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RUSH: On Monday, on PMSNBC, Chris Van Hollen, Democrat, Maryland, member of Congress, I think he’s in charge of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee right now, they’re still upset over my fun day last Friday celebrating Obama’s dismal failure in Copenhagen to secure the Olympics for the crime-ridden Chicago. By the way, you think the IOC didn’t see that video of the kid getting killed in Chicago? Eric Holder talked about it, it shocked the nation. It shocked Copenhagen, too. At any rate, pretty bad day in America when we can’t get together on athletics, eh, Chris?

VAN HOLLEN: When you see people erupting in cheers because America lost the Olympics in places like the Weekly Standard and Rush Limbaugh and all these places, the right-wing talk show hosts who are proxies for the Republican leadership, and I have to say that we haven’t heard the Republican leadership come out and condemn them. We saw what — what happened last time they came out and condemned them, all of a sudden they had to apologize to Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: Now, folks, I have to continue to be amazed here because, let’s see, last Friday David Brooks wrote a piece in the New York Times saying politicians are making a mistake, I don’t have any power, people don’t listen to me. I mean they listen, but they don’t do what I say, I don’t change any votes, and then he said it again on Sunday on Beat the Press and a couple other people, and then Howard Kurtz has come out in Washington Post and got the same facts, echoed the same sentiments. Why do these guys keep talking about me, then? I don’t know what they’re worried about. They’ve been saying for 21 years how irrelevant I am. So, let’s see, Anderson Cooper 180 on CNN. Do you realize, I saw something the other day, I just love this. There’s a show on at three o’clock in the morning on the Fox News Channel called Red Eye. It’s on at three in the morning called Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld. At three a.m. that show has a higher rating than CNN has at eight p.m. with Campbell Brown. Three a.m. out rates CNN eight p.m. So Anderson Cooper 180, the ferret-like columnist of the New York Times, Paul Krugman was on with Mary Matalin, and they again were debating me. This is Monday.

MATALIN: I don’t know why you would relentlessly and repeatedly employ a tactic that not only doesn’t work, it works against you. The liberals and the Democrats have been demonizing Rush Limbaugh for over two decades and they’ve just made him stronger, and they’ve expanded his audience.

RUSH: And the ferret-like Paul Krugman replied.

KRUGMAN: On the issue of Rush Limbaugh, he actually is over the top, and in a way that no major figure on the left is, no one with that kind of influence, that kind of respectability, Mary was just giving him the respectability he has and well, as for the strategy, who knows, but I would say to some extent, yeah, people are flocking to listen to them but they’re also pulling the Republican Party further and further out of the mainstream —

RUSH: No, the Republican Party is doing that all by itself, Krugman. The Republican Party is in its own tailspin and nosedive. Mary Matalin shot back.

MATALIN: I don’t just respect Rush, I revere Rush. Every time he’s attacked, it’s spawned a lot of Rush knock-offs but when you drive people to these shows and they’re hearing a lot of data and it’s data that makes sense and comports with their life and it’s not calling them angry mobs, well, it just expands what this country is anyways, it’s a center right country.

RUSH: Now, Krugman has amnesia that afflicts the entire left. They have no recollection of how they treated George W. Bush. They said nobody on the left is like me. That’s true. There’s nobody nearly as talented nor as good. What he means is outrageous and irresponsible. Here’s what he said.

KRUGMAN: This was not a column about how Rush Limbaugh is a really bad guy. This was a column about the strategic decision of Republicans — the Republican Party to be the party that opposes anything that Obama proposes, even if it’s something that by bipartisan agreement we thought was something the country had to do not very long ago.

RUSH: There’s none of his agenda that’s any good, Krugman, it’s all destructive to the America we know and love. You know, the funny thing is, Brooks, Krugman, these guys, you guys have to learn something. The Republican Party does not listen to me. If it did, it wouldn’t be in the sad shape that it’s in. We’ll be back. Don’t forget, I didn’t appoint myself leader of that party. The White House did, and these guys are falling right along in line with that template.

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