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RUSH: Tom in Eatontown, New Jersey, you’re first. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Have you heard about Parker Griffith, the Democrat in Alabama?

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Yeah. He’s changing parties. He’s in an increasingly Republican district. He voted against the stimulus. This is northern Alabama, I think the Huntsville area, and he is switching to the Republican Party. His office said this today, as AP says, ‘another blow to Democrats facing a potentially tough midterm election. Griffith, 67, was narrowly elected last year from a region of northern Alabama that includes Huntsville and Decatur. President Barack Obama lost the district badly.’ But this guy has been voting pretty conservative all along, and in the past, these kinds of party switches have been indications of huge, important trends.

CALLER: Do you think this could be an opportunity for the good Democrats who want to save their political careers to jump ship and switch over to the GOP?

RUSH: Well, it depends on the context when you look at this or how you look at this. What’s really going on in the House now with Democrats is not saving their career by switching parties. They see what’s happening in the Senate, and they want their goodies. They want Pelosi to give them some dollars for their districts so that they can get reelected as Democrats and have some insurance against their vote for this. That’s what’s really happening. The Senate has set the stage now for the House members to start acting the same way and say, ‘Hey, where’s mine?’ This is effectively the fifth resignation. We have four Democrats that have resigned, saying they won’t run in the House and Parker Griffith now makes it the fifth given he’s going to stay but switch parties. It’s a huge positive. It indicates a tremendous trend, and I think the internal polling the Democrats have must be horrible and indicative. But right now that doesn’t matter to them.

Let me try to explain something to you. It took me awhile to figure this out. The Democrat Party, ideologically, the radical left that runs it, is so much more committed to what they believe in than our party is. They are willing to lose their majority to get this passed. They are willing to lose their majority in the House; they are willing to lose their majority in the Senate. They have wanted this for 100 years. For 100 years the American people have opposed it. The American people oppose it by great percentages even now. They don’t care. They will lose elections. They will lose their majority to get this. This is why Dingy Harry is flouting the Senate rules by writing in the legislation something he cannot by rule do, and that is say none of this is repealable. They are fully prepared to lose their majorities. They’re fully prepared to lose a lot of seats to get this done. That’s their commitment.

I’ll tell you something else they believe. They believe that even if they lose the majority, that the Republican majority that would replace them doesn’t have the guts to repeal this after it’s been passed because what will happen in the next year, after Obama signs this, folks, you gotta get ready here, if this gets signed into law and Obama starts touting it during the State of the Union show, you are going to get a nine to ten-month onslaught on how never has anyone in government done so much for you. Never before has so much been done for you, never before has Washington, have politicians cared and accomplished so much for you. It is going to be a propaganda onslaught, and you’re going to have the full-fledged support of the repeaters in the State-Controlled Media repeating how wonderful it is, what a great achievement, why, it took a great man like Barack Obama to finally make this happen. It’s going to be make you want to puke. It’s gonna all be lies.

The reason that they will do this is obvious. I mean the first one is the propaganda reason. The second is to set up reelection in November by making it difficult for the Republicans, if they do win, to repeal it because by that time people will have been lied to for so long and told what a great thing it is. How are they going to explain away the taxes, Mr. Snerdley asks? Let’s wait and see on those taxes. Everybody says that the taxes get implemented immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised if the taxes get delayed until the second half of next year or maybe a little bit after 2010. If they’re willing to delay the so-called benefits in this until 2014, well after Obama theoretically has been reelected, I can see them putting — look, if they get this, this is a hundred-year quest.

I mean, this is like Karl Marx converting the world to communism. This is such an achievement you cannot believe. This is how committed they are to it. I have no doubt that they might delay the tax increases for a while to avoid those hitting prior to the election or do it in such a way that only the rich get hit, the so-called rich get hit and then they go out and tout that and say we’re setting the stage here for your future insurance premiums to be lower and your health care coverage to be better. Why should they stop lying? Why do we expect them to change who they are? This is why I say the opposition to this, if it’s ultimately to be successful, it’s going to have to be ideological. People are going to have to understand what liberalism is and why.

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