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RUSH: The estimable Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat, Texas, took to the floor of the House of Representatives last night. We have two sound bites of her remarks.

LEE: I stand with the NFL Players Association not to make Rush Limbo (sic) any kind of national standard or a national hero or the national issue. He is not the kind of owner that the NFL needs. He does not represent the fullness of appreciation of athletes of all diverse backgrounds, no matter what he wants to pretend to say on his radio station. Just as they are about to select him as a judge for a Miss America contest, I can’t understand that, but that is their choice. Maybe they think he’ll bring in millions of listeners. But can you imagine a poor girl, scared already, to be able to ask a question about the person she admires most, and she says somebody that happens to be a different political affiliation, she is of course not a winner. But that’s their decision.

RUSH: I wonder if Ms. Jackson Lee has any regard for the truth. Does she have any regard for hoping, desiring to sound intelligent and knowledgeable or is she content and happy and proud to go to the floor of the House of Representatives and make a fool of herself? Do you think she knows the name Carrie Prejean? Maybe it will help here on ‘my radio station’ if I explain to her who Carrie Prejean is. Miss California in the USA pageant. She was asked a purely political question by a lunatic, radical, sick, gay blogger about gay marriage. She gave the same answer to that question that the organizer of the pageant, Donald Trump, has given to that answer, and the president of the United States. She gave the same answer to the question as Obama gave and she was drummed out of her title. And here comes Sheila Jackson Lee, off now to protect not only the National Football League, helping to spread lies, but now hoping to protect the Miss America Pageant. The United States government has people who are now totally comfortable in targeting an individual citizen. Harry Reid has done it, now Sheila Jackson Lee is getting in on the action in the United States of America. Here’s the next sound bite.

LEE: Anybody that wants to call a quarterback in Pennsylvania and call him out, he happens to be African-American, as not being competent, just somebody that the media has promoted, not being talented, interestingly enough that football player is — happens to still be playing and doing a great job. Well, I don’t know why in the heck, other than the big dollar, that Rush Limbo (sic) would be interested in the NFL. And so we’re not interested in him, either.

RUSH: Well, then why did you take all that time to spread lies about me on the floor of the House of Representatives? I’m the guy, Ms. Jackson Lee, who has defended the money athletes make on the basis of their unique talents and the nature of the free market, which awards them their value, based on their ability to get it. She said much more than this, but that’s the flavor of it. So the whole media here has been poisoned. The Democrat Party has been poisoned with lies and fabrications and misstatements, quotes that were never made — (interruption) Snerdley is yelling in my ear, ‘What makes her a sports expert, who the hell is she?’ See, this is the difference between me and Sheila Jackson Lee. If election time came around and I happened to live in her district I’d vote against her, but she can say what she wants. These are the people that have power over us. I don’t have any power where Sheila Jackson Lee is concerned, I have nothing to say about what she does, I have nothing to say about the way she votes, and I don’t seek any power over Sheila Jackson Lee. She on the other hand is just the opposite. She wants power over not just me but as many people as she can get. So there’s a storm, folks.

Now, we’ve all been through these things before. And I mentioned in the previous hour you’ve overwhelmed me with your e-mails and letters of support and your desire to do something. I know you want to be turned loose. I know there’s something you want to do, just take some kind of action. But we’ve been through this before. We’ve been through all these storms, and when the storm surge finally retreats and things return to a modicum of normalcy on the beach, the rock is still there, not going anywhere. We always come through these things better and in a more solid position than we were even when they all began, because these kind of tactics and this kind of behavior always end up backfiring on the perpetrators of lies and falsehoods. Maybe not immediately, but in the big scheme of things, they always do. Snerdley, you want to really get mad? I’ve got something that’s going to make you madder than you have been all week. And those of you, too, in the audience, if you’re mad now, wait ’til you hear the Reverend Jackson on local Chicago TV last night spreading the two false quotes.

JACKSON: I stand with the players because he has been so insulting and so incendiary in his comments. The idea that James Earl Ray who killed Dr. King should get an award —


JACKSON: — cuts really deep. The comments that slavery was a bad system but it had some merits, at least the streets were safe. The statement he made about McNabb that got him run off of ESPN. So he — he has literally made a — a living of stoking the fires of fear, making money, now wants to use that money to have the power over the lives of players black and white.

