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Rush’s Morning Update: One Step Closer
October 6, 2009

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The Senate Finance Committee is expected to approve a health care bill this week,bringing us a step closer to disaster.

With an increasing majority of voters wanting no part of it, Democrats are determined to cram national health care down our throats and take over one-sixth of the US economy. In his weekly radio address, Obama claimed that passing health care was “a critical step in rebuilding our economy” that would “promote job creation”and help small businesses. He’ll say anything! His stimulus was supposed to do all that;it failed,and we’re paying for it now.

After the bill passes, Democrats have to mash all their versions together,but some things are settled. The biggieis a requirement forcing almost everybody to buy insurance. Still to be determined: the penalties for disobedience –possible jail time, or fines –and whether the IRS will be the enforcer. (Hint: it will be.)

Another biggie is cost. Democrats claim it will be about $900 billion over ten years. That’s a joke.No government program ever comes in at anywhere near cost. It will run into the trillions, and it won’t work.

There will be more debate about the so-called public option,but that’s a red herring. With the government in charge, the whole thing is a “public option”! Learn that and love it — well, don’t love it, but live it.

This much is certain:Those of you who work hard and achievewill pay for it;your taxes will skyrocketas your freedoms are extinguished. The day a final version passes, and Obama signs it,is the day the America you knewwill die.

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