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RUSH: This is the California school mishap. This is last night, Channel 4 Eyeball News at five, the NBC O&O, anchor Colleen Williams and the correspondent Ted Chen have a conversation about problems at an LA school trying to play Obama’s speech to the students. We put a montage together of the reporter Ted Chen and his report.

WILLIAMS: Presentation for the news media at a local school was hit with technical difficulties. Ted Chen is here with more on their issues.

CHEN: Not everything went as planned. At Commonwealth Elementary School there were bigger problems than the flap over the president’s speech. Packed with media, the TV wasn’t working. So we tried the radio, and that worked until the president’s voice got drowned out by Rush Limbaugh. It was the only station I could find a signal for. Deputy education secretary Tony Miller then took matters into his own hands and read the rest of the president’s speech.

WILLIAMS: Ironic, Ted, that you could only get Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

CHEN: Yeah, it was. We were fiddling around with that radio dial. We couldn’t find a station that was airing the speech except for I believe it was KFI that airs Rush Limbaugh’s program. So that was interesting.

RUSH: They could only get me when the TV didn’t work, shades of Green Bay.

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