RUSH: Plantation owner. Now, this is Mr. Jesse Hymietown Jackson. This is Jesse Jackson who got on the bus with Al Sharpton and sped down to Durham, North Carolina, during the Duke lacrosse case and promptly pronounced the Duke lacrosse players guilty. We all know how that ended up. Jesse Jackson, who has made a living shaking people down. Jesse Jackson who has made a living stoking racial fires. Jesse Jackson who has made a living profiting off of racial disharmony that he promotes, seeks out, and shows up to attend the fire each time that he starts. These two quotes, I talked about them yesterday, James Earl Ray, where is he? We need to give the guy a medal. Slavery, oh, yeah, it was really great, you know, the streets were safe at night. These quotes, ostensibly made back in 1998, just now surfacing after 11 years? The quotes were never uttered. They are purely fabricated. We know who made ’em up. We know who spread them. Jesse Jackson doesn’t care that they’re false. This is my point about Jesse Jackson.

If the truth prevailed in the life of Jesse Jackson there would be no Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson is a series of walking, fraudulent lies about any number of people that he has sought to attack. He doesn’t care that these things are made up. They fit the template, they fulfill his agenda. They get him on television once again. What is really sick and funny at the same time is that our corrupt, polluted media continues to prop up people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as credible spokesmen for an entire race of people. If it weren’t for the media accolades and attention to people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, they would not be factors. Where’s the fact-check? CNN fact-checks comedy skits on Saturday Night Live. Where’s the fact-check in any of this? The reporter interviewing the Reverend Jackson, does he not know that all this is false and that the Reverend Jackson is making a fool of himself, or does he not care? So, it is what it is. These people are who they are. And again, folks, it is not about me.

When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ride to the scene with Sharpton and Jackson taking turns driving this bus, when they show up and the media promotes what they’re doing, this is about an all-out assault again on conservatism, people who are capitalists, who believe in individual liberty, freedom, and rugged individualism. I thought the libs were upset about the behavior of citizens at the town hall meetings. Now we hear from Chris Matthews, he talks about somebody putting a pellet gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger. We hear race-baiters with pens putting words in my mouth and so forth. Where is all this clamor for civility? Where did it go? Just last month, throughout the month of August, all we heard about from these people in the media, ‘Look how civil discourse is being ripped apart. Who are these people showing up at these town hall meetings and at these tea parties, who are these unsavory –‘ They were just average citizens who were about to explode, people who have not shown up at a town hall meeting or anything like a public protest their whole lives have reached their breaking point.

They don’t have a political party representing them anymore. They don’t have anybody in the government speaking up for them. Their government is attacking them. Their government is destroying their economy. They’ve got nothing else to do but go to their elected officials and say, ‘Stop it, we don’t want this.’ And during all that, the media, ‘Where is the civility? Oh, no! Talk radio and the blogs and Fox News have destroyed civility.’ This week, an anchor at MSNBC enthusiastically ponders somebody putting a pellet gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger and blowing me up as Mr. Big from the movie Live and Let Die. Apparently, I also cannot call out Donovan McNabb, as a fan, and express my opinion of an NFL quarterback, as a fan, and I can’t express my opinion about the media’s kiss-ass treatment. But, I have to sit around and listen to people like Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid and Barney Frank and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton destroy Clarence Thomas. We can’t comment on that. Oh, no.

They are perfectly permitted to try to destroy Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork. They can go after black conservatives at town hall meetings and beat them up, and we can’t say anything about that. We can’t say there’s a little thuggery going on from the SEIU union people beating up a 34-year-old black conservative, oh, no, no, we can’t talk about that. No, that’s racist to bring that up. But we have to sit around and watch that, we can’t call out Donovan McNabb or anybody else who happens to play the game of football. I didn’t even call out McNabb, I called out the media. Can’t do that, either. I never said he wasn’t talented. I just said he wasn’t as good as a bunch of clowns at ESPN who are just like sock puppets who had a crush. It’s sort of embarrassing to watch it, actually.


