. The point is there is no good news in the economy out there, and yet they’re gonna pile this health care on top of it.

I’m telling you, Van Jones notwithstanding, Mark Lloyd over at the FCC, that’s who this administration is and the sooner everybody realizes it the better. Barack Obama does not want to change the United States within its current political system. He wants to blow it up. He wants to blow up the political system and completely remake it, and there those of us who have known this since early on in the campaign simply by knowing who his associates were, simply by knowing where he grew up and what he believed and things he did as a community organizer. More and more people are starting to figure it out but that doesn’t unnerve him. He doesn’t mind governing against the will of the people. He wants to make it so that you’re powerless to stop him in the first place, and that’s the objective.


RUSH: I got an interesting e-mail here during the break.

‘Dear Rush: I’ve waited all weekend in a long day of labor for you to return to the Golden EIB Microphone with some words of hope — and what do I hear you say? Obama doesn’t care that people are against his policies. He doesn’t care about his falling poll numbers. He has us right where he wants us. My question is: Why even voice our opinion and concern since it doesn’t matter anyhow? I’m totally stressed out and everything seems hopeless to me.’ The author of this e-mail is a woman named Linda. Linda, don’t misunderstand. All I really want to say is: Don’t take the great August and think it is an endgame victory. What happened in August is going to be required behavior of all of us for the remainder of this guy’s first term. I’m simply trying to reiterate.

I feel like a broken record here because these are things we’ve been discussing since during the presidential campaign. When I say he doesn’t care about public opinion, I mean in the sense it’s not going to change his mind. He does care about his public polling. The speech today was to try to get the polling up. I mean, all politicians, all presidents care about that, but at the end of the day, look, he’s out there on health care, he’s saying, ‘Okay, the debate’s been good, but it’s time to end the debate.’ Why? Why is it time to end the debate? ‘Cause he says so? He’s going to do a speech tomorrow night on health care and here’s the bottom line. He is so desperate to get the health care bill he’s now resorting to telling us about it a little bit. He doesn’t have a plan, but he’s working on one. He’s going to tell us a little bit about his plan tomorrow night for the first time. That’s how desperate he is to get something done.

Now, Linda, the point that I’m trying to make here is that this is a vigil, and we are all going to have to be vigilant and never let our guard down because what you hear from Barack Obama during times of a crisis like this is not what he really believes. We have been successful. But he is campaigning against the American people. Look, where do you think all this talk about Nazis showing up at town hall meetings and unruly mobs came from? Where do you think this came from? It came from the Oval Office. It came from the office of the president of the United States. He knows what he wants, and he’s going to find a way to ram it down our throats whether we like it or not. Now, he would prefer to be able to use language that would make us all accept it. And that’s what this speech to the young skulls full of mush was all about today.

But there’s all kinds of reason for hope. I’m just saying: We are a nation that is a great nation, but we’re in grave risk every day. This is an administration which is trying to turn this country upside down from the way it was founded and the way we grew up in it and the way we want our kids and grand kids to grow up in it. As Quin Hillyer points out in the American Spectator… His actual point in that piece was: Hey, don’t get lulled into a false sense of security here. We’re not dealing with Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was a buffoon. Jimmy Carter tried to change the country within the political system. Obama is not a buffoon and he is trying to change the company outside the political system. He is reorienting it. All these czars? Nobody knows what they make. They don’t fill out the questionnaires that cabinet secretaries do. They don’t have to get vetted.

Van Jones wasn’t vetted. They knew who he was. It didn’t matter. That’s why there are czars so people don’t have to get vetted. But we’re also working here with a media that has long ago cast aside its responsibility. And that responsibility has now fallen to, quote, unquote, the New Media. The New Media for the longest time has been doing the job that the old media should have been doing. And now we are the enemy. And they hate us. And the last thing they want is for us to succeed. So August was a great month, and it was a time for, being encouraged and so forth because it shows we can beat this stuff back. I’m just saying it’s going to be a constant daily battle. We’re only seven months into this administration. Just seven months. It feels like a lifetime already. We’re only seven months into it, and all these agenda items that he has in store, he hasn’t given up on any of them.

Cap and trade, massive tax increases coming, this health care debacle. One way to try to understand who’s running the country is: If you remember all the sixties radicals that were blowing up bank buildings and wearing their tie-dye T-shirts and so forth, they’re now running America’s higher institutions of learning. A bunch of them are in this administration. This is their golden opportunity to get what they want. And it’s just gonna require a constant, ongoing, everyday exposure and expose of who they are and what they’re doing and it’s going to be tough because there’s still a significant number of people who don’t want to believe the truth about the president of the United States. People want to love their president. People want to respect the president. They want to hold the president in high esteem and high regard.

That’s part of Americanism, and so it’s a tough sell. We’ve been convincing people, trying to convince people here for a year and a half, two years. And what’s it really taken? It’s really taken Obama being who he is, which is not the way he behaved during the campaign for people’s eyes to start opening up and even now there are people who don’t want to believe it. My optimism is not wavering at all. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination feeling defeated. All is lost. If that were the case, I would not have come back. You know what? If that were the case I’d go someplace and spend all my money before Obama is going to take it. If I’d cashed in the chips you wouldn’t have heard from me again.

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