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RUSH: There is an amazing report on ABC News, and I alluded to it mere moments ago. The health care coverage that members of Congress get. And everybody has asked the question: ‘Hey, you guys in Congress, are going to sign you and your family up for the same rotten deal that you’re imposing on us?’ And of course they’re all saying, ‘Oh, no. We can’t. We have a special, different plan.’ Some are lying and saying, ‘Yes, I’ll be the first to do it.’ Obama says, ‘Well, I can’t. You know, I got my own doctor running around, and I — I — I — I don’t think anybody can get the health care I get.’ Well, nobody’s going to get the kind of health care members of Congress get. Timothy Johnson, who is the medical doctor, director at ABC News had this report on Good Morning America today, accompanied by a full text report of it on their website.

And I think people are misunderstanding this. The ABC headline: ‘Special Health Care for Congress: Lawmakers’ Health Care Perks — Little Known Office on Capitol Hill Provides Quality Medical Care for Low Price,’ and a lot of people are saying, ‘Ah, this is ABC blowing the whistle on Congress.’ It is no such thing. It is Tim Johnson — who loves the concept of government, period; loves the concept of government-run health care; it’s Tim Johnson — trying to say, ‘This is what’s coming your way! This is the kind of health care that awaits us all,’ under the guise of exposing it in Congress. We have a montage here of his report. Anybody know about this? When Obama says he’s going to give everybody the same health care as Congress gets, is this what he’s talking about? Listen.

JOHNSON: Right in the US Capitol at a little known and rarely discussed clinic called the Office of the Attending Physician. For a flat $503 yearly fee members of Congress have access to almost all of the primary care they could ever need right behind this door, from exams and EKGs to x-rays and minor surgeries, all provided by Navy doctors and nurses. If a particular specialist is needed one will be brought to the Capitol. All of this for no additional charge. We wanted to talk to the attending physician on camera about the services, but our repeated requests were denied and when we tried to visit the office we were asked to leave. Dr. Eduardo Balbona is now in private practice, but he spent two years as a staff physician at the office.

BALBONA: Customer service is excellent. A member walks in and generally walks right back into a physician’s office. They are not rushed. They are examined thoroughly. Any test that is helpful is done.

JOHNSON: I’m sitting here thinking if you’re going to introduce this bill for the federal health plan, why not throw in something like this office. That is, provide primary care? If Congress can have those kinds of things, why can’t we?

BALBONA: It’s not a political perk. Much like a medic who’s in combat, it’s not a perk to those soldiers. It’s part of the mission.

RUSH: ‘It’s part of the mission.’ These holier-than-thou, arrogant, condescending elitists think that they are on a mission. They have structured health care for themselves. By the way, there’s also a pharmacy. There’s a pharmacy in the US Capitol, in the Office of the Attending Physician. You walk in there if you need a prescription filled and they do it. House bank, House post office, House doctor — for $500 a year! ‘Need a specialist? Bring him in! No additional charge. Need a test? No additional charge. We’ll do it,’ and did you catch Johnson’s question? ‘Why not throw this in the bill that you’re planning for everybody else?’ ‘Oh, no, no, can’t do that! This is not a perk.’ Not a perk? Members of Congress, we’re being asked to believe that somebody set this up for them because it’s important that they continue to work each and every day?

They set it up themselves. They set up every law in this country. They set up their own Office of the Attending Physician, they determine who staffs it. They determine how much is budgeted for it. They determine how much they pay for it. So while they are on the way to enslaving us to a health care system that will turn every medical decision you have about yourself and your kids over to dealing with some faceless bureaucrat miles away, these same people have Cadillac, Mercedes, whatever you want to call it health care coverage, for essentially $500. This does not include the already generous health care plan they have for when they’re not in the Capitol. They can choose from 11 different insurance options and so forth — and it’s all paid for by, of course, us. All while they’re planning this big national takeover of the health care plan — single payer, government public option — all this to bring down costs, all this to improve your care, all of this to reduce fraud and waste in government, all of this to reduce the federal deficit.

I have never had my intelligence insulted like it’s been insulted with this entire health care debate. The stimulus debate was almost as insulting, the idea that it’s gonna stimulate the economy. There’s nobody with half an economic brain who ever believed that. Because it’s not about stimulating the economy, and this health care reform is not about improving your health care. It’s about enslaving you. This is what Democrats want. This is who they are. They don’t like the Constitution. They don’t like the concepts of freedom and liberty, private property rights. They look at the private sector as nothing other than an entity that provides them the money they need to rule. Sadly, these people now control every branch of the government, and they’re adding 63 new federal judgeships that they will populate with people just like themselves who — down the road in any further dispute, legally, over whatever legislation passes, their buddies — will side on the side and in favor of the government.

Folks, it’s being taken away from us right before our very eyes. Under false premise. Under the guise of compassion. It’s being done despite the knowledge of everybody on Capitol Hill that we don’t want it. The numbers supporting it plummet each time a poll is taken. This is nothing more than a scheme against the American people. The concept of a representative republic or democracy is being shattered before our very eyes, and we’re being told that the people running the country have great compassion. They care for us. They have more compassion and more concern for us than evil, rascally Republicans have ever had. Here’s Chuck Schumer. This is last night on MSNBC. Question: ‘Is there hope…’ Is there hope! This is Chris Matthews. (sobbing) Is there hope? Oh, God! Oh, God, is there hope? ‘Is there hope for the public option?’

SCHUMER: Oh, yeah. I believe there is. If you followed this closely, we said all along we never expected to win in Finance Committee. In fact, there were some who were saying, ‘We’re going to get so few votes we shouldn’t bring it up,’ so this was really good news for us.

RUSH: Yeah, well, sorry, Senator Schumer, but this is all a joke. This is all a lie, too. The whole plan is going to be a public option and they’re going to ram it through, as I explained in the first hour. If they can get it done by next week, fine. If they can’t they’ll get it down by October 12th. Harry Reid has now canceled the October recess, the Columbus Day recess, to focus to health care. He canceled the Senate’s Columbus Day recess so that lawmakers can focus on passing health care reform during the week of October 12th. Now, if they can get it done next week and take their recess, they will. You’re even hearing people saying, ‘They can’t get it done before the end of the year. They’re not going to get done by Thanksgiving, by Christmas. They can’t do it at all.’ They’re going to get it done before that, and they’re going to get it done in scheming ways that I detailed in the first hour.

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