RUSH: By the way, speaking of lies — and speaking of James Earl Ray, a vicious lie that the Reverend Jackson is knowingly spreading about me — let’s talk about another lie involving Jesse Jackson and James Earl Ray. Let’s not forget the Reverend Jackson’s claim to fame and how it actually began. The morning after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, Jesse Jackson (who had hired a PR firm) did television interviews claiming that King had died in his arms. It was a blatant lie, according to Ralph David Abernathy, who said that the Reverend Jackson wasn’t even there at the time of the assassination. But he did show up in time to take some of Dr. King’s blood and smear it on his own shirt to promote the lie that he had held Dr. King in his arms. (interruption) You didn’t know that, Dawn? And now, Jesse Jackson is lying about me. Over and over again, and repeatedly so. Blatantly and knowingly so.


RUSH: Rick Sanchez, CNN Newsroom yesterday afternoon…

SANCHEZ: One of the quotes that’s been attributed to Rush Limbaugh, is ‘Slavery built the South. I’m not saying that we should bring it back. I’m just saying that it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.’ Among the news organizations that reported that yesterday was our show at three o’clock. Limbaugh’s response to this is — and we want to be fair to Rush — he says, ‘We’ve gone back, we’ve looked at everything else, and there is not even an inkling that any of the words in that quote are accurate. It is outrageous.’ So Rush Limbaugh is denying that that quote has come from him. Uh, obviously that does not take away the fact that there are other quotes [that] have been attributed to Rush Limbaugh which many people in the African-American community and many other minority communities do find offensive.

RUSH: Okay. So Rick Sanchez repeats the slavery quote, notes that I deny it, and then says it doesn’t matter. Do you know who Rick Sanchez is? Do you know he’s got two middle names? Rick ‘DUI’ Sanchez, Rick ‘Leaving-the-Scene’ Sanchez. Rick Sanchez was a hit-and-run driver when he lived in Miami, and he is a hit-and-run reporter. From the New York Observer, October 9th, 2007: ‘Mr. Sanchez had already survived what would ordinarily be a career-killer. While leaving a Miami Dolphins game with his father in 1990, Mr. Sanchez struck a drunken pedestrian, who later died of his injuries. According to police, Mr. Sanchez’s own blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit, and he left the scene before returning. He ultimately pleaded no contest to a DUI charge, but avoided jail time, and even remained on the air. Asked about the incident, Mr. Sanchez’s Ron Burgundy jocularity vanished in an instant.

”I don’t see where that has anything to do with anything,’ he said, and called the inquiry ‘a hatchet question.’ He soon regained his cool though. ‘Was it an unfortunate experience? Yes. Was it a learning experience? Absolutely. Do I wish it hadn’t happened? Of course,’ he allowed. ‘I was wrong, because I had a couple of cocktails, because I was over the legal limit,’ he went on. ‘It could have happened to anybody. … There were probably a lot of other people leaving the stadium that had had a couple of beers as well.” From the Miami New Times, August 7th, 1991: ‘Minutes after midnight on the morning of December 10, 1990, an intoxicated Smuzinick darted out in front of a Volvo on a residential street near Joe Robbie Stadium. The driver of the car, WSVN-TV Channel 7 anchorman Rick Sanchez, became the subject of a subsequent January 16 New Times story that described the odd circumstances of the accident.

‘Sanchez, whom a Metro-Dade police officer said ‘smelled strongly of alcohol,’ first stopped his car but then later left the scene. A blood test to determine Sanchez’s sobriety was not administered until an hour and fifteen minutes after the collision. Though Sanchez says he tried to aid Smuzinick at the scene of the accident and flag down motorists, eyewitnesses claim the anchorman ignored the injured man and loudly told police and bystanders that blood tests were pointless, and would hurt his public image. His attorney, Richard Essen, now says the anchorman returned home and had ‘a couple of drinks to calm his nerves’ before returning to the scene,’ before talking to the cops after striking somebody near the Dolphins Stadium and killing him. This is Rick Sanchez — and, hey, Rick? I got sources. I researched this. I sourced it. And I checked it before I decided to go on the air with it. This is how it’s done, Rick, and I’m not even a journalist.

