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RUSH: A little warning to you liberals out there, because you soon are going to be the next racists. ‘What do you mean, Rush? How can liberals be racists?’ Well, here’s how. Today Obama wants Obamacare and anybody opposing it is racist, right? In a short while… He’s just biding time on this troop request from the generals in Afghanistan. But in a short while, he’s going to meet the request, and he is going to ask for more troops in Afghanistan. He’s going to send them there, and when that happens, the fringe left — because he owns Afghanistan now. That’s why I’m sure he’s going to do this. It might be a moderate increase in troop levels. It may not be actually what the generals are asking for but he’s going to send more troops over there, and that’s going to start the caterwauling from the left — from the Pelosis, from the Kerrys and from the lunatic fringe on the websites out there — and when they start criticizing Obama, they are going to be the next racists, because any criticism of Obama is racist. Look, I’m not absolutely certain he’s going to do the right thing and up the troop levels in Afghanistan, but if he does then we know who the next racists are.

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