But this is what ‘sources’ look like: The New York Observer and the Miami New Times, and there are other places where this story has appeared. (interruption) I don’t know if the man killed was a minority. His name is Smuzinick. I don’t know if he was a minority. But Rick ‘DUI, Leaving the Scene’ Sanchez, now on CNN every afternoon spreading filth and lies, knowingly. Clearly if anybody is a ‘hatchet,’ it’s Rick Sanchez — and clearly, like many journalists, he can’t take the kind of investigation or coverage he dishes out and the rest of his people dish out. They head to the tall grass, hide behind executives. (interruption) I know ordinary people go to jail for this. But he was friends with the cops! As a TV reporter, he was friends with the cops. He got preferential treatment. Yeah. I mean, he went home — he’s already inebriated, went home — had a couple drinks ‘to calm his nerves,’ then comes back to the scene of the crime.

Birmingham, Alabama, as we go back to the phones. Debbie, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush!


CALLER: Great to talk to you!

RUSH: Thanks very much.

CALLER: I can’t believe I got through. This is great (giggles) and one of these days you gotta come to Alabama and play golf. They say we have great golf here.

RUSH: Well, I know. I’ve been invited many times. One of these times I’m going to have to go.

CALLER: Absolutely. (giggles) But I was calling to remind you of that little incident with ‘Reverend’ Jackson where he thought his microphone is off and he had a really nasty name for our now president, Barack Obama.

RUSH: That’s right. He used the N-word.

CALLER: Yeah! It was on the news a few times, but, you know, of course he gets a pass. It’s so double sided. It’s awful.

RUSH: Well, he used the N-word, and then said he would like to cut Obama’s nuts off.


RUSH: Pardon my French, folks, but this is what he said, and I don’t lie. It’s what he said. He thought the mike was off, Fox News Channel, cut his nuts off.

CALLER: Plus, he’s supposed to be a reverend, you know? He’s not supposed to name call people anyway.

RUSH: What you don’t know that I understand is that the Reverend Jackson can be a racist all he wants. He can use the N-word because Reverend Jackson ‘has no power.’ You see, the conventional wisdom is that black people nor any minority cannot be racist because ‘they don’t have the power to implement their racism,’ which of course is laughable. So he, as a minority, he’s a victim already. He’s a victim of slavery. And he is allowed, therefore, to be angry all the time. ‘We must understand the source of that rage,’ we are told. And we are to look the other way when the Reverend Jackson practices his racism because it really isn’t racism because he doesn’t have any power.

Doesn’t have any power? Ask Don Imus about that, and apparently the National Football League is going to let Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton determine who is fit and who isn’t fit to be involved in their league. But they don’t have any power. So they can’t be racist. By the way, William Rhoden, who writes for the New York Times, August 8th of this year: ‘The Rev. Jesse Jackson became the latest public figure to offer an opinion on the future of Michael Vick. Jackson said he wondered whether there had been collusion among NFL owners to keep Vick out of the league. ‘I want to make it an issue,’ Jackson said Thursday in a telephone interview. ‘I want teams to explain why they have a quarterback who has less skills but is playing or at least is on the taxi squad, and a guy with more skills can’t get into training camp.’

‘Two years ago this month,’ remember, this is this past summer, August, ‘Vick pleaded guilty to felony charges related to his participation in an unlawful dogfighting ring and was indefinitely suspended from the NFL.’ Should I even be mentioning this? Is this racist to cite the history of this story? I seriously ask myself. I’m just reading from the New York Times and I wonder if doing so makes me racist. Vick also lied to his owner, Arthur Blank that it never happened. ‘He was conditionally reinstated to the league last month by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Under terms of the reinstatement, Vick can take part in preseason practices, workouts and meetings and may play in the final two preseason games … ‘Democracy does not guarantee success,’ Jackson said. ‘Democracy guarantees an opportunity. It’s not fair to de facto try to lock him out of his right to compete. If he can’t make the team, don’t let him play. If he can, let him work.’

‘Jackson, born in 1941, has been a civil rights activist for most of his adult life. He said that in some ways, Vick’s attempt to re-enter the NFL was similar to Jackie Robinson’s entering Major League Baseball.’ Now, that, folks, is outrageous. To sully the life of Jackie Robinson by comparing Michael Vick to him? Nothing against Vick, but, for crying out loud, these guys are willing to even destroy their own heroes and icons in the pursuit of the power that they apparently don’t have. ‘Although their situations were drastically different, Jackson said, the challenge was the same: Which owner would have the courage to make a controversial signing?’ Controversy is not bad. Controversial signing? Oh, signing Michael Vick was a controversial signing! Why, that was not bad then. Oh, no, not bad. Great for the NFL to put Vick back in there — and Jeff Lurie, the owner of the Eagles came through. Andy Reid hired him, and it’s great. And, by the way, it’s fine with me. I have zero problem with it. I’m just telling you who Jesse Jackson is, ’cause sadly, our corrupt media is holding him up on a platform that he doesn’t deserve to be on.


RUSH: You want me to keep going? You do? You want me to keep going? All right. By the way, back to Sheila Jackson Lee for just a second. Remember, Sheila Jackson Lee was at the Houston NASA press conference a long time ago about a project to land vehicles on Mars to explore the Martian surface. And they had video, the little Martian rover was tooling around up there, and she asked a NASA spokesman if the Mars Lander would be able to see or take pictures of the American flag our astronauts left up there. Now, we’ve not ever had astronauts on Mars, that we know of. They may be there and we haven’t been told, but we don’t know about it, but we do know we had astronauts on the moon and they did plant a flag there. So Sheila Jackson Lee, in all of her public brilliance, will that rover go over and see the flag the astronauts left?

From the New York Post, June 15th, 2008: ‘Anheuser-Busch gave him six figures, Colgate-Palmolive shelled out $50,000 and Macy’s and Pfizer have contributed thousands to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s charity. Almost 50 companies — including PepsiCo, General Motors, Walmart, FedEx, Continental Airlines, Johnson & Johnson and Chase — and some labor unions sponsored Sharpton’s National Action Network annual conference in April. Terrified of negative publicity, fearful of a consumer boycott or eager to make nice with the civil-rights activist, CEOs write checks, critics say, to NAN and Sharpton — who brandishes the buying power of African-American consumers. In some cases, they hire him as a consultant. The cash flows even as the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn has been conducting a grand-jury investigation of NAN’s finances.’ I just mention this to back up he’s a race hustler. He’s a hustler, but he has no power. The Reverend Jackson has no power, they can’t be racist, Mr. Limbaugh, because they have no power. And the New York Times, we have actually found the story from 1987, Time’s magazine, documenting Jesse Jackson’s lies about Martin Luther King and his assassination and we’ll link to both of these stories at RushLimbaugh.com.


RUSH: January 18th, 2001, ABC News: ‘Moving to pre-empt a tabloid newspaper report, the Rev. Jesse Jackson this morning released a statement admitting he had an extramarital affair that resulted in a daughter who is now 20 months old. ‘This is no time for evasions, denials or alibis,’ said the Baptist minister and former aide to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘I fully accept responsibility and I am truly sorry for my actions.” (sigh) He was having the affair as he was counseling Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky episode, ladies and gentlemen. That’s all you need to know about that. I’m sure you’ve heard it, remember it. I just wanted to refresh your memory on it.

And from Jake Tapper. Now, this is August 17th of 2000. Jake Tapper who was at Salon.com at the time wrote this. He’s now at ABC. ‘It’s tough to imagine this year’s Republican National Convention featuring a prime-time speaker who once said that that ‘Zionism is a kind of poisonous weed that is choking Judaism.’ Or that he was ‘sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.’ Or that traditional Democratic support for Israel is because of ‘the Jewish element in the party … a kind of glorified form of bribery.’ And certainly not if he had ever referred to Jews as ‘Hymies’ and New York as ‘Hymietown.’ The Rev. Jesse Jackson, of course, has made all of these comments, and more.’

Everything that I have said today about the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton has the added benefit of being true. The things being said about me by the Reverend Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson are slanderously false and they know it, and they continue to spread them. Again from the tongue of the Reverend Jackson: ”Zionism is a kind of poisonous weed that is choking Judaism … sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.’ Traditional Democratic support for Israel is because of ‘the Jewish element in the party … a kind of glorified form of bribery,” and ‘Hymies’ and ‘Hymietown,’ and that’s Jake Tapper, and I sourced it. ‘The only thing we love more than seeing a self-righteous politician go up in flames is to see a self-righteous clergyman politician go up in flames.’ Where is this? This is Blog.WaywardPoliticians.com, Thursday, April 26, 2007.

‘In January of 2001, Jackson, a two-time presidential candidate, owned up to fathering an illegitimate daughter 20 months prior. Talk about getting some Affirmative Action. Of course Jackson has been married to Jacqueline Lavinia Brown Jackson since 1962. The woman Jackson did the deed with worked for his advocacy group the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition. You know, when you name your advocacy group something like that you are just inviting trouble. Anyway, her name is Karin Stanford and their love fest lasted four years. He was paying her $120,000 per year from the coalition but not reporting it on his taxes. ‘He then paid her $35,000 cash to move to California and, is paying $3,000 a month in child support. That’s a lot of money and what’ the blogger says he wants ‘to know is does this guy even have a job? I don’t know what he does for a living and apparently neither does anybody else.’ The Reverend Jackson.


RUSH: Folks, I really love you. I appreciate everything that you’re saying to me. Snerdley, you should see the e-mail. You should all see the e-mail. I’m getting e-mail from people reporting what this guy is saying over here. This guy is spreading that lie, that falsehood. People are spying on the media and they’re telling me all of this. Folks, I can’t mention it all. Pointing out all of the flaming hypocrites, crawling out from under rocks against me would be like trying to track down all of Madonna’s sex partners. After a hundred of them you just stop counting and you realize the kind of culture that you’re dealing with.

Lisa, Prairie Home, Missouri, welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.


CALLER: What an honor.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I have a question for you.

RUSH: Mmm-hmm?

CALLER: Does the government play any role in whether you purchase the St. Louis Rams team or not?

RUSH: Well, they’re trying to, members of the government are, Sheila Jackson Lee certainly is trying to.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: They’re trying to intimidate. Look, let’s cut to the chase here, folks — and, Lisa, hang on. Let’s cut to the chase here. I can think of no liberal — no matter how foulmouthed, no matter how hateful, in entertainment or outside entertainment — who would be banned from being part of an NFL ownership group. I can’t think of one liberal inside or outside entertainment, foulmouthed or not. I can’t think of one liberal who would even be treated like this. This is all about smearing mainstream, traditional conservatism — and I, El Rushbo, happen to be the most prominent voice for mainstream, traditional conservatism. They cannot beat us, folks, in the arena of ideas. For my entire 21-year broadcast career, they have attempted to discredit me and everybody else who is prominent in conservatism. And it’s now descended to the point that they have to make up things I said! And then when we catch them making up things, they say, ‘Well, so what? He really believes them! He really believes the words we put in his mouth, and we know he believes them. We know who he is.’ There are people… No liberal would ever be treated like this, no matter how foulmouthed. I mean, there are rappers that own parts of NBA teams. Lyrics to their songs we couldn’t play on this radio show. They’re celebrated. ‘Cool, daddy. Cool!’ Now, Lisa, are you still there?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: You sound very tired.

CALLER: No, I’m just nervous ’cause I’m getting to talk to you. Like, you’re like my idol.

RUSH: Aw. That’s great.

CALLER: I think you’re wonderful. Anyway, I think that if you can purchase the team, then you should purchase the team, and I do not understand why Sheila Jackson Lee is talking about it on the House floor if it’s no place for it.

RUSH: I just explained it.

CALLER: I agree. I agree.

RUSH: She’s not trying to keep me out of the NFL. This is just an attack on all of us who are conservatives. Look, they’re scared. Conservatism is in ascendancy. Conservatism is rising. Conservatism is growing. Obama’s in trouble, folks. You can’t take the politics out of me in this, ’cause it’s not about the National Football League. It’s just the latest vehicle for them to go after me.

Now, Lisa, I want you to hang on. Mr. Snerdley has to get some information from you because I am going to give you your choice of a Select Comfort bed because I know you’re tired. You sound tired. You’re probably not sleeping well as indicated by the nervousness you feel talking to me. So, Snerdley will get the information necessary to get you a Select Comfort bed, how to do it, the kind you want. The Sleep Number Select Comfort bed.

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